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I regged It is the exact .com name of a Nintendo Wii game coming out later this year.

Currently, the only official Sonic Wildfire page I found is at

Now I know the name Sonic is property of SEGA. I knew this when I regged it.

Just wondering what I can do with this domain? Can I sell it to SEGA? Should I email them and ask if I can set up a fan site?.

Any suggestions?..

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Intent at the time of registration is a criteria used to determine bad faith registration...

Comment #1

No you can't sell it to Sega as they can actually sue you for cybersquatting which carries a fine up to $100,000. It's a terrible idea to contact Sega. You can do some things with the domain though. Normally game companies are relaxed about fan sites even ones that make money. I would develop a fan site with some Google Adsense...

Comment #2

I agree. If you setup a fan site with some info about past Sonic titles and a news page about Wildfire then you should be OK. Make sure that you put a disclaimer at the bottom that says who the TM owners are. I'd give it a month or three before I tried to make any profit off it though. Just enough time for them to discover that someone else has the name and has setup a non-revenue fan site. If they don't offer to buy it then Adsense away!.



Comment #3 something asap. This can help you gain top serp position and will later on be a tremendous benefit. I realize briman stated wait to make profit but I just want to be clear don't wait to develop. Maybe wait a month before adding ads though...

Comment #4

Yup, that's what I was trying to say... develop immediately, Adsense (or whatever) later...

Comment #5

But do not try to sell it to Sega. If you do, they will make you give it to them. If you set up a fansite, they may make you give it to them, but you'd probably be fine...

Comment #6

Making money from a fansite is squatting. Labrocca, just when I thought you had turned from the dark side.... lol.

The reality of fansites is you can't make any revenue at all, not today, tomorrow or 3 months from now. That is "bad faith" and an instant loss if challenged. The OP obviously did not register the domain with good intent, which is another criterea of bad faith. The advise given is not proper with the exception of setting up a true fansite (no adsense, no links, etc) with a disclaimer. Fansites are a labor of love, therefore, you absorb all costs. Even if companies are lax with going after games sites that generate revenue, it does not mean it is legal to do so.

I just wanted to make sure people don't get carried away with the subject and to inject proper advise so the OP knows both sides. With that said...

Do some fansites make money? yes they do.

Do some companies not bother going after these site? Yes they do.

Does this mean it is a legal practice? No it is not.

Will the person lose the domain if challanged? yes they will..

Comment #7

Start a band (or pseudo band) called Sonic Wildfire. They'd NEVER be able to take the name from you then. Without a conflict of interest, they will have to buy the name if they want it.

Of course, I would never do such a thing...

Comment #8

DNQ...I said this: I said..EVEN ONES THAT MAKE MONEY...they are relaxed about. I didn't say it wasn't a TM problem. Also I would do a fan site but of course the OP should do what he feels comfortable with. Again...I like living in reality vs being afraid of the boogeyman...

Comment #9

Your only problem is if they found this thread...

Comment #10

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