Should I continue with the Medifast transition phase?

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I reached my goal of 25 pounds in 16 weeks. I was absolutely perfect on the 5-1 plan. Once I reached my goal, I was entering transition. We went away and I got off track eating things I hadn't even wanted during 5-1 plan. I then got back on track and started transition with the extra vegetables. Again, yesterday, I went way off track with my eating and really feel out of control with it.

I am really trying and I don't want to beat myself up, but am I alone with this craving foods. Should I go back on the 5-1 and lose what I gained yesterday or should I continue with the transition and try to stay on track. My fear is vacation coming up - I want to be successful forever, but am struggling as to why I am doing what I am doing after such great success??? Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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I felt some real anxiety entering transition (still do! :P ) about the thought of loosening the reins. I LIKED the structure of 5 & 1. I LIKED the success of seeing the scale go down every week. I LIKED the feeling of control I had developed. Are you perhaps grieving over the loss of the 5 & 1 phase?.

If so, read blog entry for yesterday by Corbie. She's amazing...

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Lori - thanks for your advice - I did read a few of Corbie's blog entries - today is going to be a great day. Thanks again. Susan...

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Boy do I feel your pain! I just started my 3rd week of transition and in the beginning I blew it (brownie binge - arrgh!) so glad to hear of corbie's blog - I actually printed it and have it in my purse - great reminders of a having the right mindset! thanks..

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This is my biggest fear as well. I lost over 25 pounds in 14 weeks and feel great! I don't want to go off this plan for fear of gaining the weight back. I am wearing size 4 and love how I look in photos. The control over what I eat is wonderful. I don't have to think about anything except lean and green and less grocery shopping is a plus...

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Transition is the phase where you have to switch over to actively thinking about what you are going to eat, how you are going to burn calories, and why you are choosing what you do. It is hard, especially after having a highly regimented and structured weight loss phase.

It was easier for me to continue to consider certain foods off-limits for now instead of as never again foods. I focused strictly on what was being added back that particular week and if I happened across a brownie or cookies, I told myself, "It's not a vegetable (or fruit, or whatever), so I am not going to have it now." When I got to the grains stage, even though technically they contain grains, I switched tacks from, "It's not a vegetable" to "Is it a whole grain and is it healthy?" Now, I ask, "Do I really want to waste my calories on this?" 98 percent of the time, the answer is a resounding NO! If I answer yes at times, I make sure I have created a calorie deficit to accommodate it.

My point is, I had to retrain my mind and corral my desires so that I would not sabotage my hard work of the previous year. Figure out why you are sabotaging yourself and work on retraining your brain not to want those items that you know create a binge attitude in you. You did the weight loss for a reason. Keep reminding yourself what that reason was, and work on learning how to control your cravings and create new habits. I am here to tell you, if I can do this then ANYONE can!..

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Thanks to all for your great advice - I appreciate all of you. I really must be mourning the 5&1 end and will try and focus on transition as just another part of the lifestyle change - I can do this! Every day is a new day and I am the one in the driver's seat - I just have to make the right choices - when I don't, I will have to create that calorie deficit. Thanks again. Susan...

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Susan, look at it like a household budget. You have X amount of dollars coming in each month. From that amount, you have to pay bills. You put aside enough for the mortgage, the gas/electric, the water, the phone, groceries, the car, the insurance, etc. After the necessities are paid, if you have money left over you can splurge on something you want, but you must pay the necessities first.

Your calorie budget will be the same way. In maintenance you will have X amount of calories to spend, but you must spend them on the necessities first: vegetables, fruit, grains, lean protein, dairy, your Medifast meals (if you choose to continue using them). Somewhere along the way you should make a deposit into the account (exercise). When you tally up all your necessary expenditures and measure against your total amount in the account and find you have some extra calories, then you can splurge a bit. Just take care of the necessities first...

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