GoDaddy customer reviews : Advise I pay for GoDaddy?? Registrar following the rules or is this an example of registrar shananigans

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I recently sold a domain and was preparing to transfer it out. The name was auto-renewed by my registrar 30 days before the registration was up on the domain. I requested that the renewal be refunded because I didn't want it. They are telling me that in order to process a refund, they domain must be deleted. "This is not our rule, but a Registry one, just like the deletion grace period which some registries don't provide at all.".

Does this rule apply to renewals on domains that have registration left on them?..

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I've not heard of this before. Had lots of refunds before, but no deletions in order to get them. Auto-renewing 30 days before expiration seems a bit extravagant...

Comment #1

The registrar alleges that a refund can be granted within only 5 days of the transaction taking place. This registrar thinks charging $30 for a .com renewal is a good way to treat customers. Never again will I give them any business that I can take elsewhere and will let every fellow dot commer that I am personal friends with know about it...

Comment #2

That's not a registry rule. Ask them to show you the rule and then you would be willing to comply. Was auto-renew on? If so you probably can't get a refund but it's bullcrap that they are telling you lies. I don't understand why companies just can't state it's their own policy...

Comment #3

First time I have heard of that rule.

And I agree with labrocca, if the auto-renew was on, then you probably cant get a refund. But they should just come out and say it.

Best regards,..

Comment #4

Yeah just let them quote you the icann url and you'll comply...

Comment #5

Please say what Registrar it is doing this.



Comment #6

I dont believe refunds are permitted on domain renewals. Some registrars do or use to offer a small refund period for new registrations. But not for renewals. You can have your domain deleted, but you still might not be eligible for a refund. Perhaps your registrar does refunds on renewals. But I dont think I know of any that does.

If this auto renew was an error on their part, they should make good for it to keep customers happy. But that doesnt always mean that they will...

Comment #7

Is this a .com or some other extension? But as Labrocca said, you won't really.

Get a refund if the domain name's autorenewed.

Also, when they said the domain name must be deleted, did they say you also.

Need to send like a faxed request or so? Just a hunch. Fully correct, snowbird. It's indeed a customer retention plan if they'll refund.

For that unintended autorenew, although they're not obligated to...

Comment #8

The only articulation I received was: I will ask them to cite a specific rule.

The domain is a .com domain name...

Comment #9

You need to comlplete the transfer first. The registry will automatically refund the registrar for the autorenew. You will notice when the domain lands at your new registrar, it will still be showing only one year left on registration - not an additional year. NOW you can demand a refund from the Registrar and they will give it to you.

Oops... reread this and realized that it did not autorenew at expiry but before... sounds like eNom ... and, no, you won't get a refund but you will get an extra year when it transfers...

Comment #10

You are confusing two different "autorenews" there.

ICANN does not set the transactional rules between the registry and the registrars, btw.

But here's where I get confused. So many people used to pay year-to-year, would forget to pay their renewals, so registrars started offering various forms of auto-renew, to avoid complaints from people who didn't renew on time. So you are saying that you had this name set to auto-renew at the registrar, you agreed to the terms for autorenewal, and then after the charge you changed your mind and didn't want to auto-renew the name. The registrar has already paid the registry for an additional year, and you want the registrar to refund you:.

(a) the difference between the registry wholesale renewal price and the registrar's retail price?.


(b) the entire amount?.

I can't see how your claim for (b) would be at all justified, but even if you just wanted (a), then it seems like you've worked out a plan that you can follow every year in order to get one year at the the wholesale rate because, no, the registry cannot roll back a year after it's been paid for renewal (and on top of that, I suppose you want the registry to, in turn, chase down the 25 cents it paid to ICANN on the renewal)...

Comment #11

Where was this domain registered? Was it a big registry like GoDaddy, or one of those little side, cheap registers? With little unknown registers, you never know what can happen.....

Comment #12

Probably whatever registrar price the OP was charged for the autorenew that.

Time. Although it's indeed the user's responsibility, for the most part, when it.

Comes to using the autorenew feature, some registrars don't necessarily state.

Upfront or so that it takes effect nth days before expiry.

I guess that's where the autorenew issue comes in. Then again, the registrar.

Doesn't have to say unless asked...

Comment #13

It seems bizzare to me that the registrar renewed the domain name 30 days before expiration.... I am still curious what registrar this was...

Comment #14

I think that we all are as I stated before above. Because this situation, it just doesn't seem right...It seems as though there is a piece missing to the puzzle that you may not be telling up. This story is just nothing I have heard before.....

Comment #15

What is so unusual about a registrar renewing a domain name that someone has set to auto-renew?.

Waiting until the last minute to do it would be pretty stupid. Many people either change or cancel their credit card accounts, or else use a card tied to a debit card, that may be invalid or otherwise not chargeable at the time the domain name expires. It would be stunningly retarded not to try to renew the domain name well in advance of the domain expiration date, in order to provide some notification to the domain registrant if their auto-renew information were not valid.

What I can't figure out in any of this is why, if this guy didn't want to renew the domain name at this registrar - why - did he have the domain name on auto-renew in the first place?.

Here's a really, really complicated tip for you - if you don't want the registrar to renew your domain name, then don't tell the registrar to renew it.

How hard is that to understand?.

As Dave points out above, EVERY registrar that has an auto-renew option does so well in advance of the registration date, and they do it for perfectly sound reasons. I'm frankly surprised they don't all do it at 60 days prior, like NSI does, because that is the normal limit for chargebacks. If it is less than 60 days, then you'd have the opportunity to scam the registrar by waiting for auto-renew, doing a transfer out, and then attempting to charge back the renewal...

Comment #16

Well put, as usual, John.

"stunningly retarded"... yet another Berryhillism to put into the books... LoL..

Comment #17

The registrar is enom. The story isn't missing any details. The domain was set to auto-renew. When it auto renewed, I was surprised and requested the refund for two reasons. One, I didn't feel that a $30 charge to renew a dot com domain name was fair or reasonable, and two, the name had been sold and was about to be transferred. I didn't need the extra registration so I requested the refund by telephone.

Mysteriously, that ticket disappeared so I had to create another one.

On 05/22/2008, I requested that they cite a rule in the registry to support their position. I have not received a response...

Comment #18

They need no rule from the registry..

You set it to auto renew, they auto renewed it..

Your problem if you have a retail account and they charge $30....

Now, they did tell you they would refund it IF you deleted the domain. That, too, is thier policy... see, they can't get a refund from the Registry unless they delete, Transfer doesn't count.

Lesson learned...

Comment #19

Just out of curiosity, what do you suppose might happen if you enter this place:

Comment #20

I was not aware that the auto-renewal would take effect a full 30 days prior to the registration being up. I am not complaining about that. I thought ENOM, like GoDaddy has done for me in the past, would be able to refund the renewal since there was plenty of registration remaining. ENOM's customer service rep said yes and directed me to submit a ticket where a different customer service rep told me no and used the registry rule as the reason why they could not do it.

I had one .com name among my .tv names. I am not very concerned about the money but it's interesting to see how these registrars conduct themselves and how their customer service teams give out misinformation all of the time...

Comment #21

You did not get any misinformation.

There is only one way for eNom to refund your autorenew after the fact, and they told you this, you would have to delete the domain name. In order for them to get refunded from the Registry, that is the requirement.

As far as I can tell, eNom has not "conducted themselves" in any egriegious manner at all in this instance and the fact that you keep harping on that issue only leads to the conclusion that you are the one that is being unreasonable...

Comment #22

I guess you thought eNom should be able to refund the autorenew the same.

Way as Go Daddy does?.

Currently the VeriSign Registry can refund registrars within the 120-hour add/.

Grace period and within the 45-day post-expiry period. AFAIK registrars can't.

Be refunded anywhere inbetween the 2 periods...unless the Registry does so.

At it's discretion.

IIRC, Go Daddy's autorenew takes effect the day the domain name expires. If.

That's the case, then they're definitely able to do that with no hassle because.

The Registry can refund them within their 45-day post-expiry limit.

Now that I remember, there's indeed a "transactional rule" where registrars will.

Not be refunded if the domain name was renewed before expiry. They can be.

Refunded if they agree that the domain name be deleted, but the registrar will.

Want to double-check with the registrant first to ensure they know what they.

Are doing.

I'll admit I've misinformed a customer a few times when I was just starting out.

As a newbie registrar rep. But that's because I didn't know any better, and I'd.

Not misinformed anyone (well, AFAIK) as I improved. (and eventually left...).

But in this case, I wouldn't necessarily say such misinformation occured. More.

Like unrealistic expectations, arising from not having known certain things one.

Ought to know...

Comment #23

It can depend on the exact timing, as Dave Zan explains in excruciating and boring detail above, and it can also depend on precisely whatever you said that triggered the minimum wage support person to read from whatever portion of the support script they clicked on when they heard whatever it was you said.

The bottom line remains, and again, I urge you... do not get into the line for this place:

Comment #24

Thank you for the feedback to everyone who contributed.

I find it interesting that I received positive, helpful information from a forum yet ENOM's support still has yet to respond to my request for them to cite the registry rule...

Comment #25

How can they respond to something that doesn't exist?..

Comment #26

Show me the "rule" that says that the registry has to refund the Registrar monies paid for renewal without DELETION of the name.

This does not fall into the 5 day registration grace period, nor does it fall into the 30 day AGP as the renewal was done prior to expiry.

Registrars may pull a lot of nonsense, that much is true, but in this case it seems that you are trying to call foul on a non-issue. Had "Auto Renew" not been set (knowingly) by the Registrant, the name would not have auto renewed prior to the expiration date. What part of this makes the Registrar the bad guys? I just don't see it...

Comment #27

Heh, maybe because they're not paid enough.

Seriously, though, eNom don't necessarily have to tell you that so-called rule..

That's a rather "private" matter between them and the Registry.

It sure sucks to be caught between a rock and a hard place.....

Comment #28

There is nobody in Enom's support department that understands all the ins and outs of how this system operates. They aren't going to answer that question. They told you they weren't giving you a refund for renewing a name that was on auto-renew. What do they get for answering your question one way or the other?..

Comment #29

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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