GoDaddy reviews : Should I use GoDaddy?? Registrar of Choice?

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I use registerfly (eNom) most of the time, which registrar do you use?..

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Godaddy as well, then just point the nameservers to wherever I need to...

Comment #1

Moniker. Registerfly has been giving me some really BS problems the last few weeks...

Comment #2

I had been using GoDaddy but I have got a bunch of domains from registerfly..

Hard to beat $.60 .info's.


Comment #3

Namecheap. GoDaddy is a really pain. Just buying a domain there is a process in itself!.

The Namecheap interface is very nice...

Comment #4

NameCheap definitely. I tried GoDaddy but their sites design really annoyed me :P..

Comment #5

I have an enom reseller account and pretty much just use that...

Comment #6

Usually GoDaddy. They have promotions for Digg users that give 10% or so off..

Namecheap is good if you think you'll ever sell the site, they make it really easy to push the domain to someone else...

Comment #7

I did use Godaddy, but after receiving a domain push in the namecheap system, I'll be moving all my domains to namecheap..

The interface is fantastic compared to godaddy's. Godaddy's "10 clicks and page loads to update a setting" is terrible...

Comment #8

I've been using Directi... works pretty well, at first I bought it to have sub-resellers and try to make some money that way but I use it mostly to buy my own domains. They end up costing around $7 for .coms and they often have specials for the other tlds..

Comment #9

I've also found directi to work well as a reseller...

Comment #10

I'm using godaddy too, not as a reseller, maybe I should do that...

Comment #11

I'm using godaddy, although their interface annoys me. I've heard both good and bad things about them, but they're big, offer cheap domains and give free private registrations if you get 3 or more domains...

Comment #12

I prefer Namecheap. Their interface is pretty much the best IMO. Pages also load quick. Domains are $7.99 using their "EVENLOWER" coupon...

Comment #13


The best registrars, imo: (in no particular order).




Comment #14

Namecheap really is the best domain registrar out there I believe.

It's so easy to use, and it doesn't pester you with ads like GoDaddy do...

Comment #15

I use:. - when I want a domain for cheap - $2.95 each, but the control panel and such is very minimal.. - Very quick and fast setup.. - The best control panel out of all 3.

Out of these 3 that I have ordered from, I like Namecheap the best..

Comment #16

I've always used GoDaddy as well. I've heard a lot of people say they have had problems with them recently but I can't complain personally...

Comment #17

I've used 10-domains, go daddy, and yahoo. 10-domains sucks, end of story. go daddy isn't bad, but I used yahoo just 'cause they're only $3. but now that I found from this thread, i'm sure i'll be using them..

$3 domains, and free private reg.... sign me up!..

Comment #18

I have only used godaddy, so I dont have anything to compare with, but from my experiences it has been excellent...

Comment #19 - because there is no BS... I hate godaddy with a passion!..

Comment #20

Same here - I'm ready to just up sticks and move to Godaddy completely...

Comment #21

Godaddy has also been known to hold domains hostage from spammers. Moniker is the spammer-friendly registrar...

Comment #22

Yeah, there is no problem with godaddy as long as you can navigate their services alright. It's just that there are less expensive alternatives out there that are just as good, so you might as well take advantage of them...

Comment #23

Again I will ask. What problems are you guys seeing? They haven't given me any trouble ever...

Comment #24

I use godaddy. A lot of people like to bash them but I've used them for years and never had any trouble with them...

Comment #25

Godaddy - never had any problems with them.

Actually in the beginning there was a problem with me charging stuff from an overseas IP address, but they made a note in my account and ever since has worked just fine..

Comment #26

I used to use GoDaddy cause I thought they were cheap, now I use NameCheap cause they always have coupon codes I can use to make it cheaper, and they also accept PayPal and have a way better interface without that creepy lady...

Comment #27

Where do you find the cupons? and what do the domains go for with the cupon usally?..

Comment #28

Ive never used Go-Daddy before, it seems it is a popular choice I shall check it out from now on. I used to use myvaluehost until it merged and the prices went up. It used to be oober cheap you got most domains for $1.50. Bargain...

Comment #29

In the space of two weeks I had the following problems:.

- couldn't renew a domain for no reason they could fathom (took me 5 days until it went through).

- their system going through 'maintenance' (unannounced until I called and said they should put an announcement on the site!) which removed all domains from my account except for two, giving me a mini heart attack.

- took payment on a domain on auto-renewal which never was actually actioned (again, until I called and chased it).

- days without them answering tickets for the above until I called.

Now, before this I had great experiences with them (although it's unfortunate that they no longer take PayPal)...

Comment #30

I'm a die-hard namecheap-er..

I register all of my domain names there, and I would transfer all my other ones there if it were a little cheaper..

Comment #31

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