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Right, it is getting beyond a joke how bad registerfly are as a registrar. Their incompetence is going to lose me a valuable domain name.

Attached is a screenshot of my "support" area, although from the responses they have given, or rather failed to give, I am beginning to wonder if their entire support team consists of some sort of animal strapped to a seat in front of a keyboard. I first raised a ticket on the 4th of this month, as it became apparent a transfer I had requested was taking an extremely long time, and the domain was expiring in 4 or 5 days. They sent me back some sort of canned response which showed they did not really see what was happening, so I sat on their '24hr live support' for 45 mins, waiting for a support staff member to answer my question and reassure me the name would be transferred out in time (bear in mind I have paid for this transfer 3 weeks ago now)..

I was told that due to registerfly previously being a reseller, but recently becoming an icann accreditted registrar in it's own right the name had to first be moved into registerfly itself, then out once they had full control (or words to this effect). I asked "will the name be transferred out in time?". My response (in chat) was "yes it will".

Still nothing happened, and sure enough, the name expired on the 8th. I figured they would sort it out, but when they still hadn't, I emailed themn again on the 12th. They replied to say they were sorry but that it would be sorted out in 24-48hrs.

Nothing has happened since, and they are not repsonding to my support tickets anymore.

Put simply, they are unprofessional, and in my opinion they do not deserve the right to be a registrar. I know many others feel the same way.

Do I have any legal ground on this? The name carries value and if I lose it it will be entirely their fault. What should I do?..

Comments (15) should never of had a name like that with RegFly in the first place! They are put simply, crap.

Contact the member regfly here - His name is paul, see if he can help you.


Comment #1

Try Paul over at as he is more active there.

Also don't be rude or panicky with RF. It gets you nothing. They are frustrating but they really don't give a crap. If you get testy with them they will only screw you over imho.

Personally I am considering starting a site to petition ICANN to have their accreditions removed. They really are terrible and if we can get 10,000 signatures maybe we can convince ICANN to drop them. We really need to create awareness of how bad of a company they are and either drive them out of business or get ICANN to drop them. Either way they do not deserve to operate as a registrar...

Comment #2

Probably too late, one of my (many) flaws is that I get a little hot-headed when people f**k with me. I daresay they have decided to ignore me after the last message I sent them told them I think they are the worst registrar I have ever dealt with. I meant it..

I have accounts with maybe 25 different registrars or resellers, that I use relatively regularly. None of them are as bad as regiosterfly. I have pretty much given up on getting the name know, as I think they have just decided not to do anything..

I do however have a lot of detail recorded and saved as evidence of what they are doing..

If you start that site Jesse I'll assist any way I can.

I just don't understand it, it really would not have been hard for them to sort this out. Also, I paid for this and now they are not honouring my payment. I find it amazing they are allowed to continue when one of these threads seems to be started every day.

Edit:- just checked webhostingtalk - have you seen this before?

Comment #3

Good site and info. They're really after regfly..and seem to be making progress...

Comment #4

Wow, I seem to be hearing a lot of horror stories from registerfly. I'm really glad I decided to transfer everything to godaddy instead of them. They simply don't seem reliable. Sorry about your domain, but I guess the "You get what you pay for" statement is true...

Comment #5

True, but I would never and have never registered a name with them, only purchased names already registered there. Everything is fine until you try and move your names.....

Comment #6

I lost 3 great one-word domains in the same exact way, after approx 20 calls and about 4 support tickets. Registerfly responded after names expired- asked me why I did not renew on time (it's like a damn joke) -I began the renewal process 3 weeks before domains expired. They kept telling me- "Don't worry, they will be processed on time..." I wanted to transfer them out to another registrar as expiration dates got closer, but registerfly did not allow it.

My domains were owned by someone else on expiration day- even though I had open support tickets, etc....

I think they do it on purpose to steal domains...

Comment #7

It actually really winds me up that Icann allow it to go on. If you even just type registerfly into google, they are the top two results and then almost every other is a site or thread about some form of criminal activity they have been performing. I am disgusted it is allowed to continue, I will not allow any thread I see mentioning them pass me now without making damn sure I post in it. I have actually paid (again) to renew the name today (another $12.99) just to be sure it did not get cancelled, but I know it'll probably get 'lost' when I re-submit another transfer request. It is absolutely unacceptable thatr a company with such a large market share is allowed to continue to operate in this manner. They are crooks, pure and simple...

Comment #8

Whatever You Do - Avoid Registerfly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Get Any Names You Want To Keep Transferred Away Asap.

They Are The Worst Reg Comp Out There By A Million Miles.

I hear a whisper they'll be losing their Icann accreditation soon (about time Icann finally did some thing !!!!).

Rfly give the term total incompetence a whole new slant.

I'm convinced that they earmark certain domains to disappear - and I wonder what happens to them hmmmm.

Once Bitten Twice Shy..

Comment #9

I really haven't had much of an issue transferring out my domains. Just make sure whois shows the new registrar because registerfly doesn't delete domains that are transferred out from it's system. You have to send a support request to do so. I have moved out about 50 of my best names from RF but still have a couple hundred left but most are cheap 3 char .net's...

Comment #10


I know you paid for a transfer already but since the domain is so valuable to.

You why don't you see if you can renew it. Then you won't have to worry about it expiring.

At any rate, the expiration clock is supposed to stop once a transfer request has been placed. But don't trust RegFly. Try to renew.


Comment #11

Thanks Patrick, I have done this also, and thought this would be the end of it... now there is some sort of response to the tickets I opened as far back as the 15th (funny coincidence hey?!!) saying that the renewal could not be performed as the name is locked by enom and I need to contact them? I mean what? Its not even in an enom account- it's registered with them, now I have to do there job? Its showing as renewed in my account now. If they could only have been bothered to spend more than 10 seconds with their response they could have sorted this out. Instead, I still don't know if I'll keep the name or not. The domain is worht around $150, that is quite a lot, but barely enough to compensate me for the hours I have puit in trying to keep it, and the money I have spent ($12.99 + $7.99+ the money at godaddy) just to get it transferred, which it still has not been. Unreal...

Comment #12

Not the case, based on my experience. They never renewed mine, even though the status showed "in process", and I could not transfer to another registrar, either, though I tried. My hands were tied behind my back and I could do nothing about it, except watch, as they sold my domains.

Sharing the bad experiences with everyone is not to discourage, but to shed light on what can happen, so hopefully others can avoid the same happening to them.

Gingeman, thanks for sharing your issue, I totally understand. Sorry you too have to go through this crap, I truly hope you are able to resolve this.


Comment #13

To the community,.

If you have anything in Registerfly,.

Please heed this warning, transfer out before you loose everything.

READ all about it @

I moved my 100-plus domains away and now I can sleep at night.

Please read and follow the advice at this site.

A class-action lawsuite is in the works.



Comment #14

Oh boy. It's kind of a nutcracker with hundreds of domains to move....thousands of dollars to transfer them. Guess I should try to pick the best.

What happens if RF loses it's registrar status? I can't believe all of the domains would just drop...or would they? Does anyone know for certain?..

Comment #15

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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