Shakes - Cans vs Dry Packets for Medifast??

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Newbie - first order arrives Monday. I ordered both cans and dry packets of the shakes and haven't tasted either one yet. I would be interested in hearing everyone's opinion of the taste and why you choose to use one over the other.if you do. THANKS!..

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By cans, I'm assuming you mean RTD (they're in boxes)?.

I've tried both. I prefer the packets because I can mix when needed and can add spices/flavor extracts/instant decaf if I want for variety. There's also more flavor choice in packets. The RTD were easy to carry and convenient, but more expensive (by a bit) and I only liked the chocolate. So I only use the RTD when it's going to be hard to get meals in...but that's rare because I usually just take a bar or puffs/pretzels with me.

I also drink the diabetic shakes (packet) because they have more protein and less carb than the other shakes and they don't come in RTD..

Just my opinion....


Comment #1

I like the RTD tetrapaks because they don't need refrigeration and I can throw them in my bag when I fly and thus never have to worry about being without a Medifast meal. (Bars, etc., are difficult because I don't need the rest of the flight crew hearing me crunch over my headset!)..

Comment #2

I prefer the packets over the RTD by far - I really found the taste of the RTD chocolate was not to my taste. DH thought the same...

Comment #3

I liked both. The RTD's were great when I was on the run and I needed a quick easy meal. The packets are great for getting a bit more inventive and have a larger variety of flavors. Just make sure that you soak (premake) all Medifast foods at least 30 minutes before you plan to eat. Helps them dissolve better and not be so gritty...

Comment #4

I have the RDT's at work for my mid morning meal. I think they taste fine but I don't like the funky little straw they give you with them. They are convenient but there is not as much volume as the dry ones when mixed in the blender with ice. I will keep ordering them for the convenience at work and the dry packets for home and variety...

Comment #5

While I prefer the anti-oxidant dark chocolate of all the shakes, the RTD are great for a grab and run meal when I can't get away with bars or puffs/pretzels. Like TruBlueSue, there are times when I have to be quiet, but still need to get my meal in; the RTDs fit the bill nicely. I find the shakes are much more filling than the bars, too...

Comment #6

What does RTD stand for and do you drink them at room temp? Yes.I made the wrong assumption and thought they were Slimfast...

Comment #7

RTD = "ready to drink" - and I think most people prefer them as cold as possible (but yes, you could leave them at room temp if you needed to do so)..

There are lots of abbreviations that are confusing on these forums! OP = On Plan, TOM = time of the month (for ladies), NSV = non-scale victory are a few of the most common.


Comment #8

Wow Emma - I never thought about the diabetic shakes like that but it makes PERFECT sense! I'm gonna check that out. Do you find that the diabetic shakes taste similar to the regular ones or are they better? Worse?..

Comment #9

I personally would do my entire program with the RTD shakes if they weren't so expensive. I keep them in the fridge and I really love the fact that they require zero prep. I can even drink them at room temp if I have to. Chocolate is better than vanilla but both are totally tolerable. For me, they are why I was so successful last time I did MF...they were quick, no hassle, discrete, more filling than a bar, traveled well, could be drank in the car, etc, etc. Good luck!..

Comment #10

I bought the vanilla one just to try, but haven't yet. now I'm really anxious to do so. if I like it, I plan on buying more to keep on hand, esp. for trip. I also drink the shakes mixed with my coffee and put in my thermos to keep hot when at work. Love'em that way. I do the same with the hot cocoa, cappuccino...

Comment #11

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