Scales won't move during Medifast!

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Ok, Medifasters............ It's my turn to grumble and complain about the stupid stubborn scales! Last week I had a great loss! I was down 4 pounds (174) following a week of ZERO loss. THAT was monday (yes, I'm a daily weigher) by Tuesday the scales were back up to 176.8 I know, water weight I'm sure. So, I glided through the week, weighing everyday and waiting for things to start taking a downward direction..... but - didn't happen. I stayed totally ON program, monitored my protein, carbs and fats everyday, using the myplan logger.

So - this morning I stepped on the scale for the officially weekly weight........ and 175.6. UP 1.6 from last monday. GRRRR! The only times in the 26 weeks that I've been doing medifast that the scales have gone UP is on weeks that I went OFF program, usually alcohol was involved. So, this is a disappointment.

I'm SURE that next monday's weigh in will look much better - but I don't want wait all week to see a better number on the scale! GRRRRR again!.

So, reasons why this could happen? the most obvious to me - I've been a bit "unregular" this week. But thats a lotta ......... if ya know what I mean? I wonder if it's normal to retain water in conjunction with being constipated? (checking to all knowing internet for info........) NOPE, can't find anything..

I guess I'm just having an OFF week. I'm bummed big time! I was really needing a good weigh in this week - both mentally and emotionally. But - I guess it's time to BUCK UP and move on!.

Anyone else need to join my pity party this week?..

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The extra exercise could be a contributing factor. Your muscles could be retaining water..

Look at my weight for the past two weeks. Ugh!..

Comment #1

Oooh a party? Will there be hats? Games? Cake? Oh no well not cake - that's for sure!.

But seriously I can imagine how frustrated you are - just keep truckin away-it all evens out in the end, right? Maybe a little extra water and some Miralax?.

Here's hoping that next week will be a big one!..

Comment #2

I'll join your pitty party of one and make it a pitty party of two. I had a crappy weekend and only have myself to blame. Totally emotionally and mentally bummed this morning.

One personal question...Could it be TOM? As for the being full of (*)(&(&(*&. Have you tried mixing your shake or your flavor infusor with Miralax (I use the CVS brand called puralax). Definately helps me stay somewhat regular.

As for being a daily weigher. I'm a minute by minute weigher if I'm home. If I go the bathroom, before I put anything in my mouth, after I put something in my mouth, the second I wake up, after I workout. And I too only count my Monday weight as my weight for the week. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing weighing every day never mind every minute and forget about the Monday weigh in. That I know is a totally bad idea.

Monday. Really?! Really dump idea.

Back to being motivating...My coworkers and I have started a FREE Express Workout Club. Is this something you could possibly do? It has totally helped them stay motivated to workout (I say them because I workout nine times a week and don't need the motivation to workout...I need the motivation not to cheat on the weekends). I can give you some of our ideas that have helped us. We started doing one day and are now up to five days. We also started just with two and are now up to six people. We're thinking of making up sweatshirts too and possibly running a 5k.

Let me know if you want to know more about it.

And don't worry...This two will pass and that scale will move or you could always move it and toss it out the door...

Comment #3

I think Cheryl is on to something. I spent one weekend mowing, I burned alot of calories but when it came to weight-in day=I gained 2 lbs. It was very hot that weekend and I know I didn't drink enough water to compensate for the heat and work. Since then, I've taken it slow when I work outside by not doing more than an hour and half of work and I drink whatever I can get my hands on. It seems to have worked for me by doing that. Hopefully you can find the culprit. Good luck!..

Comment #4

Yes, you can have a mini pitty party....just a mini one though! You said it yourself, this has not happened in all the time you've been on MF, you're lucky it's only happening now. We ALL go through that at some point. First time on Medifast I had a 2.2lbs gain on week 3 for no reason, then a big loss the week after. This time around, I'm losing slow and yes, week 3 was one of water retaining for me too, up most of the week than tiny loss. Most of the time, it's simply water retention. Too much sodium, stress, not enough sleep, inflammation, TOM...Soooo many reasons why we retain water. I know it's discouraging, I've been in your shoes but do not over-worry, you didn't gain fat and the number will eventually go down...

Comment #5

Pitty party away sister! I had a bad couple weeks before this one. It'll come off. Complain if you need to (always helps me) and just know that it will come off...

Comment #6

Dolphin888 good point - I didn't gain FAT! thats a happy way to put in all in perspective.

As for the other questions:.

NOT TOM - I'm 50 and pre-menopausal. No periods now for 6 months - ALTHOUGH....... for the passed 2 years I have had a period every 6 months, AND, I've been having ovarian pains...... I just thought it was a cyst - but could be I'm ovulating again. HUH - never thought about that. Yuck.....

On the "irregular" issues...... I did take some epsom salts this morning with a glass of water and it has been a "moving" experience! If you've never tried epsom salts for constipation...... give it a try! 1 TB in a glass of water and within 2 hours you'll be feeling flushed! and so much CHEAPER than any other otc laxative. Tastes a bit nasty - but if you drink it with it a straw it pretty much bypasses the sour tasters on the sides of your tongue!.

I'm feeling better....... and thanks for all the comments! Its pity party monday! I'm putting my scales away for the week........... next Monday I should have a HAPPY DANCE CELEBRATION going on! Who's with me?..

Comment #7

Can I join in too? I have my third WI tomorrow and really felt confident that I would be hitting AT LEAST my ten lb mark. My butt said to me, "Not so fast Sista!" I've really stayed OP too. WHINE...

Comment #8

Haha, can I play? I had a slower loss last week and chalked it up to TOM..which still hadn't arrived by the time I weighed in last night (although I've gotten to have 9 full days so far of extra fatigue and backaches, woo!). And nope, definitely not pregnant, unless I got abducted by aliens or something..

OTOH, I'm wearing a shirt that I could just barely button last spring, and it's lying nice and flat and not gapping, so that's something, right?..

Comment #9

Hang in there!! The scale doesn't always reflect your efforts in a given week, or even 2 weeks, but over time the payoff will be there!.

I wouldn't be surprised if next week you post a big loss!!!!!.

Good luck!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #10

Too many of us with the same issue. I blame the full moon! I was down iust one and had a great week OP. Ahh, but not UP one pound and so close to those 180's!..

Comment #11

The poor old full gets blamed for all things bad...

Comment #12

This is cathartic...... Pity Party On, Dudes and Dudettes!..

Comment #13

Hey, the most important thing is that you threw your pity party among friends, instead of throwing it in front of the fridge!.

This is my second time on MF. I went through something similar including the constipation the first time. It turns out that, like Cheryl said, the extra exercise was the cause. Every time I cleaned this huge, messy house of ours my weight would go up the next day. Ditto if I did aerobics. I'm perfectly happy never doing aerobics again (hate 'em), but I can't afford a housekeeper. So now we're just putting up with a messy house...

Comment #14

SO TRUE! GREAT to vent.and then get on with it (back to biz)...

Comment #15

It's my very FIRST day on Medifast but I will have a pity party with you.....been down your road before so I can sympathize. :/.

Hoping next weigh-in will be joy for you!..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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