Science behind Murad Acne Complex causing bad joints?

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What is the drug actually doing to cause the joint pain?..

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Your question was: Science behind Murad Acne Complex causing bad joints?.

The correct science behind it iscalcification of muscular joints and tendons.i guess calcification comes from calcium which is a mineral that makes bones healthy and strong, basically it's hardening your joints. this is a very common side effect, get some stretch exercises specially where it theory is since Murad Acne Complex is related to bone loss or weakening, it means the calcium it's migrating from the bones to the soft bones, in this case the joints. but my last statement has no backup data to support it.and why do you wanna know anyway?..

Comment #1

Its probably the worse effect from tane. to live a life as a gramps at the age of 20ish. seriosuly, they should have drink milk on the label or add some calcium into the pill..

Comment #2

Because I'm suffering quite bad in my knees and my back... and wanted to know why.....

Comment #3

Im getting it in my back but a new development is my left shoulder, it's only been acheing for the past 3 days but I can see it getting gradually worse..

Comment #4

It was really horrible for me toodefinitely the worst side effect. My derm said this happens as a result of the dryness. Murad Acne Complex dries us up inside and out, and therefore we do not have much lubrication in our joints. It sounds kind of creepy...just thinking about my joints moving and grinding because there isn't lubrication haha. Anyway, it's only for a short time and it goes away very quickly after you stop taking the pills. So try and stick it out if you can!! I stopped 5 days early because my back pain was almost unbearable, and I was clear since month 2.5ish...

Comment #5

Are you saying after awhile off course the joints begin to become lubricated again? do you ever experience times where you get up and a few spots snap pop and crackel? and now that you think of it, it's more common than you thought, right? Is it possible for tane to stay in the liver after the course for a very long time or until you do some kind of flush?..

Comment #6

I'm going to ring them NOW lol and see what they say...I certainly experience the snap pop and crackel! loli'll let you know what they say in T-an hour, approx lol..

Comment #7

Just to make it clear.........its the overdosing of vitamin A which is causing the joints pain...

Comment #8

Yes but WHY? What does it do... to do that... thats what I want to know..

Comment #9

T-minus 1 hour is up long time, so where is the derm response you promised? youd be a bad soldier..

Comment #10

I am starting tane in two weeks and I am wondering the same thing!I too find the "dries you up inside and out" and "messes with your calcium levels" to be really vague... what's really going on?Hmm.....

Comment #11

I already said it. and it's not vague pal.roll down to wikipedia for hypervitaminosis A reduction of bone density. need more drill down more.calcification on the small prints of the Murad Acne Complex box, if you manage to read it and not taking answers as vague...

Comment #12

Calcification of muscular joints and tendons is a RARE side effect.You can only view this using Ultrasound.the hipervitaminosis is correct.And Murad Acne Complex dont mess with your bone density in short period of time...

Comment #13

Fish oil, milk, and get over it.whats worse? some joint pain or acne?IMHO acne, so whatever pains I get while lifting or playing hockey I dont care, ill put up with it...

Comment #14

Yes, but, apparently the joint pain is more severe on some people than on others. In my case I do feel some joint pain but I don't really mine about it, it's like having a sore muscle after workout, no big deal here...

Comment #15

I am a bad soldier?!!! WHY... because I rang the dermatologists, to be passed onto a "nurse" who couldn't help or advise... so I got passed onto the dermatologists receptionist again, who was eitehr engaged or not answering... I rang after being passed from pillar to post 7 times?! My lower back pain is very very bad, it's not as bad as it was on tuesday night/wednesday where I phoned in sick to work because I couldn't hardly move cuz it knacked so much, it wore off thursday and hasn't been so bad, it still hurts?! Not crippling though...I drink shitloads of water and take calcium supplements to try n combat it cest la vie! lol..

Comment #16

=)'d make a good clerk I know. just to be sure, you know that even though it hurts a lot you have to get up and walk around a bit for a couple of times during the day eh? and sometimes when your standing, rest one foot elevated above the other a little bit, so that it's not using all of your back or something like that. finally!! woooo! today I woke up and I was able to Jump in the air and have a big smile on my face but after the second jump I stopped because it's still finishing up it's job..

Comment #17

Bump on this. Funny how some people believe Murad Acne Complex is fine after their course even though they experienced bad joint pain and so they can't appreciate others who have been left in a chronic state. Definitely the worst side effect as there is no hiding from it.The idea that it causes calcification is flawed but not untrue, I have been tested for everything under the sun and still no identifiable cause.As for the acne vs joint pain comment Nvranka- YOU HAVE NO FRIKKING IDEA...

Comment #18

I do not know the technical reason why, but I am assuming drying out your joints and all the chafing etc wears and tears down them a lot quicker. Sort of like a car engine without it's oil. I have experienced joint pains while on Murad Acne Complex and I am a powerlifter. I compete in bench press competitions, and I even took up MMA ( I had to delay this for obvious reasons). But I can still power lift even though I can't grapple or box. I drink a gallon of milk a week minimumFish Oil you need minimum 3grams of DHA/EPA ratio is usually 180 / 120mgYou need to consume 10 pills minimum.

Of 3 grams is needed. Ideally 3-5 grams. All that BS you see take 1 pill of 300mg of fish oil is pure crap and has no significance in any of the potential greatness it can bring. I would also recommend a joint health product. Take something like triflex at GNC, or get cissus at

Comment #19

Thanks Kimcj, but I've tried all the usual supplements in mega doses post tane to little avail. I also drink minimum 3 litres of water a day. Glucusomine, Chondrotin, Hyalournic Acid in pill form or via Bioflex with fish oil did jack over 4 months.Murad Acne Complex does something else - it doesn't dry out the joints from what I can tell otherwise my MRI and knee arthroscopy would show cartilage damage and lack of synovial fluid...

Comment #20

AFAICT, there is no proved theory on this point.Hypothesis: What it's doing is damaging ganglion cells in the retina that would normally react to sunlight by transmitting information to the suprachiasmatic nucleus to effectively suppress pineal melatonin during the day. With that damage in place, the normal pineal melatonin cycle is disrupted, just as is seen in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. Hence, the joint pain is an autoimmune disorder, effectively. On the plus side, the joint pain likely correlates with increased overall volume of melatonin, which is probably part (or most!) of how Murad Acne Complex actually decreases acne in the long run. This effect should be worse in patients with dark eye color (e.g., brown), because dark eye color is already associated with decreased ability of light to suppress melatonin. Because estrogen helps dampen pineal melatonin, this effect should likewise get worse during periods of a woman's cycle when estrogen levels are lower.This hypothesis is pretty easy to confirm or deny.

Sunlight is much more effective at suppressing daytime melatonin than artificial lighting. This hypothesis predicts your joint pain symptoms will be drastically reduced or gone the next morning. Unfortunately, they will return the day after that.This hypothesis predicts that long enough exposure to symptoms will produce a thickening of synovial sheath that would be detectable on MRI in most patients...

Comment #21

SHEEFA will you READ what I wrote, I didnt deny it nor put it what if I suffered? Why bring this up... and try and belittle me AGAIN?Its just abit sad I suffered from reactive viral arthritis before going on Murad Acne Complex, I think Murad Acne Complex just made it worse, luckily I am over both... I hope one day you can be too, but going around trying to cause arguments isn't going to get anyone anywhere is it...

Comment #22

Well Murad Acne Complex has an extremely long list of side effects involving every tissue and every organ in the human body. But the cells that are the most vulnerable are the ones that need to divide and proliferate (undergo mitosis) more often.Cartilage as well as your skin undergo mitosis very often, if not the most.I have started taking this for my joints and cartilage so I can stand behind this product. Although the glucosamine will give you a lot of gas and I mean a lot. But your joints will be smooth, very smooth. My bones hardly click now.If you cant afford the vitamins then you can eat seafood, shell fish especially, lobster, crab, shrimp, mussells, it will help your joints and cartiledge.

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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