GoDaddy service : Recommend I pay for GoDaddy?? R us?

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Just amde a new site called.


Is that trademarked 'R' us??..

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(im no expert but...) I cant see any problem with it if it were just the domain... if it were imagehostRus.<tld> then I think there may have been TM infringement, but you could see it as an "imagehoster" site with .us as the tld.


You have used the 'R'us on the site and may have TM infringements..

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Thats why I am asking anyone else? Thats the whole reason why I bought it lol ialmost got. but decided it was better to share the r's w/e it's still good..

Comment #2

There are a lot of r us sites on the net. You dont have to worry. G'luck with the website...

Comment #3

Alrite thx hole I hope there arent any disputes..

Comment #4

Trust me, theres no legal action that could be taken, is a generic term..

Comment #5

There shouldn't be a problem unless you promote the site as an "R" us site. I know they have gone after many business promotin with their signature "R". just incidently having the in the domain won't (at lesat shouldn't) cause any problems.

As far as the comment of "R" us sites,.

"There are a lot of r us sites on the net. You dont have to worry. G'luck with the website.".

They have gone after many of those types of sites/businesses. Just becuase there are still many out there, does not mean it is legal. The usage is an important part of TM law.

So, it will be ok because it is not an "R" us site (if you make it into one, then that is a different story)...

Comment #6

Are you asking "what if you make it into one?" (as in an "R" us site) if so, then read what has been written in this very thread...... (ugh, where's my New Years drink?)..

Comment #7

You should definately have no problem with your site's domain. "R US" I don't believe is a trademark of a company, nor can be, because it is a popular term and phrase. It can also have two different meanings with the US (such as we or the nation the United States of America).

You are also protected with your TLD so have no fears..

Good luck,..

Comment #8


Please understand TM law before you try to help again. Thanx...

Comment #9

Someone else thought the same thing for the word "realtor":

He lost...

Comment #10

Actually, I'm not wrong. You can get around the TM law using other laws passed. I do it all of the time. You just merely have to understand what laws can protect you and how to use them.

And his TLD protects him so anyone filing a claim against his domain will lose...

Comment #11

Are you even paying attention to this thread??? please reread it carefully before you answer again. thanx. (clue - he asked about promoting the site as an "R" US site.

You say you don't believe "R" US is trademarked.. IT IS!!!!.

"R" US have been challege many times and "R" US has won many times.

Creating reasons to use a TMed domain is bad faith!!! (IE- intent).

You say he is protected by his TLD... what????..

Comment #12

For once I 100% agree with DNQuest. ToysRus has been diligent about protecting it's mark. Sorry but would you have registered that domain if it wasn't for ToysRus? You didn't even need to say their name for everyone to understand what you meant.

Bad registration done in bad faith. Don't do anything with's a loser.

Well..I will say that your name is which is fine...but you should NEVER call it imagehoste 'R'. us..NEVER....

Comment #13

Alrite w/e then ill just call it imagehoster thankss..

Comment #14

Hey labrocca, we have agreed several times before I'm sure of it......

Comment #15

According to the there are tons of R US companies with live trademarks.

Toys "R" US & Babies "R" US and many other Trade Marks are held by Geoffery, Inc (Toys "R" Us). The big one is that they own: Just like that above. That wouldn't work for a domain so you don't have to worry...

Comment #16

You should know better then to argue with these kind a post DNQ..

He has no clue about the thread or laws...

Comment #17

I rember reading something a adult nude bar had thier sign to read "Viginas "R" us" or something like that Toys "R" us took them to court and they had to take that part down..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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