GoDaddy testimonials : Suggest I pay for GoDaddy?? Sedo blacklisted a political domain of mine

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Anybody else have a similar problem? I was under the assumtion that political domains were thought to be "fair game" in domaining.

Just received this email from Sedo.

Would love to hear comments from others.


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Seems stupid/harsh to me - why ban just election-based campaigns? They allow adult ones, and un-PC ones... so why not election ones?..

Comment #1

I don't understand what is political about that domain, but banning a sale of any domain by sedo is just unjust,.


Comment #2

To me, an individual candidate name domain like that seems like a pretty clear case of cybersquatting. Generally only one person can use it or it could be considered confusing. Anyone else is feeding off the publicity of that person for their own good. I think of it more like a fan site name of a celebrity. If you want to use it as a fan, they develop it. Trying to sell is just trading on their fame and publicity.

Now if they banned a generic one like election2008 or presidentialvote, I would jump on the bandwagon to defend it...

Comment #3

Read the fine print, folks. There's a term or so there tackling this.

But basically, it's their rules. Of course, no one's forced to use them...

Comment #4

The fine print of Sedo and other registrar/brokers makes them untouchable...according to their TOS, they can pretty much do anything at anytime, right or wrong, and not be held accountable.

The problem with "no one's forced to use them" is that the alternative choices have similar fine print...

Comment #5

SEDO can violate it's own rules as well. Remember when they announced that ONLY names with adult themes could be used for adult content? These names (iTeen, iWoman, Clickmy) clearly did not meet crtieria for adult content yet SEDO forced adult content on my parked domain names even after strong protest. And one of them with the word "teen" in it. I suppose if SEDO will populate a "teen" lander with porn it will ban political names as it see fit.

SEDO...... pull your head out. You need oxygen. I wonder if they will ban my


Comment #6

I think you did a good job at drawing the line..

Comment #7

Sedo is a business and not a charity. They will do whatever they want.


Comment #8

Seems arbitrary... search "Obama" or "Clinton" or any other candidate and you'll see dozens of names that are more blatant issues than the OP's..

That's my only issue with the action..


Comment #9

We are talking SEDO here...

Is it a possibility they were contacted "unofficially" to have them removed?..

Comment #10

What do you consider "unofficially"?.

I had three removed...

That's ok, I am moving them to Bodis has done more for my domains in the last two months than Sedo has done for the last two years.....

Comment #11

Well, thats your advantage in a free market-there are substitutes and alternatives. Move the domain to another good parking company, and i'm sure your revenue will be at least the same, so I don't think you're really losing much except sales exposure @ sedo...

Comment #12

Hey I just got this. Here was my response. The domain was making me money but I find it offensive to be told it was a TM problem when it's clearly not. I see no correlation with my domain name and any TM problems.

Asswipes...I would respect it more if they just told me they are removing all election domains but to say someone made a TM complaint that imho is invalid..F that...they are getting a response from me as well as a phone call just to be a bitch about it.

Hehe...just got this response... I wonder if they read my post that quickly...

Comment #13

I can only assume they ysed a scare tactic at first to 'justify' their position..

Once they got a reply from you (which they probably didnt expect), they just told you their 'general' rule of not allowing these names.

The strange world of Sedo.....

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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