Sausage patties for Nutrisystem?

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These have been discontinued and I really liked them. I have tried the links and they don't cook as well and I'm not as happy with the texture..

Does anyone have an alternative veggie/low fat sausage pattie? For me it doesn't have to be vegetarian, just low fat.

Thanks. (I miss my Morningstar!)..

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Your question was: Sausage patties for Nutrisystem?.

Oooh - maybe there were just changed. I'll take another look this weekend!..

Comment #1

You scared me, so I went to the Morningstar Farms website and things appear normal. Whew!.

I'm not sure about your grocery store, but mine just moved things around and put all the organic/veggie stuff in it's own little nook of the freezer. I had to ask someone to help me find it!..

Comment #2

Just started Nutrisystem and just last night bought MS sausage patties! Had the first for breakfast and loved it!! I certainly hope not discontinued...perhaps just your grocery did?? I would think that a big seller..

I just posted earlier abut how many says serving size = 1 patty, 80 calories. But it came packaged 2 to a pkg. I really wanted to go get the other lonely patty! Do I really just get one?.

So, question 1 protein would = how many calories?.


Comment #3

Yep. You only get one. It seems sad.

A protein/dairy serving (if that is what your plan calls for) is 100 calories or less, 3 grams of fat or less and 7 grams of protein or more...

Comment #4

I love Morning Star Farms spicy black bean burgers. They are not discontinued but nowhere to be found in any grocery store near me...

Comment #5

Yep, just one. *sigh*.

I just keep a small sandwhich bag in the box to throw the lonely one in after I've eaten the other...

Comment #6

Yeah, the black bean burgers are the best. My boyfriend's a vegetarian and I don't keep meat in the house (except for my Nutrisystem meals ) out of respect for him. The black bean burgers are the only veggie burgers I like, but I prefer them over even a beef burger...

Comment #7

Maybe my store discontinuned carrying them and I misundersood. Darn!..

Comment #8

I saw them in Walmart this past week. I was back two days later, and nearly all the Morningstar products were gone with a sign telling when the new supply would arrive...

Comment #9

I seem to remember this happening a few months ago as well with all of their products. Then there were bunch of sales and the stores emptied out. They didn't have them for a few weeks but they finally restocked. Something must be up with the company. Anyway, I did see them in my Trader Joe's last week - that might be another source for you to check. They only had the original flavor not the maple (which I LOVE!!) but still definitely better than the links...

Comment #10

I buy them at BJ's Wholesale Club - Do you have one near you?..

Comment #11

Man I love these on weekends with my Nutrisystem Pancakes.......

Comment #12

The products listed below have been discontinued..

Morningstar FarmsMorningstar Farms America's Original Veggie Dogs linksMorningstar Farms Better 'N Eggs" egg substituteMorningstar Farms Breakfast Starters Classic ScrambleMorningstar Farms Cheddar BurgerMorningstar Farms Chik Patties Parmesan RanchMorningstar Farms Fajita Burgers Veggie BurgersMorningstar Farms Ginger & Teriyaki Veggie CakesMorningstar Farms Harvest Burgers Veggie BurgersMorningstar Farms Honey Mustard Chik'n TendersMorningstar Farms Italian Marinara Chik'nMorningstar Farms Meal Starters" Veggie Steak StripsMorningstar Farms Mini Veggie Corn DogsMorningstar Farms Philly Cheese Steak BurgersMorningstar Farms Portabella Mushrooms and Oven Roasted Peppers Veggie BurgersMorningstar Farms Scramblers egg substituteMorningstar Farms Southwestern Style Veggie CakesMorningstar Farms" Supreme PizzaMorningstar Farms Vegan Burger made with Organic SoyMorningstar Farms Veggie Bites Broccoli CheddarMorningstar Farms Veggie Bites Country ScrambleMorningstar Farms Veggie Bites Eggs FlorentineMorningstar Farms Veggie Bites Mushroom MozzarellaMorningstar Farms Veggie Bites Spinach ArtichokeMorningstar Farms" Veggie Breakfast SandwichMorningstar Farms Veggie Breakfast Sandwich with CheeseMorningstar Farms Veggie ChiliMorningstar Farms Veggie Corn DogsMorningstar Farms OrganicMorningstar Farms Lentil Rice Loaf" Veggie LoafMorningstar Farms Meal Starters" Steak Strips made with Natural IngredientsMorningstar Farms" Nine Bean Loaf Veggie LoafMorningstar Farms Okara Patties made with Organic SoyMorningstar Farms Roasted Herb Chik'n made with Organic SoyMorningstar Farms Veggie Medley Burger made with Organic SoyOther ProductsMorningstar Farms Tuno Tuna Fish Substitute made with Vegetable ProteinSo it looks like the sausage patties are safe.for now...

Comment #13


Question? Do you count this as a morning protein?.



Comment #14

How do the morning star farm sausage patties figure into the nutrisystem diet?..

Comment #15

Why they ever discontinued the corn dogs is one of the world's greatest mysteries. Those things are G-dly...

Comment #16

Although it's probably a good thing they did, before Nutrisystem I could down two of those in a a SNACK...

Comment #17

Wow I didn't know MorningStar had all those products! Going to the website to see whats left. Thanks Westgal..

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