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Hi all new member, first post... Nutshell version....

I was in a car accident, other guy cited my vehicle drives but the insurance company wants to total it because it's old even though it's a classic and I restored and rebuilt "everything". According to the insurance company, it's worth $1000.00 I paid that just for the ignition system. The engine cost me over $6000.00, I paid $6000.00 just for the truck before I fixed it up because it's kind of rare.

(I've owned 4 of these trucks to date, I know a little bit about them).

Their appraiser offered me $1000.00 I had an independent classic car appraisal company appraise it and they appraised it at $13,000.00.

The independent appraisal company's appraisal is actually pretty accurate compared to what similar vehicles sell for on eBay.

The insurance company came back and said they didn't like my appraisers figure and now they want to hire their own classic car appraiser to appraise it.

I think they just want to do whatever they can to low ball me.

So instead, I purchased all the domain names of the top level managers of the insurance company, the Board of Directors of the insurance company and even the CEO and President of the company.

I've built a website documenting everything that's happened and am ready to upload it and share it with the online world.

The purpose of the website is to educate people on how to protect themselves from the practice of "Low Balling" by all car insurance companies.

I'm not asking for any money for the names, all they do is go to parked pages, (free service on GoDaddy), with a picture of my wrecked truck and a link to my main website.

I feel like the insurance company was playing a game with me, a game that I cannot win as they have, The Lawyers The Bureaucracy They made up the rules.

So I made my own game and bought all their names and use them to point to a website that exposes what they tried to do to me in specific and what the car insurance industry does to people in general.

When I purchased all the domain names, about 30 names to date, I was under the understanding that it's perfectly legal to purchase personal names?.

Now I've done some reading and came upon a term called Namejacking and don't feel like being sued by the insurance company's lawyers. I don't have the money to pay a lawyer to defend me and I don't have the money to pay fines or damages if awarded to the insurance company.

I can still drive my truck, it's all bent up but still runs and drives, I guess I was just mad that the insurance company tried to rip me off by low balling me. Basically offering me a $1000.00 and if I accept their offer then I sign a release that says they are not liable for any bodily injuries now or into the future, (I was rearended hard, but no injuries), and then they take my truck.

While the truck is bent, all the running gear, transmission, transfercase, engine, and all the upgrades I've purchased and installed all get towed off and go up for auction but I can't bid on it without some type of license and then I have to bid against other established companies that go to these auctions and purchase wrecks to either fix up or part out. I don't have the time or the money to become a licensed auto buyer or whatever you call these guys.

I'm not taking $1000.00 for my truck, the MSD ignition alone was $1000.00, the rear disc brakes come close to $1000.00, the new Holley 750 Carburetor and the intake were around $800.00.

An offer of $1000.00 just because it's 35 years old is a joke. Heck, it was featured in a calendar this year. I actually took the appraisal from the insurance company and placed high resolution pictures of it online and then dissected it to show where it was dishonest.

I've accepted to just keep my bent truck and fix it up as best as I can and drive it like it is and over time as I earn more money try to build a new/classic truck to replace this one, so for now I just want to launch the website, educate people on how to protect themselves and more or less shame all these people for their unethical business practice of low balling people.

The education part of my website teaches people to do what I failed to do and that is anytime you buy or build a "Special Interest" vehicle, before you start driving it, get it appraised by a "Specialty Car Appraisal" company and then purchase your insurance with the agreement on the part of the insurance company upon the appraised value of your vehicle.

Feedback? Suggestions? Warnings?.


Comments (22)

I have been involved in some web-based battles myself with big companies. I engaged in a fight with a major medical insurance company over failure to pay for my wife's life extending treatment in Switzerland.

My suggestion would not to use personal names as they are not the ones doing this to you. These companies are corporations and it would not be advised to start anything that could be implied as a personal attack.

What I did was create a news story and video explanation of the events and problem and uploaded it to youtube. I then sent the link to anyone who I knew that would post a response. I later forwarded this to local newspapers and the company I was fighting. I did finally win and they paid me back what we spent on the treatments.

Not saying this is the exact same thing, just telling you that you should think prior to creating possible legal problems for yourself. It is one thing to post about the company yet, quite another to make statements about those who work FOR the company ( IMHO ).


Comment #1

You make a great point.

The problem is that the way the car insurance industry is set-up if I don't think I'm being treated fairly my only options are to, Work through "their" system - Odds are stacked in their favor Hire a lawyer to battle their lawyers - Even if I was rich, it's still me against their deep pockets.

This leaves me with no "practical" recourse.

Here's what I wrote on my website for my nightmare,.

I was "Low Balled" and I'm confident the appraiser understands the term and this is the normal practice in this industry.

But who gives this practice their stamp of approval as a normal business practice? The appraiser? Or the top levels of the company?.

I just don't have any practical options, some guy smacks my classic truck, his insurance company accepts my claim and then tries to low ball me because that's the way things are done.

I am not happy with how I'm treated nor am I happy with my options. I never wanted my truck to get rearended but that's my fate.

The fair thing to do would have been to replace my truck with a "comparable" truck, then they could take my original truck and I would sign their release form.

I looked in the classified section of my local paper and even took pictures of the ads for my website, there was not a single car for sale for $1000.00.

The lowest priced cars were around $3000.00 and most of them were just normal, plain 4-door cars. Not a seriously modified classic 4-Wheel Drive, actually a factory full convertible.

They've offered me $1100.00 (I round it to $1000.00 but either way it's a joke), for my truck. The picture I've attached was taken before the accident.

Their offer is a joke...

I know the President and CEO could not find any car that he would allow his children or grandparents to drive across town in for $1000.00.


Comment #2

You can certainly post about your experience, I suggest removing yourself from an emotional point of view and post only facts which enable viewers to make their own decisions. Most likely, when the facts are provided in the way you say they will be, viewers will obviously support you.

These are a couple of samples of what I have done and emailed to alot of companies and individuals, some of which have helped us a great deal. YouTube - Octreoscan unavailable in USA YouTube - HighMark BC/BS denies life or death Cancer treatment for Neuroendcrine Cancer..

Comment #3

Get an attorney and get a fair settlement for your car..

THAT is the only way you'll get what you want..

Sure, getting mad online might feel good but it is not going to restore your ride nor will it likely leave you unscathed in the end... Think about that...

Comment #4

Fair settelments are never assured by insurance. Many variables come into play and each state is unique. You could file a complaint with the states insurance commission, that can in most cases be done online.

In the end, you will most likely not get paid what you have invested or what you think it is worth, just my guess.

The photo looks like you did a great job on the vehicle.


Comment #5

If you want to fight it online with your website(s) you can do taht even it would be maybe a waste of time but you have to follow some rules not to get in trouble(what still could happen anyway).

You said"I'm not asking for any money for the names, all they do is go to parked pages, (free service on GoDaddy), with a picture of my wrecked truck and a link to my main website.".

Make sure there are no ads on the parked page, never put any ads on it, don't try to make money of the names since this can haunt you big time....

Rather than have parked pages with a link on it you could forward just all the domains to your main domain but don't ads there either!.

Just present the facts, no emotion involved since this always dilutes your judgment(buying 30 domain names just proofed that lol), if you here from them (because they might get aware of your website)take a breather and go over it at least for 24 hours....

Maybe you want to install a forum where maybe other can express their opinions with the same issues but be aware running a forum needs some control and time and moderation :-).



Comment #6

I just want a fair deal but their system isn't set up to help the victim with a fair deal, it's set up to save them money and reduce and remove liability for personal injuries. I'm thankful I wasn't hut as the truck that rearended me was going about 60 miles per hour at impact. My truck really took a hit, it's big and heavy and it spun around 180 degrees with the brakes on.

I'm pretty good at putting up websites for a low cost, I can put a website up for under $18.00 a year including buying the name. I only know basic html but own Dreamweaver and know how to type an work with pictures on the Internet. GoDaddy adds a links which are a type of advertising back to their main GoDaddy site, that's the deal with the free parked sites. I could take them down and just point them to my real site or once a week spend $9.99 and purchase hosting for a new domain name and then just copy my main site to the personal name sites. If I did one a week that would only be $40.00 a month. With a few key words I could make each of these name show up in searches on Google.

I also include a link to a major insurer of classic cars. I also include links to Geico and Progressive as alternative and to be "Fair and Balanced" I include a link to the company that's low balling me.

Would those links in the above context be considered "Ads"? I've re-written my site 3 times, each time removing emotion and just making it facts about how my case has been handled. I have a lot more to do like adding all the pictures I've taken of their appraisal with my comments where it's dishonest.

Here's an example, their appraiser noted in his appraisal that there was something wrong with my motor and my transmission.

Both are brand new. At the time of the accident both had 4000 miles on them and I've already changed the oil 3 times in the engine. The engine is a 454 Magnum, it's actually a high performance Marine application engine and runs like a race engine. The tranny was built up by a guy in SoCal that build all the transmissions for Boyd Coddington, it's a 700R4 with all the Corvette go-fast goodies, all the heavy duty parts and a shift kit. It's bullet proof and works perfectly. I even fired the engine up and offered to let the appraiser drive the truck.

His notes there was something wrong with the motor and tranny were 100% dishonest.

I don't believe the appraiser discounts the mechanical components like he did in his written appraisal unless this is the standard protocol for all insurance companies and if this is correct there's no way upper management doesn't know that's how their business operates. This is why I don't put the blame on the desk of the appraiser, I put the accountability at the highest levels of the company and included all their senior management staff an board of directors.

They put me in an uncomfortable situation, that is I have a wrecked truck and they want to take the truck and give me a thousand bucks.

So I bought all their domain names to put them in an uncomfortable position. I didn't want to but the only recourse I had was to "play their game with their rules" and that's never going to give me a fair deal.

I was the victim in an accident where the young man that hit me was cited with, Careless Driving Driving with License Suspended with Knowledge.

They took his money for insurance coverage to protect him and take care of any damages he causes but now I'm a victim twice as they're dishonest. Thank you for all your comments. I have a 'little' experience with forums.

This was taken with my iphone but it's pretty easy to see everything is brand new... (remember, they want to settle and a part of settling is taking my truck)..

Comment #7

I'm not a big fan of working through the system. Their system involves at some point I accept their monetary offer for replacement value but a part of that offer is I surrender the truck as they want to total it.

They won't pay me enough to rebuild a "comparable" truck. That's not fair. I was the victim. My truck has a big block, these trucks never came with a big block I had to spend the money and do the work to install the big block. My truck has 3/4 ton running gear, these trucks came with 1/2 ton running gear, you either have to remove the wimpy stuff and pay for and install your own running gear or buy a truck that someone else invested all the time and money doing this and when you do the price goes up dramatically. They only built the full convertible model like mine for 3 years.

That's when I got the idea to buy up all their top people's domain names and involve them in my case. I figured the human resource lady and their top lawyer, (yes I bought her name too), all their VP's etc, wouldn't like having their names bought and associated with my case.

Guess what? I don't like not being treated fairly.

I feel their paint because I feel my pain. Thanks. It was actually a very nice truck before it was smacked. Best of all it was for the most part "straight" and "rust free", pretty hard to find in a truck like this after 35 years...

Comment #8

The bolded part is the point at which it gets nutty. Instead of letting them do an appraisal and seeing if it can be sorted out you now go through all this? You are shooting yourself in the foot...

Comment #9

They were happy with their first appraisal, they only wanted to a second appraisal because they didn't like the independent appraisal.

My guess and I think I'm right, was their "new guy" was never going to do a fair appraisal, just a different version of their first guys.

I decided I didn't want to play their game at that point.

This is the key point that some don't get... Regardless of what figure he came up with, it wasn't going to be enough to replace may rig with a "comparable" truck. That is a truck just as nice a big block, 3/4 ton running gear and all "new", not old and worn out. Everything on my truck was new and/or rebuilt. Not old, worn out and leaking. Even the windshield is brand new and the paint and the bikini top.

With their deal I loose twice.

That's when I decided I was never going to get a fair deal in any way. So I accepted that I would probably never get any settlement and started trying to straighten out my bent sheetmetal.

Why should I accept a lesser truck and give up my truck when I was the victim? Sure life's not fair but I'm just trying to stand up for myself and working through "their" system isn't going to work.

Then I decided to create my own game plan and that's where I'm at today.

I'm positive that some won't agree with what I've done, but I'm the guy with the wrecked truck sitting outside and it wasn't my fault.

I'm the victim twice in this nightmare and it's not fair. So while some might just roll over, I took action. Like I stated in my first post, I didn't know there was a term called Namejacking and I still don't know if I've done anything illegal. For example I can't buy my domain name because someone else already owns it but I don't have any right to sue them or take it from them.

I came here for help, suggestions and insights, I understand on forums you'll get all kinds of feedback and comments but I was mostly hoping for insight from the experienced regulars on this forum.


Comment #10

Well.. duh.

Your insurance rate is determined in part by the value of your car. You don't drive a Ferrari and get insurance for "my daily driver".

In fact there are special limited mile insurance policies specifically for these types of cars (because they are use less frequently - say 3,000 miles a year / weekends only etc).

Don't post ANYTHING defamatory. It's NOT worth it unless you're also going to post how you apparently were completely unaware of your own policy's content...

Comment #11

The fact is they've offered to have a second valuation done and you seem to be rejecting it, instead opting to register company employees domainss and start complaint sites. You are just digging a pointless hole for yourself instead of doing the obvious - getting the second valuation done.

At the end of the day what exactly are you hoping for with all this? That seems to be the path you have chosen yourself, but you're trying to justify it as though you hand was forced, it wasn't, they've offered to have a second valuation done and you've turned your back on it...

Comment #12

When you insure a car your paying insurance on the exact car you drive according to blue book. If I own a 78 and a 79 olds cutlass which I use to own and throw $30,000 into them when I wreck the car they will flip blue book and cut me a check for probably $500-$800. If you wanted the car insured for everything you put into it then you should have had an appraisal done and insured the vehicle for that dollar amount to protect your investment as a quote for insurance on a stock car versus a car with $5,000 $10,000 $20,000 in extras thrown in will be quite a different quote so you can't pay a stock quote and then after an accident say "by the way I had $10,000 into it" you needed to tell them that before the quote and pay the higher monthly rate to protect your investment.

I had a guy with no insurance run a stop sign and smash my right door, fender and rim. My insurance fixed my car but wouldn't cover the rim as it was an aftermarket rim. Anything extra you throw on or into a car rims, stereo, spoiler, parts etc... adds value to it so you need to call and insure the extras or else you will pay for the rim etc... like I did...

Comment #13

Very important.

What exactly was the car insured as with the insurance company? With all these extras?.

If not then essentially it has been underinsured...

Comment #14

If you cannot prove that these individual "high level" folks, whose names you have bought, are personally responsible for your situation then I smell trouble for you. I'm NOT a lawyer, but I can picture each individual as having a "Defamation" case against you. That could be multiple cases against you with company lawyers against you.

I'm not saying this is going to happen, but it is the company that has it's rules and processes (a bureaucracy is a living entity itself) that is responsible for this situation, not these individuals (unless you have tons and tons of hard proof to prove it was the individuals). If you can't prove it was the individuals then your tactics reek of defamation.

My verdict: 1)Don't go any further with your scheme (as it literally is one), 2)contact a car insurance lawyer who doesn't get paid unless you do, 3)Consider your situation a little more seriously than resorting to this kind of action.


Comment #15

Sue the driver that crashed into you for the damages.

Regardless of whether you live in a "no fault" state or not, from my understanding, that should make NO difference in regards to litigating for property damage... so, again, litigation against the driver may be a viable option to recover your losses.

As far as those domain names - imho, delete them. If you feel you want to put up a "protest" site, then use a domain name that relates to that of the insurance company / industry, such as, (NameofCompany)InsuranceSucks.tld.


Comment #16

Let's generalize the question:.

Someone did [something I didn't like] to me.

Am I now entitled to do [something they won't like] to them?.

Why, of course, there is the famous "but I was really angry" exception to every legal principle which says that if you are angry enough, then you are perfectly entitled to do whatever you want...

Comment #17

How much the Original Poster claimed the car was worth when he purchased insurance is not a factor. "Collision" insurance pays for your own car. "Liability" - the other guy's policy - is what we are talking about, and, given that the driver had a suspended license, you are very very lucky that he had that.

I agree with Snoop that you should allow the second appraisal, and even a third. Even if you are sure you are going to get hosed it is important to show willingness to cooperate. Every good thing the second appraiser finds is proof in your favor. The second appraiser is likely a cover for them to make a better offer - probably nowhere near what you think it is worth, but progress.

Next, understand that the insurance company has no desire to own your truck. You might convince them to pay you the second appraisal with the truck staying in your possession.

I strongly advise you to see a doctor. Your truck was hit at 60 MPH, there certainly could be injury that you have not paid much attention to. The doctor bill is the responsibility of the insurance company, the fact that you saw a doctor, even if he said you were fine, strengthens your claim. And if he finds medical damage the entire power structure of your claim shifts.

Can you prove the expenses you had in rebuilding your truck? You are correct, the insurance company IS liable for the loss in value of YOUR truck, regardless of Bluebook. But you have to prove the difference. If you show recent documentation of $10,000 cost, I suspect that a judge would accept that as the value of the truck. Then prove the cost of repair. Do not be afraid of the legal system. It is grossly unfair - to the ignorant.

I strongly doubt you can find a lawyer who is willing to do much on a $10,000 case. It may be best to go to Small Claims court without an attorney. The maximum may be below your loss, but more attainable - and since you argue that the truck is not totaled you keep it. Note that the insurance co is liable for the cost of fixing your truck to the level it was before the accident - this "totaling" stuff only applies when the repairs exceed the value of the truck. They are not liable beyond the value of the truck.


Actually critic websites are legal (in the USA) under free speech - with very specific limits. No threats of anything illegal or that could be interpeted as illegal. Be especially aware of stalking laws.

Read up on slander, liable and defamation. Provable facts are fairly solid ground. Speculation and theories of evil intent are not.

What you are trying is pretty much the old trick of painting a lemon on a crummy new car and driving it about town. It can work, although it is a last resort. It might anger them, causing THEM to act emotionally. Suggest that you try the courts first...

Comment #18

Thank you for some very sound information.

I also appreciate the portion I didn't quote.

Again, thank you for your very helpful reply. I appreciate the time you took to provide helpful information...

Comment #19

So you're going to basically attack and accuse the people who probably had the LEAST to do with your individual case?.

IMO, what you're planning is very poor judgement fueled by anger and would just bring you more trouble (in the form of lawsuits) than this is all worth. Especially since, from what I quoted below, it sounds like this is your bad for not purchasing adequate insurance for this vehicle in the first place...

Comment #20

No, in fact I deleted all the names.

I made the mistake of not adequately insuring my truck, just like all the rest of the problems in my life... it's all my fault.

I'll leave up the main page I built that documents the practice of low-balling and shares with others to avoid my mistake and properly insure their vehicles so in case they are in an accident they have the proper coverage for replacement...

Comment #21

You did the right thing. A lot of valuable advice gets posted here, not everyone is smart enough to listen. Good luck with the truck and here's to not bringing any NEW problems into your life!..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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