Roasting veggies for Nutrisystem

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Ok, so tell me again what to do?.

I get confused on whethere to use EVOO, or Pam, at what temperature, and for how long.....


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Your question was: Roasting veggies for Nutrisystem.

I did eggplant squash onion and mushrooms 350 for 40 min (stired after 20 min) sprinkled with Mrs Dash and they smell wonderful...

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Oh my goodness, you have lost that much weight since December? That is Awesome!! I ordered my Nutrisystem yesterday should be here next week...

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Remember to use a pan with sides on it so it's easier to turn/toss the veggies without them flopping off the side! Actually, I don't even bother to turn them while they're cooking most times, but it helps to have the sides when you're taking them out of the pan. I bought a "1/4 sheet pan" that's "restaurant quality" (so the dern thing would last and not buckle when it's heated) and this thing will last forever I think! You gotta have the right tools for the job, I always say!..

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I roast them at a little higher temperature, I'm impatient, hee. 400 degrees for about 15 min, depending on how thick the veggies are sliced. My favorite is zucchini, and I like the slices very thin, so it doesn't take long. Also, if you use a crisper pan (you can order online from walter drake) you won't have to stir or turn over. I love that pan, it makes roasting so easy...

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We roast tons of veggies. I usually do them at 375 and stir once or twice till they are done. I do greenbeans with peppers, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots. Even brussel sprouts are awesome!! My treat is roast onions - they are just like candy!.

I use pam (olive oil) but sometimes do drizzle a little bit of EVOO on for extra flavor. I just count it as my fat for the day...

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I saw a recipe for eggplant chips, today. Slice thin and roast 425 degrees until crispy...

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I am apparently crazy and roast mine way higher than everyone else- I do mine at 425 for 15-20 min. I make my sweet potato chips/fries that way, and I love to roast broccoli (the ends get crisp and almost nutty). I do use oil when I roast mine, but a little goes quite a long way...

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Indianlotus, I do exactly the same temp as you, just a bit longer lol, I like mine brown and crispy!..

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I roasted my FIRST veggies tonight! YUMMMM! Thank you, everyone on this board who has ever recommended it, and for the frequent reminders and how-to's! I have been around here since March, and I have afraid to try roasting, and finally decided to try it tonight for something different..

I had some frozen asparagus in the freezer.

Put foil on my pan, sprayed the pan and the asparagus with Pam, sprinkled with Mrs. Dash..

Baked in my toaster oven at 350 for about 20 minutes, with 2 quick "toaster" cycles at the end for extra heat and to get the tops..

Yummm!!! I will definitely be trying this AGAIN, with other veggies and looking at your other tips and ideas..


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I roast my vegetables at 425. Seem to get crispy but yet tender in the center. Cauliflower is my favorite!..

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Oh, thanks for that! A good excuse to break out my mandoline slicer!..

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You're not crazy...that's exactly what I do. Keeps the veggies crisp/tender, while letting them brown a little at the same time!..

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I roast at 500 degreesdepending on the veggie and the thickness, it takes between 15-25 minutes. I usually turn them once to get all sides nicely browned and crispy. Sometimes I even broil a bit at the end to speed things up! For brussel sprouts, I cook them until they are almost crunchy!! Love cooking veggies this way!!! Fresh, frozenits all good!..

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Thank you! I've never roasted vegetables. Been afraid to because I really didn't know how. Now, I absolutely WILL...

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I love throwing a sliced clove of garlic in with my veggies. Did zucchini and mushrooms last night with the garlic. I'm planning on having the same thing again tonight...

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I've been roasting up a big batch of veggies (whatever looks good at the market that day) with a little bit of EVOO and lemon pepper and freshly ground pepper. At the same time I roast a bulb or two of garlic which is stirred into the veggies when they are done. This makes several day's worth of veggie servings. I typically divide them up into serving size packages and freeze them so I can just take out enough for 1 day at a time the night before I need them.

I also typically make up a large container of salad which lasts for several days as well. This makes it really quick to prepare my Nutrisystem lunches and dinners. Usually the Nutrisystem entree and veggies can cook at the same time while I am plating up my salad and getting something to drink...

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I like using the Walter Drake Oven Crisper Pan, because you don't have to flip them over. (it has small holes all over). It's fantastic for roasting veggies...

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