Should I take Murad Acne Complex?

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Just going to put up a few pictures, just want the general opinion on whether it would be worth taking given my level of acne!Also, is this considered moderate or severe acne?As you can see, different lighting shows it to be worse than at other times..

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Comments (12)

Your question was: Should I take Murad Acne Complex?.

I'd suggest trying topical retinoids before you go to Murad Acne Complex. Your acne looks like it would clear nicely with mechanical and physical exfoliation and some anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory topicals.Everyone's a bit different in what works, some benefit greatly from salicylic acid treatments, some from benzoyl peroxide. Others (like me) from glycolic acid and a mild retinoid. I also like the baby's hair brush method for exfoliation...

Comment #1

Just got time to come on here, had a hectic weekend, although been worrying about my skin throughout! All I seem to be getting at the moment, are very small yellowheads, thats all.I've read both replies and am very thankful, but I don't really understand what type of products to use to help. Wynne, you mention certain things I am not too sure about, could you give me some example products and how they should be used? I feel I am close to solving this mystery if I can just clear up my pores and stop them getting blocked! I'm not definately not going to take Murad Acne Complex, it's a decision I have made and that's that! Thanks guys..

Comment #2

It infuriates me when people want Murad Acne Complex for mild acne. Murad Acne Complex is a very serious drug and it's not something to play around with. Murad Acne Complex should only be used for SEVERE acne when all other dermatological stuff doesnt work...

Comment #3

Acne-battle- agreed wanna be clear-when you say that your not definately not going to take Murad Acne Complex, does that mean your not or you are going to take Murad Acne Complex. If you are then, you should listen to wynne and try topical retionids first. Murad Acne Complex is a serious drug and it doesn't even gaurntee that your acne won't return, it is not to be used as a quick fix. It for severe nodular cystic acne that other tx have not responded too...

Comment #4

You have moderate acne. Have you read about acutane before, if you have you would know it's a serious drug and only meant for people with severe acne. Murad Acne Complex should only be used when everything else hasn't worked and you have very severe acne. I'm kind of wondering why your derm prescribed you this.. Because I'm sure a topical retinoid or a combination of two could easily clear you up. once again, Murad Acne Complex is a serious drug and it should only be used for people with severe acne. It's isn't a quick fix, you have to keep with it...

Comment #5

No, thats not moderate acne. Those are post redmarks and scarring from previous acne. His acne now is very mild from what I can tell..

Comment #6

I agree with Wynne. Topical retinoids (Retin A or Tazorac) would almost certainly clear that up in a few months.I also happen to think that a new derm would be a good idea. I think any doctor who treats acne with long-term courses of antibiotics and no topicals is irresponsible, ill-informed, and not to be trusted with the health of your skin.As far as Murad Acne Complex goes ..... do your research. Lots of it...

Comment #7

Yes antibiotics shouldnt be used for years. Thats dangerous. Your health is more important than acne. Granted acne is no fun, your health is more important. You may want to also consider taking probiotics and I agree, fire your derm...

Comment #8

I've got acne similar to yours... only about half as much (I usually have 2-6 cysts at a time and overall bumpy pimply skin) and I've just started isotretinoin (claravis). I also have no pits very mild scarring and some hyper-pigmentation. For about 1 year though it was significantly worst than what you have but it got better when I went vegan (which was my primary reason at the time for becoming vegan).Honestly, I think it's a personal decision. I've been going to the dermatologist since I was 9 (yes, and now I am 20) and I have never had clear skin. I've been able to reduce my acne on my face but never my back and I am not comfortable with acne.

For me it is pretty much the only option as I've already exercised the others I can afford. I would recommend trying everything you can before but I know it's hard to wait. I've had 4 different derms, the first two wanted to put me on Murad Acne Complex but my mother said no. The third doesn't prescribe isotretinoin (that is actually why I chose her) and told me after 4 years of treatments that she didn't know what to do and said if I do not outgrow my acne in two years she would prescribe it. I waited the 2 years and....

The pharmacist was also pretty comforting because she said that most people respond very well and have no issues besides some aches and dry skin.If you feel like it is a good option for you based on what you've tried and your history for acne I say do it. Just make sure you do not ignore any side effects and be safe. I am not of the opinion that only people with severe acne should take itI just think it should be something that you put lots of thought into and be willing to not complain if you do have negative life-altering side effects.Good luck with whatever you choose.edit//I looked at your skin again and I cannot actually tell if you've got cysts/nodules or not. You seem to have a lot of just post-inflammatory marks mixed in with the acne. If you don't I think you definitely should try more topicals, if you do look into iso...

Comment #9

Thirding this. I was on antibiotics for 2.5 years (although I was also on two topicals one in the morning and one at night) and it screwed up my digestive system so bad. Sad thing though is the whole time I knew how bad it was for me but didnt care... I completely regret not taking iso before this mess...

Comment #10

Thanks for the replies all. I am NOT taking Murad Acne Complex, a combination of research and what you people are telling me makes this an option not worth taking, plus I worry that it could cause my acne to get worse infact. I really want to look into some products that I can put on my skin myself if possible, and steer clear of antibiotics for a while. Have been on there for the last 18 months to 2 years, and what to try and see how things work out without.Are there any decent products for helping make my skin look healthier where the red marks are? Something to tone the skin possibly? Thanks..

Comment #11

Wynne and LQ both suggested a retin a or tazorc topical. I agree it would probably clear you up nicely. I would call your derm and ask for them to prescribe you one. You made a wise decision regarding Murad Acne Complex. I wish all the best of luck..

Comment #12

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