Quitting smoking while on Medifast

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Hi Everyone!.

I was hoping to get some helpful advice from our great community. DH and I are wanting to start a family in a few years, and I want to be smoke-free when that happens. However, after unsuccessfully trying to quit numerous times over the past few months it has been extremely challenging and frustrating. I do understand that what I am doing is a selfish habit, and also understand what it is doing to my body, but I am unable to quit cold-turkey, and I even tried using Nicorette Gum, but had no luck.

I know I am not the only one that is having this problem, so I wanted to see if anyone had successfully quit smoking while on MF? If so, any tips/tricks/suggestions/recommendations would be much appreciated!.

Thanks so much!!..

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You look quite young in your photo and my advice to you is QUIT! Cigarettes are death and how I wish I had never smoked. Smoked for 31 years and pretty much have lost everyone I ever loved to lung cancer: Mom, Dad, two dear uncles and and now my only brother is dying of lung cancer. You are so right - cigarette smoke is definitely something you do not want to subject your babies to (not even on your clothes) and research has shown that the most important factor in a woman (or girl) taking up smoking is whether her mother smoked! Recent studies indicate that smoking may inhibit becoming pregnant and also may lead miscarriage - in addition to the generally accepted findings of low birth weight in newborns. I don't mean to sound preachy-in addition to my weight-NOT smoking is something I struggle with daily..


Keepin' it real,.


Comment #1

Congratulations for getting into good health before you start a family.

My advice to you is to quit smoking first. Get that under control before anything else. There's nothing healthy about smoking. Once you've quit, then you can worry about the weight.

Don't try to change too many things at once. It's a recipe for disaster.

Being overweight can be unhealthy, but smoking is even more lethal.

Best of luck to you you can kick both of these bad habits!!!..

Comment #2

Caveat - I am not a smoker, nor have I been.. However several of my friends and family members have used the electric cigarettes with the screw on flavor/nicotine packs to gradually taper down the nicotine to nothing. Some of them stopped using them entirely, some have converted to non-nicotine flavors which still allow them the pleasure of going through the physical motion of holding a "cigarette" and drawing vapor (it is water vapor) into their lungs - and even blowing "smoke" rings with it. It has the additional benefit of not annoying the people nearby who hate cig smoke ;-).

I wish you the very best luck in choosing to make a positive change for your family and future.


Comment #3

I stopped a nearly 15 year smoking habit cold turkey I guess. It was really a process. It took a year of stopping and starting again for it to finally stick. The last straw for me was my mother dying unexpectedly at the young age of 53. I figured that life can't get much worse than that... might as well quit smoking for once and for all.

Smoke free since the end of 06.

While I certainly hope that a tragedy doesn't fall on you to push you over the non-smoking edge, it's easier to just do it now than getting pregnant and being a miserable pregnant person riding the grumpy "I just quit smoking" train. It's better for you and the baby to be as stress free as possible as I'm sure you are definitely aware..

Just do it. You already have the want and that is the first step. Instead of thinking about the instant gratification, think about how it's robbing your body and vital organs of the oxygen they need to properly function. Take it one minute at a time. When you get that nagging urge, be vigilant and push it out of your brain. Out-think your cravings! It works...

Comment #4

I'm a smoker as well, and plan to quit once I get my food issues under control with the help of MF. This is enough of a process, with the daily struggles to convince myself that I don't need to eat everytime I want to etc. I know for my own success that I will have to tackle each one separately. If you feel confident in your food habits, then go for it! I've bought the book by Allen Carr. Easy Way to Stop Smoking based on a friend's recommendation who used that method to quit. Best of luck!..

Comment #5


I quit smoking with my husband still smoking and I had a pack and a half, 25 year habit. Seriously, I started smoking when I was 10!.

How did I do it? Chantix. I never had any side effects except for vivid dreams (which I normally had anyway). Chantix didn't take away my desire for a took away that feeling that you would stab someone in the head for a cigarette. The mental was still there but that crazy I'm going insane feeling wasn't.

Let me also add that I had quit in my early 20's (about 10 years prior to this time) chewing nicorette but that only lasted about a year and a half..

This time around I've been smoke free for 4 years.

Best thing I ever did. I would Highly recommend you talk to your doctor about it..

Good Luck!..

Comment #6

I quit nearly two years ago on my 45th birthday - actually ON my birthday as a present to myself. I needed to use the patch to help me out though because during those first few hours, I was going crazy. I didn't use the patch as recommended (takes weeks), but instead I did it during the first week to cut through the terrible nicotene withdrawals I was having. The rest of the time, I knew it was all me - and simply habit I needed to tackle..

I did learn to not wear the patch overnight or I'd have some REAL vivid and bizarre dreams LOL!!!..

Comment #7

I quit about 13 months ago. I had quit for 12 years, then started smoking again for nine years. I used Commit Lozenges this time and joined

I gained back all the weight I had lost, plus a few more pounds and that's why I am here now, to re-lose that weight. Good luck to you!..

Comment #8

I used Chantix. Smoke free since Hurricane Ike - and if THAT'S not a stressful time, I don't know what is! :-)..

Comment #9

Lots of great advice here. I too would look into Chantix & the e-cigarette (have heard great things about them) and then decide. Actually first thing I would set up an account at - lots of good info there.

I went cold turkey 3 1/2 years ago after 20 some years smoking at least a pack a day. But... I was READY, and I was on quitnet (hourly sometimes!) In retrospect I think quitting smoking and doing medifast at the same time might be great. It takes moment by moment to get through it all, and having the focus of medifast might be just the thing..

I gained 40 lbs after quitting because I traded smoking for eating, and I had hypothyroidism creep up on me without knowing it. I am now having to deal with the whys of the habit, and am working through them. Better to do it all at once, maybe...? It is so different for each individual..

In fact for me, if someone told me their horror stories and why I should quit I tuned them out immediately. I am not stupid and I knew how bad it was - duh. I did it for ME, not for anyone else, just like losing weight.... someone telling you you are overweight, that it is not healthy etc... just makes it worse (imo). In fact I had someone tell me as support "although you have quit smoking, still stay on plan" wth? Although nothing! It was the greatest thing I had ever accomplished! Anyway, I quit all contact, I don't need that kind of "support".

Kind of like losing the weight and making medifast work for you. It will happen if you are ready to face it..

If you ever need support feel free to pm me. Good luck in whatever you choose!.


P.s. I am now trading the eating habit for exercise. If you can, I would really focus on an exercise goal, maybe? BTW, when you first quit smoking you don't feel as physically good as you expect at first - lol in fact you feel quite like crap sometimes. But, mentally it makes you feel like you can take on the world.

I just realized you are almost to goal, so I would for sure quit now. Let us know what you decide..


Comment #10

Like ana and trublue, I used chantix about 2 years ago to quit smoking, it was possibly the best thing that I did. I will tell you that I did suffer some side effects from it. My hubby and I quit at the same time and both of us used chantix. We both had some pretty severe PMS problems while on the meds., he couldn't sleep at all, and I could sleep about 16 to 20 hours a day with no problem. Yes I know the constant PMS sounds horrible but remember it is only while you are on the meds. They say that you have to take the meds for a ful 3 months but I only took it for 5 weeks.

Please do not think that these side effects happen to everyone, everyone is different. My doctor has had so many of her patients on the med that were fine and did not suffer any side effects at all. My husband and I are just the two that had the adverse side effects. I would suggest to anyone that wanted to quit smoking to try chantix.

The way the med works is is that it blocks the receptors in your brain that are telling you to have a smoke from wanting one. While on the med you do smoke the first week or two and what happens is is that out of habit you will have a smoke, it won't taste good but you smoke it anyways. Because the cigarette does not affect you like it used to, you will reach for another one. Your ashtray will start to really smell horrible, you start to notice the tar on the walls and everything else in your home, you will notice the smell of smoke on other people and it will be really strong, and when you walk by other people that smoke, the smell will be really bad. That is how the med worked for me anyways. The smell of smoke just really because super strong and it started turning my stomach..

Good luck to you...

Comment #11

Thank you so much for all of the great replies and the resources that you have provided. It helps to know that I am not in this alone! I am going to look into the website, book, and possibly Chantix. You guys are amazing!..

Comment #12

ALmost my story exactly. I quit cold turkey 8 1/2 yrs ago-to have more children (IVF)SUPER HARD. Gained about 50lbs in 1 1/2 months! I traded cigs for food. Now I am trading food for excercise.

If it were me, and hindsight is 20/20, I would stay on Tranisition a bit longer and quit during that time. You must be SUPER VIGILANT as it is very easy to gain when you quit. The GREAT NEWS? Your young. So, your metabolism will hopefully help you.

Your doing great and almost at goal. Now is a great time to quit! I wish you much CONTINUED success!!..

Comment #13

Hi Amy,.

I honestly quit when I got pregnant! It was so easy. I mean you can't smoke when your pregnant. I was so sick and the smell was revolting which made it easier.

I have no suggestions quitting cold turkey. I can't imagine doing it. I smoked for 15 years and getting pregnant was the way I quit.

Much more power to you if you can get through this. I know it is hard. Good Luck...

Comment #14

Hi Ladies,.

So I did it, I decided to stop smoking once and for all. I had my last cigarette last night, and even though I'm irritable and hungry, I do feel a lot better, and smell a lot better too.

I don't know why it took me to so long to realize this, but being on Medifast while quitting should help me to not gain any weight. However, I'm am a little worried because cigarettes boost your metabolism and burn calories, but after researching into this, I found out that green tea is said to boost your metabolism and help to decrease your appetite as well, so I think I'm going to be on a green tea/water kick for awhile!.

Thank you so much for sharing all of your experiences, it so helps to know that I am not in this alone, and that I can do it!..

Comment #15

Good luck! One day at a time. And the tea sounds like a great idea. You can do it...

Comment #16

Good for you and much luck!.

Funny, I went to green tea and decaf herbal teas instead of coffee for about 6-9 months because coffee triggered me for cigarettes.

Now I do drink coffee again, but it doesn't taste good since I quit (saved me a lot of $$ because I used to be a coffee snob it does still smell good - or better now though!.


Comment #17

Phew, wish I could help you out on this one, but Im not a great "role" model for somebody wanting to quit as I smoke myself but only like barely two packs a month LOL...

Comment #18

Good luck to you. If it gets really hard, Chantix Chantix Chantix..

29 year addiction 2-3 packs a day ended without struggle with that magic medicine..


Comment #19

So I have a story to share, I think that my sense of smell is starting to come back to me. When DH and I were at Chick-fil-a last night, I said, "my chicken tastes like soap", but I couldn't figure out why until I realized that it was actually my perfume that I was smelling! LOL, I never realized how much smoking dulls your senses, so I am happy that I got my sniffer back...

Comment #20

A HUGE Congrats! Your doing the right thing and at the right time. YOUR A HUGE INSPIRATION!!!!!..

Comment #21

Amen! I have witnessed this with the birth of 2 of my nieces and nephews!.

It's a super hard habit to break but very damaging to the body and worth quitting cold turkey!..

Comment #22

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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