Should I restart Medifast?

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Ok, I really need some help (or a kick in the rear). I ordered my medifast and did good for ONE day, the next day I found an excuse to cheat after breakfast (went out of town for the afternoon couldnt cook/mix my food). So here it is a week later and Im ready to try again and start today. Well I didnt eat my first meal until 1130am, chk nd soup. Is today a lost cause too? Should I restart tomorrow...again? Also, I have 60 or so pounds to lose is there anyone with the same wt loss goal that has had sucsess that could share with me? Thanks..

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I often don't eat my first meal until late in the morning - worked fine for me. Check out my stats and my pics - I lost about what you are trying to lose. If you follow the plan 100%, you WILL succeed. But every time you false start you re-start the clock at Day 1 - and what you want is to get past about Day 3, so your are in ketosis and start feeling energetice and having no hunger..

You can do this, you just have to plan in advance. I am NEVER caught without Medifast food, and you can ALWAYS mix a shake in a bottle of water or cup of coffee if you are out. Or, take along a bar. There are plenty of ways to handle being away from home..

Good luck!..

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One of the reasons I did well on Medifast was the fact that it's SO portable and fits into a busy stressful life very easily. Of course, it takes some planning.

Never be caught without Medifast food. Keep some at work, in your car, and in your purse. There are so many of the foods that take no cooking or prep, just some water and a shaker (like the shakes and the cold drinks - or the bars are totally ready to eat). Keep some extra water with you at all times.

If you are going to be away from home when it's time for your LG, get to know some restaurants that serve Medifast legal foods (and almost every restaurant has something that will work).

If you mess up... don't wait til tomorrow or next week to restart... make your next meal an Medifast meal!.

Good luck!..

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I can so relate to you, but that see-sawing, false-starting is so counter-productive. I lost 70 lbs, and went to maintenance, but have fallen away from what I know works. So I'm back to the basics. I really need to put my energy into this, it's not a "no-brainer" for me!.

So I'm using MyPlan to log everything I eat, and mostly, to plan what I will eat. When I fill in the day, then I know what will be going in my mouth. I'm drinking water instead of other things. I'm blogging/journaling, to keep my attention on what/when/why I eat, and take control back!!!.

So make use of as many tools as you can! It WORKS, AND IT'S SO WORTH IT!!! Good luck!..

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Hello Smelisa.

I just wanted to share with you little advice, I am not perfect and like you had stuggles at times......

I have been on Medifast since March.I have lost 53 lbs, I have had few struggles here and there with Vacation and surgery, sometimes even just motivation!.

But I can tell you it works..

I was diligent the first month or 2, once you get past those first few days you see how much easier it is, how much better you will feel. and once you lose up 15 - 20 that first month maybe ....your hooked!.

Like anything the first week does take some will power OK?.

Like others said Make sure you carry things with you always , I have packs in my car, my purse and I even leave some at work? The shakes are easy to mix in bottled water and I also use the bars, if I am in a pinch just only one a day OK!.

If you have many functions at first, maybe wait to start your first week till you are home more and not going to party's so you can be more set to succeed, Just a thought!.

Eating every 2 -3 hrs is the secret to not feeling hungry and staying focused!.

You can do this , you just have to want it bad and tell yourself your worth it? after awhile it will be second nature for you to go anywhere and be OK, just plan it! It doesn't take that long , but you are worth the little extra time you make for yourself!.

There are lot of help and nice people on here to guide you or support you along the way. I wish you the best!..

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You aren't alone and I agree with everything everyone else said! I say just go with it today, I sometimes start late in the day too. I prep most of my foods the night before so that I am not without options........

Best of luck to you!!!!!..

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I just wanted to thank everyone for the help, I really think if I hadnt posted this s.o.s. that I would have put off starting again and given up today. All of the tips were great especially the mixing a shake in a botte of water (why couldnt I have thought of that ) I ALWAYS have a bottle of water with me and I can keep a pack in my purse so no excuses!!! Im so excited now and look forward to being in control and healthy. You guys are great! Thanks again..

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Today is my first day and I am learning "no excuses"...

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One of the things that worked well for me, along with what everyone else suggested was to stay on a schedule, and to read the Beck Diet Solution Book. It helped me to discover things about myself that I never knew. Also I didnt use the recipes, I tried a couple but soon realized that 100% On Plan with no variations was really the best way to go for me..

Good luck and Good luck to you too yarnlady you can both do this!..

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