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Hi, do I have problem (other then ban) with such domain?..

Comments (23)


1/ Lack of imagination in selecting domain names.

2/ Lack of Potential TRAFFIC & Income...

Comment #1

Well as kicks go, this one could end up giving you a kick in the pants. I would not use it, especially for anything domain related. I'm sure Sedo has lawyers on staff...

Comment #2

Hope I don't get kicked, pants hurts xD.

I should write some nice title like See 3 dudes outside cooking octopus dinner...

Comment #3

Yeah, well, expect a kick anyway when Sedo sees this...

Comment #4

Hope they keep eye on it in same way they keep eye on customers satisfaction - blind eye.

BTW it was previously parked, maybe for keywords like "b*nda*e queen"..

Comment #5

Judging from your name and the Slovak Republic domainer forum you run. Let's assume you live there. If so...really does anyone here think Sedo would pursue him legally over this? At best they would WIPO and take the name...

Comment #6

Slovak republic BTW I'm just MOD at that forum, very small playground.

Hope they offer me few hundred bucks "beer money" , it's much cheaper then to call lawyer xD..

Comment #7

I think you won't make any money with this and Sedo will never show any interest in it either.....

Comment #8

I don't mind. I'll just keep it for my inner peace or outer lawsuit..

Comment #9

I guess this domain is just [nothing] for Sedo. Don't expect any legal action as it would be ridiculous. Although Sedo, Gmbh owns, such variations as S3do, S3d0 are not of their interest anyway...

Comment #10

Yeah, just a bad way to waste $8 or whatever the reg fee was. You want beer money? Then don't buy domains like this.

Sedo will never become interested in buying it. Only way I can see them having an interest with it is if you become a competitor, which I highly doubt...

Comment #11

Lol I remember someone on here parked the ccTLD version of a parking companies domain with the parking company for like 2 years or something before they found out...

Comment #12

Run a search at Sedo with the keyword "Sedo" in it and you will just find out that it still happens and they don't seem to care that much..

Comment #13

3 is so painfully close to e.

Does it get traffic? That's whats important. I have to admit I parked some domains at minus the o and didn't even realize. Actually for cybersquatters that is a goldmine...

Comment #14

4 UIP in since it was parked (last 24h)...

Comment #15

I agree there.. a poor choice of a domain...

Comment #16

Park it at sedo ...and tell us how it goes...or if you r feeling really lucky mail sedo and ask them they would end this debate once and for all..

Comment #17

Oh.. no, please don't say things like that.

Statements such as this might be seen as... well, never mind, I'm not an attorney or legal expert.

Just be careful...

Comment #18

Squatter !!!.

This domain is worth zero anyway, so keep it, renew it year after year and keep wasting your money...

Comment #19

No wonder uneducated people see us as no more than cybersquatters and crooks. Not only did you throw good money after bad, but had the hide to brag about it as well.

I like the fact that you find it amusing that names like that hurt the honest people involved in the industry.

Grade F for the stupid name.

Grade A+ for being a tool...

Comment #20

What did you think of? This is an awful choice of a name. And if you have $7 to throw away, better donate it. Or buy 2 charity ribbons here.

Worth absolutely 0, in plus it just squats on a brand that deals with domains.

Few hundred bucks? Lol, this is plain ...... foolish. This name sucks.

And yes, you are a cybersquatter, as you would have not registered this name if the brand Sedo would not exist. Your registration was made solely on the fact that a company invested in branding... and now you try to profit from their investment ....

Anyway, you will not profit anything from it, as besides being a malicious domain, it is a stupid one...

Comment #21

Or .......what we could do.......... is redirect 10,000 hits of traffic to the name, and give him $XXX in revenue, then s3do will notice........

Comment #22

Feel free to do so if you're up to it, but what's in it for you or anyone else?..

Comment #23

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