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I received an offer through, at first I counter offered, then changed my mind within a matter of hours and accepted the offer... sends out the following email:.

Congratulations, the other party has accepted the offer for domain Both parties have their details confirmed and the sale of can now proceed.

The details of the agreement are as follows:.


Buyer email.

Domain name

Final Price $X000.


To check the details of this sale you may login to the 1Plus website.

Should you wish to continue to be involved in the sale please contact as well - very disappointing..

The last thing that I want is that I accept another offer from another party and then be held liable for the accepted offer from the first buyer..

I've been VERY proactive regarding the sale and transfer of funds, outlined several ways to submit payment, including ALL costs associated, etc.

Any suggestions as to what I can do or why 1plus is non responsive? I know the admin of 1plus is a member at NP, in which case the silence is even more surprising... [/question][/rant]..

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To my knowledge 1plus just lets the buyer contact you (free service) and you do all the rest with communicating unless you get 1plus to do the escrow. I think it's a great deal (free) compared with sedo and other places like that. That was my beef with sedo as I had 3 sales that didn't happen as the buyer just disappeared and sedo does nothing.

Good luck, Gary...

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I totally agree, it's a great service and it's free,...actually, especially since it's free. However, a bit more responsiveness from would be great.

And some level of protection for the seller is definitely needed as well. There's absolutely no sense in making offers, accepting offers and then the buyer disappears behind some rock in the galaxy. In the meantime, while we're waiting to get responses or funds, we turn other offers down, sometimes even for more money and miss potential domain sales.

In short, someone should be smart enough to come up with a "security deposit" service. Make an offer - deposit the funds in the amount of the offer or any % thereof, or don't make one in the first place. If you back out of an accepted offer, your deposit will not be refunded, but split between the company aggregating the offer and the seller.

However, back to the problem at hand. How long is long enough to have waited before considering the "legally binding deal" as void and consider other offers? Also, what will do about the obvious "runaway"? I'd suggest a ban.... then again, how could anyone make a suggestion, Ian is unresponsive. (yes, I PM'd him AND sent emails through 1plus)..

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Hey, sorry Mike I thought Id dealt with this.. But weve all been a bit preoccupied recently.

Did you mail the buyer over this? Without checking, when/what did these negotiations take place?.

Take it back to PM if you prefer ....

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This should be implemented ASAP with companies like sedo etc. It would take most of the bogus offers away and it would stop wasting everyone's time. Excellent idea (maybe we should email this thread to a few companies).


Comment #4

Sorry buck, it takes a business degree to figure something as simple as this out. Unfortunately, most are computer guys with some level of programming background. Making me, the guy with the business degree, the absolute minority Anyways, just messing around ...

Yeah, something like this needs to be implemented, i'd hope that either Ian (1plus) or Matt (Bodis) is actually having their ears on receiving.

[Rant] ...continuation: Ian, I sent you a PM and forwarded the correspondence that I sent to the buyer to , response from you guys. Neither on here through PM or via email, not even an acknowledging auto responder that you received my email. I'd appreciate if this matter would receive the appropriate attention, as the aggregating institution, i'd see it as your ethical responsibility to see this transaction or any associated penalty through. [/Rant].

General statement towards all parking providers:.

My suggestion: It's no longer enough to offer fancy site designs and multiple opportunities of adsense plugs, videos or blogs, it has long come to the point where accurate execution of business, customer service, trouble shooting and customer care will assure you the needed retention of coveted customers.

Which leads me to This Thread @ NP.


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You know they are in the process of huge changes..

IMoDo has them up to their ears getting ready..

Give them a break, it will pay off in the long run.



Comment #6

Mike, weve conversed in PM over this, the last time I asked that, if you want me (as the "aggregating institution") to help, at some point you will have to tell me either your user name or domain in question ...

Its a simple request, instead of taking the scenic route of exchanging PM's only to tell me that youve sent an email to (where did you get this mail address from?) and then posting elongated complaints here, just tell me your username or domain.....

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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