Rapid Gains & Losses during Medifast?

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I have noticed that I gain and lose weight INSANELY fast if I go off plan. *I do not advocate going off plan!! It is miserable and not good for your body!* When I have slipped up and eaten anything carby, I see 4-5 pounds in very short order (1-2 days). In fact when I went off plan for several days, my weight bumped up TEN POUNDS in under a week. Now, I know this is a lot of water retention from the carbs, but holy cow, it is disconcerting. Thankfully it seems to come off rather quickly when I go back on plan... not as fast as it goes on, but a couple pounds per day.

I end up with migraines every time and sometimes horrible stomach pains. I am back to 100% on plan, and working hard to stay there from now to goal (and through transition too!)..

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Yeah, it's just water weirdness. It's the opposite of the "zomg 10 pounds in a week!!!" thing that happens when we start..

Good for you being back OP. Now stay here and get to goal, girl! We're all rooting for you!!!..

Comment #1

Freya you are doing fantastic! You're a shining example of what happens when you stay OP! I love watching your ticker go down Now to get mine moving again! Glug glug glugging the water...!..

Comment #2

Thank you, darling! It does feel good. Today I realized I'm "about 20 pounds overweight." That's so normal and common! It could happen to anyone!.

Drink that water - it'll save you!..

Comment #3

Both of you are doing a great job. I am 10 days in and 12lbs less. I do feel better with just that amount so I am sticking to it. Most of the food is good. I have to order more bars because at work it is easier. The soup is ok and satisfying, but needs something.... Perhaps chocolate? Hee Hee..

Comment #4

I am the same way. If I go off plan one tiny bit I gain like 2 or 3 pounds. It takes me twice as long to lose the same wait the second time...

Comment #5

Good for you for pulling it back together. That weight will be off in no time and goal is in sight!.


Comment #6

Wow all of you are such an inspiration. I am restless today and needed to read these posts. I have a long way to go and try to imagine being where you all are. I am totally OP, having strayed, scared to after reading posts. But know that in the transition phase and maintenance it probably is trial and error, until your weight and plan settles down. The body doesn't want to lose weight really and has to reset itself if you give it time.

Just having an overall perimenopausal or something weekend. Very emotional!.

Thank you all for being such inspirations. You don't know how much it means to me. I am sure you had people like yourselves in the beginning that you felt inspired you remember?.

Take care...

Comment #7

No need to blame anything but Medifast for being all emotional, unless you want to. Starting this journey is a huge emotional shift all by itself. Then, for many of us, we're emotional eaters. When we practice "sobriety" in our eating, we no longer get to stuff our feelings. Guess what - pretty soon we're feeling them! And mostly they're not pretty and we're out of practice dealing with them..

I had so many mood swings I can't even tell you. Just hang in there OP and you WILL learn new strategies for dealing with all the emotions. Cry, punch pillows, yell in your car, sit in the bathtub, journal - do whatever you need to, to honor the feelings and keep moving through them. You'll be glad you did..


Comment #8

Hi Freya....

I see how well you are doing with MF...I am waiting for my box to come, so I can start this week. Can you tell me how your first couple weeks went?? I am scared and excited! I am looking to lose about 60 lbs at this point.....

Comment #9

I think you can read my blog if you go to my profile. My first couple weeks, as I recall, had a whole lot of whining. It gets better, though!.

Just do it. You may have withdrawal and emotions and hunger, you may not. It may be easy or really hard for you. Different things are challenging for different people. But the one thing that's for sure is that if you stay 100% OP, you WILL lose weight. Where else can you get that kind of a guarantee???.

Welcome to MF!..

Comment #10

Thanks! Good and true straightforward advice!! I needed that! I can't wait to start and you are so right, It WILL work, if I stick to it!..

Comment #11

Oh, Freya... thank you for this. I'm experiencing so many of those emotions and I needed someone to voice why. I'm not anywhere near going off plan, but for the past few days I've vascillated between being bored, sad and all the emotions in between and really didn't understand why. I need to realize that all these emotions are just part of what happens when we stop stuffing ourselves with food. Thank you... you've given me a reason for my crazy feelings and that will help me push past them...

Comment #12

You are a wise woman, Freya and have a great way with words. I agree with the above poster who talks about "stuffing themselves with food". I think food can be like any other addictiona way to avoid dealing with whatever I'm feeling. So, it's not all that surprising that without an overflow of food to sedate my emotions, I'm bound to have to take a look at them. So far, so good, but I'm only on day 2, so the trick will be the long haul. I feel good, ready to take on this new chapter.

These boards are uber-helpful to me, thanks for all the sharing!..

Comment #13

Frets... will you be my guru? Wise beyond words. Thank you for your timely wisdom.

I needed this tonight!..

Comment #14

Yes and thank you both for sharing and being willing to be real. This battle can sometimes be a very lonely isolated thing...My family is supportive, but don't really "get it" My husband is a muscular toned specimen of health and always has been...Athletics were his life and he has continued that habit, so glad he is healthy! Now it's my turn. So thankful I can come here and read and "talk". I start next week, when my box arrives and I KNOW all those feelings are coming.....

Comment #15

Thanks, Lysa! It's so nice to have a place to come and connect with people who understand what I'm going through. My DH and family have been so great through all this, but it's nice to have people who have been through what I've been through..

So happy for you that your "magical box" is arriving soon!..

Comment #16


Glad to hear that you are still going strong through Day 2! Onto Day 3 today & I know you will do great.


I think it's great how involved you are getting & you still haven't even received your food yet! I think it took me a day, or two to find my way here! You are setting yourself up for success!.


Your weight loss is an inspiration!..

Comment #17

Hey there! Sounds like you are doing well....emotional and all. This journey is often an emotional one. We are not only changing our bodies....but our brains as well. And that brain often resists much more than the body..

As for T&M....transition isn't all that much trial and error. It's a lot like 5/1 where you have rules of what to eat and you just get a eat a little bit more. I couldn't emphasis how important it is to do the whole T&M plan as it is written. It gives our bodies a chance to adjust back to a standard amount of calories....and get our brains used to eating differently as well.

Now does take some time to figure out. And I'll be honest, it's a daily struggle. I have to have that same commitment to my health and fitness every single day that I had in MF.



Comment #18

Thank you, you are such a good reminder and support of how challenging the process is for us. The challenge right now isn't the weight loss, although I am nervous every week about whether I will get further even though I haven't gone off the program and have nothing to really worry about, it is the emotions of it all. You are a doll and I appreciate your HUGS so much!!!!! Thanks for addressing my post..

Comment #19

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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