Should I host my website with Godaddy or x10hosting?

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Hi everyone, quick 1st question: Should I host my website with Godaddy or x10hosting?.

My 2nd question is: I recently aquired a name from TDNam. I parked it on Sedopro and it proceeded to get 30,000 unique visitors per day for the first two days. It only had 1 click, but made about $7-8 a day for those first two day. They just booted it off their system. What do you guys think I should do with it? Is there value in this name?..

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Your question was: Should I host my website with Godaddy or x10hosting?.

That is what I was thinking. I moved it to Trafficz, since they are Yahoo and Sedo is Google. Trafficz is showing similar huge traffic, but not paying for pop-unders on it. I was going to try Namedrive, but was worried that since it is Google also, that it will just get booted off of their system quickly as well.

Thanks for the suggestion. Rep Added. Anyone else have any ideas?..

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30,000 uniques per day? How long did you have it parked on Sedo?.

If they booted it off their system, something may be amiss ... I concur with trying to park (or even better, host it yourself to get a true indication of visitors / traffic) it elsewhere for a good period of time to see if those numbers continue, IMHO..


Comment #2

I had it on Sedo for about 2 days. I wrote to them about it and they said that the reason it was kicked off of the system was because it had so many uniques, with basically no clicks. I changed the nameservers to Trafficz at 5:27 and it is already showing 1106 Uniques and 1871 Landings. But, they are not paying for pop-unders. Sedo was showing a little more than 2000 uniques per hour, but the traffic is still massive at Trafficz.

It is hosted at Godaddy right now, since I just got it off of TDNam. Are you suggesting I buy a month of hosting from them to verify things? Would it do the same thing to just test it at a few more parking companies to see if they all show similar numbers?.

Also, is a name worth money with this kind of traffic for resale, even if I can't figure out how to make money on it from any of the major parking companies?.

Finally are there any companies that just do pop-unders, that don't care about any clicks, and that will accept me with maybe just this one HostGator or a few high traffic names?.

Sorry about all of the questions. Rep added Jeff..

Comment #3

Why not host it yourself and put some PPC ads and some affiliate ads on it?..

Comment #4

I have never tried this. I wouldn't know where to begin. If someone thinks that they can make some money with it, I would be willing to either sell it or come up with some sort of revenue share agreement for setting it up to make money. I guess that would be ok.

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Can you host it for a while and see the referring url on webalizer?.

Or install wp on it and use they pay for popups..

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I am going to try some things with domainer50. Thanks for the suggestions. I will take it off the market right now.

We will update the thread if we can accomplish something...

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Did a search on the name and I believe it's not exactly getting unique visitors but pings from other websites.

Not sure how it works but there's a script of some sort which is quite popular sending pings to

And I believe in this case, each ping is recorded as a visit for the parking provider hence you're getting the 30k/day stats.

Hope that helps...

Comment #8

In any event, those visits would still show up at a pop up website...

Comment #9

Host on you hosting and check awstats, latest visitor, webalizer.

Put on Google Adsense to earn ads.

Comment #10

Try selling advertising direct, where are the visitors from?..

Comment #11

Germany 51.2 %.

France 8.1 %.

United States 7.7 %.

Algeria 5.6 %.

Great Britain 4.1 %.

Italy 2.8 %..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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