Reviews on new Medifast pretzels?

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...they are gross! Cinnamon pretzels were my favorite...I will never order them again unless I hear they changed them back. I liked the thinness of the sticks better before, but that isn't what would prevent me from ordering them again. The taste is awful. I looked at the ingredients. What stood out to me is they added stevia. I use stevia in my tea, but it just isn't good in everything.

Now they taste like a breadstick with a chemical sweet or cinnamon taste, just a chemical breadstick!!..

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Finally a topic that is both new and exciting!..

Comment #1

Clearly not as important as the disasterous new Honey Mustard recipe -IMHO.....

Comment #2

Somebody should count the number of threads created on them. I bet there are over 20...

Comment #3

....thank goodness I didn't order the honey mustard pretzels then!.

I just called medifast to voice my opinion on their new pretzel recipe. I told them I wouldn't have ordered them if I knew they changed. They told me it was posted all over the place. I heard of the change from this board.....AFTER I ordered them but before I received them. Anybody who loved the pretzels before and is placing another warned, you probably won't like them! (so don't go crazy ordering alot of boxes of them)..

Comment #4

I loved the pretzels before and like these. Everyone has different tastes/likes/dislikes...

Comment #5

I have no issues with the pretzels. They're portable. They don't melt in the glove box, They crunch. The have flavor. They are a meal. It's just food..

But then I love the oatmeal, so go figure..

Comment #6

Eagle please count them. Right up your alley..

Freya: you just made me laugh outloud...

Comment #7

I ate the old pretzels. I like the new ones better. Everyone's tastes are different, and change over time on this diet. So people probably need to try for themselves, you know?.

Also, really? There are new pretzels? And some people don't like them?..

Comment #8

Yes, everybody has different likes/dislikes....just want to warn people that they may not like them. Cinnamon pretzels being my favorite, I tend to order large quantities. Just don't want someone to order alot and 'be surprised'..

There is an upside to the gross cinnamon pretzels.....i opened the bag an hour ago and still have half left! Lots of coffee and water to wash the taste down!.

(BTW...I am not a picky eater at all. I have my favorites, but I can stomach just about all of it. Cappucino & Chai latte.....those are the only one's I absolutely can't tolerate...but I know they are favorite's for some)..

Comment #9

If everyone has different likes and dislikes, what service are you doing by "warning them they are bad so you wont like them (opinion)", though?.

I think sound advice would be: If you are not sure what to expect, order a trial or a small amount of them. But assuming people wont like them because you dont is a bit over the top...

Comment #10

After reading all the boards about the pretzel change, I ordered one bag of cinnamon and one bag of honey mustard - then I'll judge for myself and start a NEW THREAD about how I either hate them or still love them... LOLOL.

By the way, I dd the same thing with the Chai Latte. Everyone warned, you won't like it, you won't like it. I ordered one packet, and I loved it, it wasn't bad, so then I ordered a box!!.

I guess I don't mind the warnings. I'm a little more cautious, order one packet then get a box in the next shipment if I LIKE THEM..


Comment #11

We all have our own tastes. I always hesitate when someone says "I'm new..what should I order"? What I love, you may hate. What you hate, I may love. People tend to speak more freely when they don't like something. I wonder how many people like the new and improved?..

Comment #12

You know what? They may LOVE them! I didn't like the old pretzels. I think they were a conspiracy to keep dentists in business during the recession by causing Medifast members to break off all their teeth! Your opinion and likes are yours and no one should be "WARNING" anyone about what they probably won't like because you don't..

Eagle - I agree. Do a count on the number of threads. I think it's more than 20!..

Comment #13

Just for the heck of it, I did a search for pretzels. It pulled up 500 comments. I have a feeling 500 is the max you can pull up, so I'll bet there are more...

Comment #14

31 threads with "pretzel*" in the title created in the last 3 months. Interestingly enough, 2 of the 31 were about the old pretzels; one person who found a hair in there, and another who complained they tasted moldy...

Comment #15

Oh and the thread titles:.

My 2 cents on the new cinnamon pretzels.....

New and improved Medifast Pretzel Sticks!.

I thought everyone was being dramatic about the pretzels.

New Pretzels.

Horrid New Pretzels.

New Pretzels ? I am Confused.

My own take on the "New" Pretzels.

MF Breadsticks and Medifast Pretzels.

Yucky new pretzel sticks!!!.

Just received new pretzels.

New pretzels softer or less crunchy?.

A Turkey/Stuffing/Cranberry Sauce Pretzel or Puffs?.

New cinnamon pretzels.

Honey Mustard Pretzels Awful New Recipe!!!.

Love the Pretzels.

Picture of new pretzels.

Extra large bag of cinnamon sugar pretzels.

I LOVE the new pretzels!!!!!!!!!!!!.

New Pretzels.

The New Pretzels...

Poll: New pretzels not loving them...

New Medifast Pretzels??.

New Cinnamon Pretzels.

New Pretzels???????.

New and improved Pretzels.

Just had the Mustard pretzel sticks for the first time.

Cinnamon Pretzel Sticks.

My new box of cinnamon pretzel sticks tastes exactly like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

Moldy Pretzels.

Hair in pretzel..

Comment #16

Yeah, I saw the one about the hair. I think I will start a thread about the old pretzels. Orrr..I will ask Nor to do it.

What does "Make is so." mean?..

Comment #17

Haha, we are twins. I was almost beginning to feel like I should start a thread for people who just don't care that much about the new pretzels either way, other than being glad they're still a nice portable item. We are under-represented!.

Honestly, I've been more impressed with the Medifast food than I thought, but there's not much I would actually be seriously disappointed about if they changed or axed a few of my favorites...

Comment #18

Maybe looking at the stages of grief will help folks cope with the loss of the old pretzels..

Denial: "These can't be the new pretzels! I'll try another bag to be sure. Maybe I got a bad batch!".

Pain & Guilt: "Wow these are terrible! If only I had told Medifast how much I appreciated the old pretzels maybe this wouldn't be happening. I should have eaten more of the old pretzels, alas!".

Anger & Bargaining: "I'm starting five threads about how awful these pretzels are! Maybe if I call Medifast they will sell me a carton of the old pretzels from their secret warehouse.".

Depression: "I miss the old pretzels so much...our rides in the car together, that time I spilled them at the movie theater and spent an hour crawling around searching for them...Medifast will never be the same...".

Acceptance & Hope: "I'll just eat the cheese puffs instead.".

I do agree though - not a huge fan of the new pretzels!..

Comment #19

OMG... to a couple of the posters. I was just giving you MY 2 cents on the new pretzels. If you guys don't like other peoples 'opinions', then don't read them. The 'warning' was to be helpful. I know I wouldn't want to waste the money on alot of these.

I shall keep my opinions to myself from now on...

Comment #20

I think they leave a nasty taste in your mouth. Traded mine for something else!..

Comment #21

I posted a few weeks ago on one of the "hating" pretzels threads. I had only ordered one box of the new cinnamon pretzels, had only tried 1-2 bags, and thought they were yucky.

Fast-forward.I've gotten through the entire box.and I absolutely LOVE them now! My next order arrives Monday, and I have four boxes coming! No, the new ones are not at all like the older ones (that I, too, loved), but the taste kind of "grows on ya!" Ewww.that sounds like a fungus or something.nope! They are good in their own way...

Comment #22

West, it is so weird that it happens that way with Medifast a lot. I didn't like the oatmeal..then I appreciated it because it was so I love it. Love it!!..

Comment #23

Did you by any chance count to see how many like vs dislike?? Just curious. I've been away from the discussion boards for quite a while and am too lazy to go back and read all the posts!..

Comment #24

Id bet that 99% of them had posts of people saying they disliked them...

Comment #25

People typically don't like change. I'm sure I'd squawk if they changed the brownies and I also think people tend to be more verbal about stuff they don't like. Just ask me about the strawberry shakes...

Comment #26

Dear MF,.

Please don't add wheat containing products to the strawberry shakes.

Thank you..


Comment #27


Seriously, you totally need a sense of humor with food allergies.

Once a week, I get a chicken kabob salad with romaine lettuce, no carrots or pita..

Tonight I had an interesting exchange with the owner:.

Him: What do you mean no've lost enough weight. You can have pita..

Me: I'm allergic to wheat..

Him: This isn't wheat pita, it is white pita.....

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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