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Hi there,.

I was offered a sum of money via Sedo for a domain name, and accepted the offer. I have since (roughly two weeks later) received an e-mail stating that there has been repeated atempts to verify the details of the bidder but that have failed.

Due to this, the offer has been cancelled by Sedo. The e-mail from Sedo then goes on to say that I am entitled to have the bidder information in order to initiate legal proceedings if I so wish, as I may have grounds.

If they have the details, why are they not persuing him? i.e phoning or sending letters etc?.

Have I simply been scammed, I thought that Sedo was supposed to be a way of avoiding such scam artists?.

What do you all think about this situation and what can be done?.

The offer was in the mid $xxx region.



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I've had it happen too, but I didn't go after the person because I sold the domain to someone else a few days later. I am in the same boat now. I have a domain that the guy signed up for and never paid and will surely be cancelled after the weekend. I will probably ask for the info on Sedo for that one.

Not sure there is much that can be done, except maybe warning others about the buyer. Though Sedo never lets you know who in advance is bidding. Isn't really worth taking someone to court over low to mid $xxx...

Comment #1

This is a case of a broken contract (I had to throw that in there), but is it worth your time, energy and/or lawyer fees to pursue it? That is only something you can answer. Did he break the law? yes he did, are you going to enforce it? that's the question...

Comment #2

Right. So Sedo is willing to give you the details of the bidder, that they don't have, which apparently lead to the cancellation of the bid. Makes perfect sense.

Sedo? Prevent scams? I think the word your looking for is perpetrate!..

Comment #3

Sedo is not the offended party here. So they have no recourse to pursue action on your behalf. I suggest you just let it go since it was just $xxx. It happens occassionally. Just be happy your domain wasn't stolen...

Comment #4

Matt, unfortunately this is not uncommon. Buyer's flake-out and disappear all the time. In the past 60 days I'm 2 of 4 with SEDO offers. 2 sales were completed and went thru without any hassle, and the other 2 buyers backed out or disappeared.

It's true that SEDO is there to prevent being scammed, but having a buyer back out on his offer is not SEDO's fault. They can (and do) protect both buyer and seller once money has been exchanged, but it never reached that point in your case.

The buyer is a deadbeat, YES. The buyer is a time waster, YES. The buyer should not be allowed to bid on names at SEDO anymore, NO. But it's not really a "scam" in the traditional use of the word, since you did not lose (or spend) any money, and you still have the property (domain).

Ask for the buyer's contact details, post them in the Warning & Alert section here at the forum (to help prevent anybody that might receive email/whois offers from taking him seriously) and move on.

I'm frustrated when this happens too, and I wish you better luck with the next one...

Comment #5

I'm in the same boat currently ... bid about 1 1/2 weeks ago ... I accepted and nothing since.

It's not worth my time to pursue with this domain a mid $$$ offer, but where the buyer could have some legal obligation is that fact that sedo takes the name off the market. if the name is a high demand name, ultimatley the seller could be loosing out on other sale opportunities because the name no longer shows as 'for sale' - just my 2 cents..

Comment #6

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