Should I quit Nutrisystem?

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So here is my plan and I want to know what you guys think.

As of this morning, I have lost another 2 lbs weighing in at 204.5 lbs so that puts my total loss at 94 lbs. I have almost a full month worth of Nutrisystem right now. I might be short a breakfast or two but otherwise I am positive I have at least a month..

I really cannot afford to keep going with Nutrisystem much longer. I just don't have the money to spare since I am going to be graduating in December and I am trying to save what I have since I know I will be needing to get an apartment and furniture, etc.

I have done so well on the Nutrisystem plan so far! I am so happy with the plan and I think it has taught me so much about portion control and making the right choices for my health and my body. I think I can get below 200 and reach 100 lbs total lost in the month that I have left of NS. My goal is to reach 170 and that is still my goal, but I think I can try to lose the last 30 lb on my own. I know the last 20-30 lbs go really slowly. I just can't see myself paying for Nutrisystem when it would be losing so little so slowly. I think I can do it on my own.

I might even invest in a few sessions with a personal trainer to show me some exercises to really target certain areas and to really get me motivated.

I figure if I try this on my own and I start to slide (although I really hope I won't) then I can always re-evaluate and see if I need to come back on the plan again..

Do you guys think this sounds OK? I am thinking I might still buy a few things here and there with a la carte. And of course I will keep in touch on this site because I LOVE this community! You guys have kept me motivated! You guys are a big reason I was able to come as far as I have. Thanks for the motivation, and thanks for any feedback on this! <3..

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Your question was: Should I quit Nutrisystem?.

Congrats on your success.

What about checking out QVC. They have a deal with one month of food for 168.00. Or they have various packages like 2 wks worth of breakfasts, a snack only pack, and an on the go pack.

Another thought is alternating days. One day on one off etc. You can test yourself on your own. Best of luck. You have it in you to succeed...

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Costco has a deal until May 8th, $244.99 for 35 meals so every 4th box is a free month. (1 week free food per box) en you could delay shipping etc. I think it would work out the same as you buying the foods on your own/ If you have insurance they can take money off too sometimes...

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I know that in the long run it may be just as much money to buy groceries vs doing NS. My problem is that I won't have that much money to spend at one time. Groceries I can buy a little at a time as I get paid. Plus my parents are willing to help with groceries when they can but again we just cant do a large amount of money all at once, we just don't have it. :-(..

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Also, check out Big Lots and the For Sale/Trade thread - I have gotten some killer deals on the trade boards!.


And the black mini poodles..

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Definitely start flexing some meals. Doesn't need to be the entire day - one day do breakfast on your own, the next lunch, then dinner, etc. That way you can stretch your food for another month and make sure you have the hang of doing Nutrisystem on your own. Look for the guidelines for the meal subsititutes (e.g. breakfast entree = protein + carb, etc.) and search the threads for what foods you can substitute for the Nutrisystem foods.

Lastly, don't cancel your membership. Just delay your next AD (which now supposedly we can do online as many times as we want). That way your discounts will stay intact if you need to reorder again or you want to order a la carte...

Comment #5

Thats pretty much the plan! :-) I'm going to slowly start working in my own food and see how I do. I was trying to find the guidelines for the meal substitutes in the boards but I am having trouble cause I am finding different answers for some things and I'm not sure which is the most accurate and most up-to-date. Maybe someone on here can help me out with that :-).

I think I read on the delay page that we can delay up to 90 days now. So we will see but I really think I can make this work!..

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Google Christina Gray; she has tons of Nutrisystem recipes you can do on your own. I haven't tried one yet that wasn't fabulous. And many of them aren't expensive to make at all; that could help you alternate w/NS food and stay on plan...

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Yeah definitely try big lots. I get lunches and dinners there for $1-$3. not much of a selection, but thats why I started buying some now so I can mix it with my other Nutrisystem meals and I'm not stuck with all the same food at the end..

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Keep the structure and just flex. Don't do elaborate dinners. Emphasize the veggies and salads. Post a lot (join BL) for accountability...

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Even if they limit you to 90 days now, you can just delay it again later. Here are the stats for following the flex plan. This is for the regular women's program. Keep in mind that for a Lean Protein serving (which is to replace the Nutrisystem entree, the stats are up to 55 calories, 3g of fat or less and 7g of protein or more. Low GI carbs are 80 cals, 15g of carbs, 3g of protein and trace of fat (3g or less)...

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