Should I expect the Medifast plateau so soon?

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So, tomorrow I will be officially on Medifast for 2 weeks. I have been completely OP the entire time. I haven't splurged with even a bite. I have 60lbs to lose. I didn't see a grand loss my first week (just 6.5) but I was still happy to have lost it. I just couldn't wait until Thurs to weigh in, so I took a peak this morning.

What's wrong with me???..

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Hang in there and be patient. The weight loss will come...

Comment #1

You have not plateaued or stalled first of all. It is not uncommon at all- look at people's tickers to not lose as well the second or third week. Sometimes nothing, sometimes a pound. It took longer for me, but it happened. It seems to happen to most everyone at some point in the first month or so.

I personally see a slow down after every 4-5 pounds, sometimes less. Meaning I will lose those, then I will hold for 4 days or so, then the losing again. I think your body must readjust to what has happened. I say it is like your GPS when you change the route and it says "recalculating" over and over. Then it adjusts and things move on.

Also, is it near TOM or PMS? Most people see a slow then. Not everyone, but some. Be sure you are getting all 5 and the 1 L&G with full weighed portions and pour in the water. I shoot for 100 oz. a day, some do more. I also limit diet sodas to one per day.

Watch your condiments. Some have more trouble with this affecting them than others.

This is a process. If you don't do well with it, don't peek at the scale. I am a daily weigher and overall take the good with the bad in stride. I would think it would be worse to peek than to weigh daily, as then you are only seeing a snapshot of the week vs. my seeing the whole picture and an overall pattern. Either do it daily or do it weekly- no middle ground to me.

It is fine, keep on going and you will lose. Statistically, you cannot NOT lose, it is after all a numbers thing, OK?.

Good luck!..

Comment #2

Don't stress out too much. I lost 0 pounds my second week, but lost three my third week and I am seeing losses this week (I am a daily weigher). The first time I did Medifast I had the same experience but lost a good deal of weight over the entire time period.

Sometimes our bodies need time to adjust to our new lifestyle and weight loss is not a linear thing (2 lbs/week or 3/lbs a week), it varies week to week based on so many different variables.

Also, not sure if you ever watched the biggest loser, but they never had consistent weight loss, some weeks they lost a lot, other weeks almost nothing. The end result is all that matters!!..

Comment #3

I too only lost about 7 lbs my first week and nothing at all the second because of my TOM.

But in that second week, I dropped 5 inches, which included a full inch in my waist, hips, and bust. So be encouraged! It's not all about numbers on the scale. I see that many people lose 40 lbs in 2 months, but I have only lost 25 and I've been on it for 11 weeks. I try not to compare my progress with other's, because as long as I AM losing, that's ok. Plus, I see progress in other ways too. Like inches, the way my clothes fit, and my husband's and daughter's comments as they notice the changes..

Just keep sticking with it and it will happen and you will really start to feel the health benefits as well. Blessings to you!..

Comment #4

Same thing here...60 lbs. to lose. -6.0 1st week, -1.0 2nd week, -3.0 3rd week.

Don't panic. Progress is going to happen...

Comment #5

Thanks to all. It helps to hear encouragement and it helps to hear people that have had similar progress. I am, by nature, an impatient person and pretty hard on myself. Sometimes, I just need someone to kick me in the butt and say "Simmer down! Now think realistic!" Thanks again!..

Comment #6

I have my weekly losses in my signature block. Feel free to peruse and feel better. You're doing just fine! You lost your first week what I lost my first month...

Comment #7

Because you have "little" to lose and you will lose slower but hang in there you can do it!..

Comment #8

I know sometimes when you want it the most is when you have to wait! It will come..stay OP and you will lose!!! You can do this!!..

Comment #9

Time is our friend. We may not always see it that way. Medifast is not magic. It really isn't realistic or healthy to think we are going to lose 6 pounds a week. The scale is very frustrating and I know it is hard to not compare our losses to those on the boards. If you look at alot of the vets tickers you will see most folks average about 10 pounds a month.

Hang in there. Come on the boards and talk. Keep talking. Take it one day at a time...

Comment #10

Don't forget - it took more than a few weeks or months to put on all that weight you now want to get rid of. There is no easy fix - but stick with this plan and it will work...

Comment #11

I am so frustrated but wont give up...this is my second week on medifast. The first 4 days I lost 6 pounds and nothing at all for the last 4 days! what is going on here??? Any thoughts?..

Comment #12

Hey Breathe and Jojo!.

Like everyone here already said, don't give up. If you look at my sig I gained on the third week, but what you don't see is that I lost inches. Your body is just trying to catch up to this huge change that you are putting it through. I like to think of weight "hiccups" as the scale is having a meeting with the tape measure, "oh, this is where we are supposed to be this week! I didn't get that memo!" "yeah, it was routed around and tape measure, clothes and brain got it - where were you?"..

Comment #13

You are not alone I had my second weigh in this morning was only down 2.8 my first week only down 3.8 so I never had no big loss whatsoever and somehow I am not getting the loss the usual beginners see. I am 100% OP and drinking all my water ! Better things next week I hope !..

Comment #14

I'm upset too, lost 5.5 in two weeks, gained 2 this week. what gives?..

Comment #15

I'm a slave to my scale. I weight every single day and it does nothing but put me in a bad mood! I strongly, strongly suggest you take measurements. This past month my weightloss has been slow but I've lost many inches. Keep up the good work and try not to worry too much!..

Comment #16

I'm so glad I found this thread. I'm also a daily weigher, I know I shouldn't, but I do. I lost 5/lbs the first week, and so far nothing else. I thought I was doing something wrong.

Even my husband, was wondering, as he's on the plan as well, and is losing, and was feeling bad, because I was not. I told him not to feel bad, that I would eventually catch up, and for him to keep on going. I'm glad to see that other people have had this problem. Now I can relax and wait for the results...

Comment #17

I would like to say a couple of things:.

1. The big weight loss you hear about depends on how much you have to go. if you have 30 pounds to lose, most people don't have a 10 pound weight loss. I have 148 pounds to go, I am on day 6 and I have lost 7.2 pounds. I am ecstatic. At 36 years old, I know that every pound counts.

2. Your first week weight loss also depends on salt. I know it sounds weird, but if you were a big salt person and now you aren't taking in as much, and now your guzzling water, well your body is finally able to function better and you may lose some water that was being retained.

3. Another thing to remember is that even though you lost 6 pounds(which I still think is awesome) you didn't GAIN this week. You didn't plateau. You lost. A loss is a good thing, no matter how much..

4. Your body needs to adjust to this. Sometimes you will have no weight loss, sometimes there may be a small gain(women especially, our time of the month screws with us), and sometimes a big loss! I did Medifast before, and the one major thing I learned from it was that I needed to look at my averages not my weekly losses. I weigh myself every week, sometimes every day, but I calculate my success on my total weight loss/weeks.

If you average 2-5 pounds per week, you are on track, nothing is wrong, you are doing great and keep up the good work..

5. A true weight loss stall is 3 weeks of no weight loss.

I say all of this with love, no judgment and no looking down my nose at you. In fact, I remind myself of these things every time I weigh myself and feel a twinge of disappointment. Yesterday I got on the scale and had not lost one pound. Well geez, it's my first week of re-commitment and I lost a pound every day! Got on today and another pound gone!.

I am a slower loser. Last time I did this, I averaged 2 pounds a week, and I was OP the entire time. not one bite off program, tracked every meal, every ounce, exercised. And I didn't have major weeks of weight loss. But I went from 260 to 201 and almost broke into the hundreds, numbers I havent see in 12 years. That was good enough for me.

My body may not match who I am, but I CAN and WILL change it using MF, a very easy program.

Please read my blog about my rescue dogs weight loss. I know it sounds crazy, but Griff taught me a ton about weight loss. who would have thought a dog could teach me so many life lessons!.

Good luck and chin up!..

Comment #18

KO KO KO KO is my message. Keep on keeping matter what..

I almost chuckle when I read you all say "only 6 pounds" "only 3 pounds" ....ONLY? What other program gives you that much in a week?!?!? You'll all be just fine if you simply keep on. Just KNOW that if the scale didn't move this week, it WILL the next...or possibly the week after that. Do not deviate. Do not stray from the program. It IS a math thing and when you have less calories in, you WILL drop the pounds.

At one point, I had to have DH put the scale away for a week at a time because I was stressing over the numbers. Do right and it WILL happen. Whoever said .."you can't NOT lose" was right..

Never compare YOUR loss to someone else's. The higher we start the quicker the results..

My DD lost 106 in 6 months. It took me a year to lose 100. Might have been quicker if I hadn't strayed from the 100% compliance club. But it isn't a race. Not a 100 yard dash anyway...there is no prize for who lost the most in the least amount of time. This is the marathon...the long run...the keep- on- keeping -on- race. We just keep moving toward health....really isn't a 'finish line.' Ok that was my 2 cents worth...

Comment #19

I was in the same boat I weighed thursday for the 2nd time and my first weigh in I only dropped 4.8 my second was only 2.8 so I was feeling the same way only week two I was expecting so much more I guess because we see others with the big loss we figure we will get one too.......its not going to happen overnight even though we want it to and everyone is right we have to be patient and let our bodies do what they're going to do can't mess with mother nature as hard as we try ! Just stay OP and focus on how much smaller you feel rather than how much the scale says !!..

Comment #20

GREAT post! It isnt a race, frankly I was never able to run a 100 yard dash! Run, wth is that!! LOL.

A marathon. What a great analogy! I am stealing that!..

Comment #21

Thanks All, I know for myself, I just wanted to make sure I was not doing something wrong and was glad to see their are others in the same situation. I'm know I'm not alone on this journey and that's definately reassuring. I know if I follow the plan, I"ve been told.

It is goof proof. Just need a little "Pep Talk every now in then".

Everyone have a Great Weekend..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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