Should I continue losing weight with Nutrisystem?

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So my husband pulls the "husband's prerogative" on me. He feels I'm getting too thin. I'm within 11 lbs of my goal but he says I've lost my butt, boobs and thighs so I can quit now. Honestly, I wouldn't have minded if I lost 20 lbs more. Not sure what I'm going to do, I'm not angry with him at all, I understand he doesn't want me to get too thin, but I guess I feel I'm not at a point where I feel I should go to maintenance. What would you do? He would be happy for me to stay at the weight I am currently at and is proud of the weight loss but feels I can stop now...

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Your question was: Should I continue losing weight with Nutrisystem?.

My personal opinion is it should be up to you to decide to set your goal weight - yes you should consider his feelings but it is what you feel that matters when it comes to the ultimate decision...

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I spoke to him again about it because I want to at least get to a "normal" weight before maintaining. So I've changed my goal to 145...we'll see, I still may lose more but that would at least get me to a normal weight. I think he's a little insecure and worried I may get too thin. When we first met I was underweight and weighed 112 lbs. Now according to the BMI table that was ok, but I saw myself and that was too thin. I was wearing a size 1.

But I also believe I'm medium bone sized. Time will tell...

Comment #2

I may be with your husband on this one.

I see many, many "after" photos here where I think the women have gotten waaaaaaay too thin. Here, many feel they are not "successful" unless they are a size 2 or 4.

Our family and friends know us better than we know ourselves sometimes, and they can see our bodies for what they really are. We often see ourselves bigger than we really are.

So, maybe he has a point worth considering...

Comment #3

While I agree that many of us have issues with how we see ourselves, some of us that are size 2 or 4 are barely 5 feet tall, and size 2 on me looks WAY different than size 2 on someone 5'8". The jeans I am wearing in my profile photo are a size 2, and I don't think anyone could say my legs and butt look too skinny...

Comment #4

I honestly think that you should keep your own goal in mind while at the same time making sure that it is a healthy say that when you met you were underweight...perhaps he is just afraid that you may get to that point again....

My husband and I actually had the same dicussion last night....I have lost almost 36 pounds and told him that instead of getting to 135 I want to strive for 128 which was my weight when we first were together....he said he thinks thats too low for me ..(I am 5'7 and not small boned) me I would like to try to get there anyway because I know at that weight I was still "healthy".....

So I guess my feeling is that it is very sweet that your hubby is concerned but I would still set a healthy goal that makes you happy....and the key point is healthy.....

Good is so nice how supportive your hubby is ...he sounds like a real sweetie..

Comment #5

I am 5'10 1/2", when I got married I was 148lb. Everyone said I was way too thin - friends who came to the wedding and had not seen me for ages. I got up to 174lb before I started on NS. I was at the top of my bmi range, but not considered overweight. However I felt overweight - and could not fit into my clothes. Hubby thinks I am looking great now I have lost 13lb.

I think you should go to the weight that you think suites you. It is all a mental game - if you stop before you feel you have reached goal, will you consider the whole thing a failure and start over eating again? However, do consider that your goal might put you at too thin.

@soesma003, dont forget that as we age, the body weight we can maintain might be different to what we could at a younger age. I know I cannot maintain 150lb without seriously watching what I eat. Previously 150lb was a snap!..

Comment #6

I'm 5'4" and thought 145 was on the high side. My original goal was 135 with the caveat I would see how 140 looked on me before gong on. My weight as I age sits differently on me now. Or should I say I'm carrying it differently. Thank you all for your input. Maybe I could slide into 140 without him noticing, lol..

Comment #7

Hey crkwolf - I'm 5'4" and right now 142 (down 38lb!) - and headed to 140 as goal, but really thinking about 135. My current bmi is 24. My family and BF too are saying "hey skinny girl" but I still seriously see jiggly stuff. I've lost my butt, boobs and legs/arms are thin. I'm now a size 8 (was 14 busting to a 16) when I started (8/09) but for me it's not the size or the scale, but the jiggly stuff.

I "hear" what my family and BF are saying, but I'm not happy with me yet. I think you need to be happy with you, not the scale. Do what feels right for you. That's my thinking and my 2c!.

Congratulations by the way - it's an exciting journey isn't it!!..

Comment #8

You know that diet alone won't get rid of "jiggly stuff," right? You can be too skinny and still be jiggly. I don't know what you look like, just want to remind you that the only way to firm up is exercise. I knew a girl who'd gotten extremely skinny, and even her friend and her friend's mom who was selling her Herbalife started cautioning her. She wanted to continue dieting, though, because she had a jiggly tummy. There was no muscle there, though, to give her a firm belly..

OP, you do want to take his feelings into consideration, but ultimately it's your body, your health, and your choice. I would recommend having your body fat tested. I had my goal set at 115 lbs, which, at 5' 3/4", doesn't sound unreasonable. However, at about 125 lbs, I found out that my body fat percentage was about 17%, which is really low for a woman. Under 15% is getting to an unhealthy point. So I stopped.

I was healthy. I've kept it at the same point for about 2 years now...

Comment #9

What you should do is consult with your family physician before setting your ultimate goal (of course, this should have been done prior to starting any diet). Your physician does not just base the "ideal weight" using just your height and weight ratio - he/she determines what is healthy for your age and other factors as well. Your ideal weight varies depending on your age and if you don't believe that, try going to and put in your height and weight, but put in your age as 10 years younger, then your actual age, then 10 years older. You will find three different weight ranges for your height. So keep that in mind when determining your ideal weight as well. If your weight was 112 when you were in your 20's, then you should probably add 10 lbs if you're in your 30's, etc...

Comment #10

I would do what he wants,you dont want him to find you unattractive, do you?..

Comment #11

Thanks latinamommy - exercise is now ingrained in my head as well as eating right, water and general health. Genetically I know I may not loose the jiggly stuff, but I'm on this great journey and I'm committed to doing my darndest to get it right this time...

Comment #12

I know exercise will help the jigglies, lol, but I thought I could stand to lose a few more pounds with the exercise. I do walk just about everyday doing anywhere between 1.5 and 5 miles a day, and will continue. Perhaps I'll talk to my doctor as well. I do value my husband's opinion it's just that I'm not where I was hoping to be once I went into maintainance. I had a picture in my mind of where I wanted to be and apparently my picture and my husband's picture were different. I wonder to if he's concerned that I'll lose weight and run off with a younger model.

I should probably work on that end as well to reaffirm he is stuck with me no matter what.

And yes, I've readjusted my goal weight yet again...

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