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Case 1:.

I have registered with some mobi domains. The last two had been on hold for almost 2 days, so I opened a ticket about them, result: No reply, but on the 2nd day they went public again so I can edit them Case 2: Yesterday I registered 2 more of mobi's, so after my last experience I went back to the admin panel to check if everything was ok. Well, it wasnt....

- The domains have a warning: and untill now this is still there.

I had some more bad news:.

1) the domains were paid by me with paypal, and there is a invoice for them in the admin panel of dubs. I also checked my paypal account and I saw that indeed I had them payed.

2) the domains are still available for registration....


PS: I forgot to mention that I did open once more a ticket for this but no reply. This is a joke. Why do you have this ticket system if you dont operate it?.

I ll be waiting for 4-5 days and then I m gonna preserve my rights, as I paid for a service that was never delivered to me...

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No one replied here. no reply at my ticket, no reply at my email, no reply to the pm I send through this forum to the owner of

I m opening a paypal dispute just right now.....

Comment #1

PM iNod. He is the owner and I am sure that you guys can resolve this before resorting to a Paypal Dispute.


Comment #2

Hello and thank you for your interest.

I already did this yesterday but still no reply. I did many things to get a reply and never did....

Its not a simple thing as I have a client waiting for those domains..

Just think you have a client waiting and after some days you tell him:.

"Sorry, I was wrong we couldnt register those domains".

Thats a disaster for me...

PS: the dispute has already been submitted..

Comment #3

I didn't get a response for my support tickets, either. I got the problem solved by PMing iNod. While this isn't a big deal for me, the ticket system definitely needs to be used especially for RegisterDub users who aren't NamePros members...

Comment #4

Slider you felt how I feel ....

Its so frustrating.....

Comment #5

INod sold regdub to someone else and they are updating all the information. Regdub is a reseller site by resellerclucb I believe. Inod/new owner has to be their own customer support with that package. Exactly why I didnt choose that one and went with as my customer support is wwdomains until I become an api reseller in due time with a custom built site.

That said, give them time. They'll fix you up right i'm sure. Their not out to rip anyone off. Their just in the middle of swapping alot of stuff over to new owner.


Comment #6

I dont blame for ripping off even though I could,.

I just want to have the job I paid done..

They could bring their services down untill they fix this, so nobody could register for null domains..

The domains I paid are not mine and might be someone else's.

If this happens then I dont thnik that excuse you gave here could be enough for me.

Thank you for the reply..

Comment #7

If your having such difficulty are RegisterDub - go and register the domain names elsewhere. There are many registrars you could go through - and if this is urgent for a client - simply ask for a refund for RegisterDub and go on your way. I dont see the problem. If one cant help you, go to the next.


Comment #8

I got a question for Makis..

First thing, which domains arn't registered. They are all registered and in your account. So I have no idea what you are talking about and unable to fix your problem.

I am sorry that I did not reply but I looked at your ticket and saw that you had every one of your names registered and forgot to reply.

- Steve..

Comment #9

Fellow expos....

I dont want to list the domains here.....

Just now I got the domains under my account...(after 2 days, 1 ticket id, two topics here and at digitalpoint, one pm to you and one dispute message in paypal, way to go!!!).

If you feel like, I could attach here all the related emails I got....

And some screenshots as well.

To make this short, JUST CHECK YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM WHERE I SENT YOU A TICKET so you can see what are the domains I paid and werent under my account fot 2 days...


If you did look and saw everything in order then you looked my ticket 2 days late. From 22/01 until 10 minutes ago I ve had this problem..

See attached image.....

Comment #10

Are they fixed yet? I don't get why you went through all this trouble without sending me a PM first..

I didn't even touch your account..? How does it just get fixed up?.

If you are talking about your e 911 ones.. They where registered on the 24th (in the India Timezone when you ordered on the 23rd it is the 24th there) and I show anything about them not being registered. You contacted me before but they where fixed up within an hour?.

- Steve..

Comment #11

Look your pm's plz.....

I did send you one..

I cant tell how they r fixed!!!.

U ask me?.


Comment #12

Makis -.

I am happy to hear the issue is resolved.

Inod -.

I cant say that I entirely blame him for wanting to make this issue public. If I was registering a few domains that didnt process properly and sent several support tickets, I myself would probably follow in the same path.

However I am glad to see things were worked out.


Comment #13

Makis PM me your paypal. I will give you one of the two problemed domains for free and wish you better luck with other registers.

I do not blame you I guess for making this a public issue however I do believe it could have been settled within private.

I am sorry everyone had these issues and I want to fix them up, but I am limited because of the fact I don't own it anymore. So it is up to the new owners to fix up everything.

- Steve..

Comment #14

Steve -.

I think that was definetly the right thing to do and your probably right, this could have been resolved without making it public. Rep Added for a Solid Domainer.


Comment #15

Public is here for that reasons,.

I did everything a customer can do..

I dont want free nothing,.

I want to have what I paid for..

I did pm u....check your inbox..

I also didnt type your name so there is nothing wrong for you as a person..

I had problems with registerdub..

I m very carefull when writing this stuff and I always have some backup proof..

Have a nice day......

Comment #16

Alright, I don't see why you continue seeing as you have your names, I was trying to be nice by offering compensation for the lack of service.

- Steve..

Comment #17

I dont continue anything but I also I dont want someone to patronize me and play nice..

You did your job and not on time, nevertheless you did it.


Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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