GoDaddy customer reviews : Advise I try GoDaddy?? shall i face any Legal Issues & Disputes for this domain?

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Shall I face any Legal Issues & Disputes for this domain?..

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I directed this url to their website i.e.i am showing their website only,still shall I face any Legal Issues & Disputes?..

Comment #1

Were to begin, yes your going to see trouble...

Comment #2


Shucks, eBay just LOVES it when people register domain names that are similar to their trademark. Why, they'll probably invite you to their annual meeting and give you an award for being so clever...

Comment #3

If I cantact about it's legality(i will say that as an affiliate I am using this website),still if they want to delete it,i will delete this it good or not?..

Comment #4

Ugh, what a horrid registration but at least you seem to understand your mistake and hopefully won't make a similar one again.

I would just leave the domain forwarded to their site (but turn off stealth forwarding so rather than shows in the browser) and delete the name at renewal time.

This is no guarantee that eBay won't come after you but as you are giving them the traffic (if any) and not showing any of their competitor's ads, the outcome may be better.

My opinions only. Hope they helped.


Comment #5

Umm why did you register this so very obvious tm domain to start with?..

Comment #6

Well, what's the worst that can, happen a cease and desist letter? Have some fun until you're discovered...

Comment #7

Worst that can happen is that it can make us domainers look bad one more time.

Another news tarnishing the name and blurring the difference between a legitimate domainer and a typosquatter...

Comment #8

But some people are registering domains i.e. ebay word in their domains,is it legal?..

Comment #9

Haha, good one!.

Theuniverse, here's a list of definitions for the word "trademark":

After reading it, if you feel what you've registered falls under those definitions then you probably risk facing legal action against you. But since you probably didn't know it was illegal then I think that's fine. Just let the name drop...esp. now that you know better. Good luck...

Comment #10

Who says lawyers don't have a sense of humor?.

And OP:..

Comment #11

Ridiculous statement! and one that gives domainers a bad reputation.

What is fun about blatantly squatting on a Tm'ed name and getting yourself a reputation as a cybersquatter?..

Just because someone else is doing something that doesn't mean it is right..

And it certainly is not an excuse to go out and register TM names.

This name is just a whole world of trouble waiting to happen , imo you should just delete it, but obviously it is up to you...

Comment #12 is better to have legally than imo. No one would ever confuse for ebay the auction site. It can stand for anything.





Or something like that. Id set up a site...

Comment #13

On the bright side...eBay will probably ignore the domain UNTIL you try to make money with it. Why would they bother otherwise against an awful 4 hyphen and 4 letter domain in a ccTLD?.

Of course I could be wrong, and they might just want to make an example of you to the world.....

Comment #14

How to delete domain in account? I have not seen any option there to delete domain,where is it?..

Comment #15

Create another account, push the domain to that account and hand over the details to a contact over at ebay..


Forget about that account. make sure the whois doesent point towards you. Let it expire thereafter...

Comment #16

Wow, I can't believe you just said that. You DO know it's illegal to use fake whois?.

Not the smartest idea......

Comment #17

Well yes, but abandoning an account might be a possibility I thought..

After all cybersquatting is not totally legal erither, and he doesent intend to keep the domain..

I may stand to be wrong, but then I thought this is the best option which doesent harm anybody!?..

Comment #18

A side question, one thing is that this guy reg. this clear TM domain, but is it not even more worst, that he redirected it to the official site?.

Would it not bee seen like he, the owner of e-b-a-y, were in some kind of relationship with ebay, for the visitors?.

Would this not be a major break in the law, as it would look like he wanted to be seen like he had some arrangement with the official ebay.? Am I making my self clear, or is this just bullshit?..

Comment #19

Can't you force drop it? This reminded me when I was checking through dropping domains last week I noticed p-a-y-p-a-l was dropping and I thought to myself (no one is that stupid to catch it) and low and behold it's for sale. Just checked and .info is sedo parked (uuhhh dumb)and .org does not resolve. Interesting...

Good luck as you will need it, gary...

Comment #20 deleted from my account..



Comment #21

Jokes apart,.

Here's the Legal Stuff:.

If you stay in India (assuming this from "in"), according to Indian Law: ebay can't take legal action against you, if you can prove that you did NOT know at the time of registration that the domain: "ebay" was a trademark....

How you do that I'll leave it up to you...

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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