GoDaddy testimonials : Should I pick GoDaddy?? Remarkable Action by NameJet & *Allegedly* Its Partner - Should I Sue, or How Soon?

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Hi All,.

Haven't posted at NP in a long time, but this really takes the cake and I felt everyone might want to see and might benefit from this. Here's the situation:.

A potentially extremely valuable domain was available as a Pre-Release on NameJet with a deadline of 8 PM Pacific Time yesterday, 2/13/2010. I placed my bid at 7:51 PM yesterday and was the only bidder. As is apparently normal, after 8 PM the status switched to "Pending Auction." Not finding any email today, I logged in to discover the status had been changed to "Wish List." All this time the domain has been expired, including this evening, and has not been renewed by the original registrant.

I put in a support ticket earlier today requesting correction of the "Wish List" status in light of the successful Pre-Release bid, and have just logged in to discover that the whole deal is being reneged upon. Here is what the support ticket contains as of now (have just obscured the domain name and mine for now): So, aside from what appears to be rather gross and flagrant implications of blatant corruption and lack of integrity, would appreciate your feedback about this matter, including from a legal point of view. Should I sue? If so, how soon should I sue? Can they even get away with this (I don't mean with a bad lawyer, but with a good lawyer on the case who can also cut through legally unreasonable tos bull)? Thanks all for your thoughts and input on this. What kind of way of doing business is this anyway? I know some may have had some successful dealings with them in the past (though how many in which you didn't have to pay through the nose for your domain or suspect shill bidding really?), but is there any reason on earth why anyone should trust NameJet in light of this kind of behavior?.

Now, the status of the support ticket is "Waiting on Customer." I've just been told the whole matter is being reneged upon - just what exactly could they be "waiting on"?..

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You would have to read their terms as I'm guessing they have it worded to protect themselves in the event of a screw up, if you feel it does have holes in it and you could win then it's a matter of how good was the domain compared to your legal costs as it would have to be killer to go through the hassle.

"For Pre-Release domains, we allow our partner registrars to remove domains from our platform at any time. We don't require them to provide a reason when they do this, as we don't want to hinder their ability to serve the interests of their current registrants, first and foremost.".

If this is part of their terms I think it would probably be a waste, sounds like a boring read so I'll leave it to you to read all their terms pages...

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Thanks for your reply, SpareDomains. Just wanted to add this update - *not surprisingly* the domain has finally been renewed, and the whois has been changed from public info to completely private. Since it's a particularly excellent and potentially lucrative .com, it's certainly no wonder that something like this might be attempted concerning it...

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Maybe the registrar privately sold it. Or are simply holding it for awhile to see what happens.

Lawsuit is most likely a waste of time.


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Thanks for your post, Ron. Well, the registrar involved is very well known. While what you've suggested may be possible, both possibilities you've raised instead of doing business honorably and honoring the deal would be, in a word, corrupt...

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It's also possible the registrant simply renewed it. I just renewed a few that were expired at Netsol, and had bids at NameJet. When I checked they had gone back to "Wish list" at NameJet. And while I was renewing, I changed the contact info to private, why not.

Sounds similar to your story...

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Honestly. This has happened quite a bit. Its happened to me on a few occasions. I believe it has to do with their partner not informing them of a redemption or even a renewal. I think it has to do with that registrars TOS with their customers. I wouldnt get too heated, the domain name may even have been renewed weeks ago and NameJet just failed to pull it down or the registrar failed to inform NameJet...

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Thanks for your posts, amoeba and Spade. As I've indicated, the facts are that it was not renewed before or after the successful and expired pre-release sale. It was also not even renewed at the time of the support ticket the day after. It was only finally renewed and made private well after that. It is facts like that which clearly demonstrate the possibility or likelihood of fraud and malfeasance, and perhaps a good lawsuit is needed to uncover the rest...

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As long as this industry is allowed to work behind the scenes without any kind of transparency, these suspicions will always be around.

I wouldn't be surprised if some kind of legal smackdown might eventually surface.


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Thanks for your posts, Ms Domainer and Spade (especially yours, Ms D.). Spade, unfortunately I'm not prepared to disclose that at the moment.

There have been some very bizarre twists and turns in this matter now, but it's all at the legal section of the *other big famous forum*; normally I wouldn't mention that, but feel it's a good idea and best for everyone concerned. Everything posted over there is just too much to be duplicating here, and also includes a surprise and unexpected appearance by a representative of the domain's registrar, which I had not even been ready to name yet.

It was actually looking like somebody was in the process of doing the right thing, but right now the whole business is looking even dirtier than ever. Post added at 03:53 AM Previous post was at 02:29 AM Well, another new development. I was in the middle of trying to post this update in the *other big famous forum" when I could no longer even load any part of their site. Not sure what happened there, but I logged into the NameJet account again tonight and found that now all of this is there about the domain (I've obscured the domain and bidder alias):..

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Can you confirm that the domain is now yours ? and what is the confusion over the bid alias ? .

Update ?

Ok I've read up on the other forum..

So will this be turning out as another 'Snap-Names' type scandal, or is everything sorted ?

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Hmmmm. I just read up on that other forum.

I get the feeling that if Web Trader hadn't make such a loud racket about the domain he would have lost it.

It's enough to make me wonder what's going in the aftermarket.

If only the system were more transparent, these kinds of glitches wouldn't look so suspicious.

I think we're still spooked from the halvarez scandal.


Comment #11

Funny, I have exactly the same feeling..

There are a few things I am uncomfortable with. Certainly seemed to me like panic struck home somewhere..

Too many different explanations offered, and when they have all the member's info at their disposal, why didn't they notice the wrong bidder id ?

I was also struck by the lack of support from his fellow members at the other forum, even though he was right all along.

There are only 3 explanations IMO.

1. A gliche in their system..

2. Incompetent support staff.

3. Another Halverez situation.

Maybe we should have a poll.

Still, the OP made plenty of noise up until getting his domain, then went silent, so maybe we will never know...

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Wow, talk about a contrast. Right about now Im thinking Id be happy to go out to dinner with all three of you any day this week.

Im glad you folks read the material at the other location and really appreciate your thoughts here. Ive posted a few more times and others have posted too in case youre still interested in the matter. Ill try to respond to you all and give another update here as well. Well, exsedo, you could say things are sort of half-way there. As I posted in the other location, last time I checked I was able to log into the domain management account, but cannot actually use the domain  no normal independent/automatic ability to change NS, public whois contacts, retrieve auth code, add years or renew, and did not see any means of removing/adding registrar lock. Have submitted a few support tickets about most of it, though havent checked for replies yet.

As for the bid alias, it is one I used in the past, but differs from the account name I would have expected to see for my bid. At this point, given the latest developments, Im not concerned or looking for any further information about that any more now, and who knows - perhaps that could turn out to be resolved in a manner of speaking. Really appreciate all your thoughts and your posts, Ms.

Domainer. As I said above, talk about a contrast. It is remarkable, isnt it? Ive added more on that in the other forum, but no matter how you view it theres something really extraordinary about that, even though it could also not have been entirely unexpected based on certain abundant past realities I alluded to there. Talk about working against not only the worldwide community of domainers and end users, but even your own interests in blatant disregard of the evidence presented no less  could you even pay money for that if you wanted to and tried?.

As I mentioned in the other forum, the location to which the domain was moved did raise a bit of a red flag for me with respect to the domain management issues mentioned above, and its probably a good idea to read everything I wrote there about that. Its always been a Tucows domain and was not a drop, so why move it from a location where the user can manage freely at will, which is the norm, vs. one where written support requests are required for various fundamental items? More on that at the other place.

Well, thanks again for your posts and your interest and support in this matter. Will try update again as possible if necessary.


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Too bad I can't post on that crappy little forum (they want to charge me, hahahahahahahahaha!); I'd give the last poster (w______) a piece of my mind.

I can't believe that you are still getting grief, even after it was shown that you're in the right.

I admire your refusal to give up, although those other posters descended upon you like a pack of wolves.

The actual domain name is irrelevantwhat's important is your courage to stand up to the big guys and REFUSE to allow them to steamroller you into submission.

I admire that!.


Comment #14

Maybe that's why they are so angry over there, because they have to pay to post their opinions...

Comment #15

Happen to me as well. But mine is a Pending Deletes domain. It went from Pending Auction to Wish List and I am the only bidder. Its a domain I really like and now I can't get it...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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