GoDaddy customer reviews : Should I purchase GoDaddy?? Scammed on PayPal, what can I do?

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On Sunday night, I sold two domains, registered at GoDaddy, to someone for a total of $85, which was paid via PayPal.

OK, so today the buyer filed a PayPal dispute, and the funds are now on hold while this is all under review. I can't reply to the dispute or anything, or even file a dispute myself.

Is there anything I can do about this? I'm just glad that it's only $85 (and the domains aren't even worth much - &, but I would still like to get my money back if at all possible.

Thanks for any help Watch out for this guy:.

The buyer's email is.

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Contact GoDaddy and tell them the buyer has filed a dispute. Print out all your evidence and send it to PayPal..

Comment #1

Sorry I might not get it. So, on what basis did the buyer file a dispute?..

Comment #2

I can't see any details on the dispute, so I have no idea. He got the domains, and I have the emails / AIM logs to prove it...

Comment #3

... but still is a loss to you..

All I can say is be a member of paypal sucks I'm searching for a caricature where paypal staff are monkeys playing darts.. I can't find on internet.

Paypal is more user's friendly rather than merchant, any dispute will do...

Comment #4

Yeah, but that won't help me get my $85 back..

Comment #5

I thought you're glad that it was only U.S.$85 loss? sorry just lightening the load for you. file dispute over dispute. how about calling the guy? or emailing paypal directly with this thread?..

Comment #6

No. Just reply and you shipped the name as "virtual".

You win 100% of the time...

Comment #7

There you go, thanks..

Pictures speak a thousand words. and to make matters worst blindfolded monkeys..

Go ahead, ask them a question..

"Can't you see the difference with a real buyer from a scammer?"..

Comment #8

Problem is, I don't think I can reply to it. But thanks for the tip, I'll try it if I am given the opportunity...

Comment #9

Something similar happened to me. You must reply to the dispute. There is a link. If you can't find it call PayPal.

I replied and stated my side of the issue. Few weeks later PayPal closed the dispute because domains are an intengible item. The funds were then released into my account.

If you don't respond then the scammer will win.

Maybe it's the same guy!!..

Comment #10

On every dispute you need to reply fast, sure you can reply to it, it's a trouble ticket, if nothing contests or contradict the dispute paypal will take the sides of the previous dispute...

Comment #11

I will suggest to you tell to godaddy about your domains and paypal dispute.

This way you can get your domains back.

And also contact to paypal but I wont believe paypal will solve your problems because these are just a common to them..

Comment #12

Tom don't listen to these paypal haters. It was the buyer that created the dispute not paypal. Follow the proper paypal procedures to dispute his dispute. It can take 3 weeks to get a resolution but there is a fair chance it will be decided in your favor unless it was a stolen credit card or his funds were fraudulant.

Log into your account and look for the dispute link and "respond" to it...

Comment #13

If you respond to the dispute claiming it's a intangible goods purchase you will win, as long as you didn't wait too long. There is no option for this, but just go to the area where you fill in the shipping info and choose other and say it was an intangible item that was purchased and therefore not eligible for buyer protection. You will have your money back within a few days if the dispute is still open. I've done this before and can confirm it will work (with someone trying to rip me off)..

Comment #14

Thanks everyone, but the problem is that I can't respond to it (at least not yet?). The dispute case is "under review", and there is no link or anything to respond to it (and yes, I know how this is normally done). This dispute was filed just last night, so I haven't been sitting on this.

The payment is on hold, and I can't "ship" or anything. Apparently there is nothing I can do, and the payment is "ineligible" for the Seller Protection.

Looks like I'm screwed.


OK, my PayPal email was down yesterday, and I just fixed that and got PayPal's emails. I have responded to the notice saying that the product was a domain shipped as virtual goods, and that I can prove it. We'll see how this works out...

Comment #15

No youre not screwed, but if the funds are on hold, there is a good chance this was fradulent use of someone elses account, this has happened to me before, a regular dispute wouldnt freeze your funds, so I would bet that this was a hacked paypal acct, or at least the person will say that is what happens because that is the ONLY way a scammer could win here. And everyone is right, intangible goods are not covered under paypals policy, so if that was the only thing you would get your money, but I have never had funds frozen for that instance, which leads me to believe it is something more.....Any rate good luck...

Comment #16

You can forget your money forever.

Im sorry for you, I had the same situation.


Guys this is the 100000000% Rule from paypal, sorry to post here but I had a long fight for 6 months with a paypal supervisor here in europe and got orignal documentation from paypal that the USA/EUROPE is forcing this rule.

Be warned, Don't use paypal for services. I got my account unlocked after a 6 months fight and losed $30000 for PHP Development...

Comment #17

Is this one of those times when you should take the money out of your PayPal account immediately? Would that have saved his $85.00??.


Comment #18

P/P outlines the steps you can take here.

Comment #19

If someone has a dispute against you through Paypal then you are allowed to respond and see the details. Paypal does not allow people to dispute payments without letting the seller see the details and have a chance to respond as this is how the dispute system works...

Comment #20

I just had a $35 dispute for an intangible item. I replied directly to the email with logic and reason. 2 days later they closed the dispute and gave me back the money...

Did I get upset or post in every forums that Paypal sucks? NOPE...

Comment #21

It sounds to me like someone might have hijacked the account. I cannot say for sure without knowing any details, but Paypal has been fairly reasonable for me in the past. However, I had a case where a guy hijacked my account and luckily enough I was slow on pushing the name to him because I had one of those 6th sense moments that it's not right. Luckily as well, he wasn't smart enough to go ahead and accept the transfer so I quickly canceled and didn't lost a thing but the money he paid me. Paypal was terrible in the notification (it took 3 days after the deal was completed) and they froze the funds and didn't even email me to let me know I wasn't getting the funds back which left me in the negative. They're very bad about notification over there...

Comment #22

I use Paypal all the time but only to respected sellers (as a buyer) and not to sell something (as a seller) that will cost me enough money.

I must say that 3 times I needed them, they failed to protect me. All logs and screengrabs and prior clean record were meaningless to paypal. I lost around $450 and I learned my lesson.

A sample of their reply to a purchase I made and didn't receive the programming code :.

"Unfortunately, PayPal was not able to resolve this dispute because the item purchased was virtual or intangible. As a result, we have not taken.

Any action against either account at this time. However, this complaint has been noted in the seller's record for future reference"..

Comment #23

Hopefully not, but I haven't heard back from PayPal yet (I emailed them saying this a few days ago)...

Comment #24

**** the hell can they do this after I told them that the domains were shipped virtually??..

Comment #25

I was scammed by the same guy for an IPB License about 6 months ago:.

Highly recommend this post gets moved to Warnings section to prevent this crook from continuing to scam people.

BTW, from what you mentioned, it doesnt sound like a Buyer dispute. This was a CC Chargeback, that initiated a PayPal review, which won't offer any opportunity for negotiation. If you say virtual, you LOSE 100% of the time. The 'Virtual' trick only works if you are the seller, and the buyer made a PayPal Buyer Dispute claim, if they don't have the ability to chargeback..

Comment #26

Hmm that sucks. Good idea, by the way.

And I believe you misread my posts - I am the seller, and was the buyer.

I wouldn't be pissed off if I knew this all happened because of fraudelent CC use...what pisses me off is that PayPal apparently reviewed the case, and sided with the buyer despite my proof against him...

Comment #27

Egnited don't think paypal like buyers and not sellers.

The truth is they don't like both if they can't see a printed document from a reliable service.

Email headers or chat logs or anything related with normal internet usage is not a prof for them.

Selling domains or anything virtually using paypal is a risk.

Paypal is not exacly a good ... pal.

I suggest domain buyers and sellers to agree for a sale at this :.

1. Few months (as long as the dispute policy can be enabled) to change ONLY the nameservers and possibly the whois info.

2. If the sale is fraud the sellers don't loose anything apart their time.

This is also a risk because the buyer may feel strange so I assume you have to choose :.

1. Risk of fraud.

2. Risk of not selling.

OR use escrow or sedo and have peace of mind..

Comment #28

Send email and faxes to paypal, explaining your situation. if you have a friend lawyer it may be a plus if he could send that documentation for you, saying that he's a lawyer. call them as well, I mean try to bring as much attention as possible, and maybe you should obtain some results. good luck!..

Comment #29

I don't think he can do much.

From the role of the buyer I gave them all the prof to reverse the charge and they said they can't do anything.

They suggested to report it to local authorities. When I told them that I don't approve their arbitration and they should do something since they have all the evidence in front of them , they replied they were sorry but can't do anything more.

When I informed them that I will dispute the credit card charge that the paypal has on file they told me that they will ban me if I do this because these issues must be solved only inside paypal.

Go figure... as I said before paypal not a good money pal..

Comment #30

What you have to do in a case like this is escalate this to a claim with paypal, and tell them it's a non tangible item. I guess I'm too late with that info, heh. I have experience with this, I guess you can say. I get about one of those per week, from hosting customers. They're quite funny, auctually. One said "Ran out of bandwidth", while another one says "My email got spammed"...

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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