Should I eat my afternoon protein for Nutrisystem today?

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Hi All-.

So this weekend I went off plan quite a bit, it was my bday and I decided to celebrate. I'm not going to beat myself up over it, just decided to get back on track today..

So, today my office gave me a little gift, a card, and some strawberry shortcake. Honestly, I really think it would have been rude of me not to have any. So, I had strawberries (no sugar on it), FF whipped cream (2 TBLSPNS) and about 3/4 of one of those cake/bowl thingees you put the berries in..

So- I'm not going to eat my afternoon fruit because I ate the strawberries. But, should I eat the greek yogurt I brought for the afternoon protein? Or should I just eat my dinner & dessert as planned?.



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Your question was: Should I eat my afternoon protein for Nutrisystem today?.

So, I googled it & found that the hostess shortcake cups are 100 calories for one. So, assuming that this was hostess or close (I know, big assumption there) I would say I probably had about 75 cals in that shortcake..

Hmmm....I'm torn. I probably SHOULD have my yogurt as you said, Jen, as dessert tonight. But, I'd RATHER eat a Nutrisystem dessert.

Decisions decisions..


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Then, I would have skipped the shortcake or just accept the extra calories...

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I know, you're right..

So, is it a bad idea to skip the yogurt all together for today?.


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OK, Jen, thanks for your help. I'll stop obsessing about it now.


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I do not advocate going off plan. However, think big picture 75 calories is not going to make or break the bank. I think it's more concerning that you felt it would be rude to pass. I might have just had the strawberries and reddi whip and skipped the shortcake. We do cheesecake from Cheesecake Factory for birthdays in my office, I usually bring my own cheesecake flavored ricotta with frozen banana dessert. On my birthday, we pick something else..

Last night, I was hungry. I ate a slice of whole grain bread with a smidge of PB and jelly. It was about 60 calories. I'm still at 124 today, again, not the end of the world...

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I know. I think the real issue here is that I feel guilty about going off plan yesterday for my bday. So, I wake up today thinking "Ok, no big deal, get back on the horse." I worked out hard this morning, stayed on plan and then I hear singing....the people who work for me are singing me Happy Birthday. With a candle, and a dessert. As I'm sitting with everyone, I don't have the heart to say "I'm not going to eat this." What I did was thank everyone for being so thoughtful, tell them that it's super tasty, but that I can't finish it. If I'm honest, I really do think it would be rude not to eat it.

But, you're right. 75 calories isn't a huge deal in the big picture. I need to realize that, get over it & get back on plan..

What did I decide? I am not eating the yogurt & will eat dinner, veggies and dessert as planned. I'm also going to add an extra quick 20 min boost of a work out when I get home from work.

Thanks again Jen for sticking w/me on this thread.


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I would NEVER skip the protein. I think Jen's idea to skip the desert is probably a better idea...

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I can tell you that I would have eaten the fruit and topping, but not the cake. No one would have noticed that you didn't finish. You left part of the cake anyway. I think you may be making a bit of an excuse here...

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Jeanie - First, let me say that I've only been on this program for 2 weeks as of today, so I'm not what you'd call an expert. For myself, I'm putting the emphasis on recording what I'm eating. Everything. I had a small bite of my daughter's lemon bar the other day and entered 1/8 starbucks lemon bar (about 30 cal.)..

It seems to me that trying to fiddle around with horsetrading "this indulgance" for "that planned item" is looking for trouble. I'm planning to do the best that I can and record my (hopefully rare) transgressions. I'm personally not trying to micro-manage my daily weight as much as change my overall patterns. In the great scheme of things, I don't think that it matters whether I have half a shortcake today so much as how well I'm learning to eat over the long haul..

We'll see how this approach works, but so far I'm down 13.5lbs. :-).


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Just wanted to say congrats on the -13.5 lbs, that's awesome!!!.

And thanks to everyone for the advice.


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