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I got a quick question: Questions about

I also got another question: Hi folks,.

A friend has asked me to register domains as gifts for two of her teenage kids (presumably, so they can set up their own websites there). I am trying to figure out which registrar is easiest for newbies like them to navigate.

I sold a Moniker HostGator to a newbie today, and discovered it took 12 steps to tell her how to do URL forwarding. I'm looking for a registrar whose interface is simpler and more intuitive.

GoDaddy seems a lot easier, but I hesitate to use it because I don't think the mom would appreciate me sending her kids to a site that shows cheesecake-y pictures of "GoDaddy girls".

Any suggestions?.



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Your question was: Questions about

I agree with above for Dynadot, when I was a newbie.

It was very easy to navigate their site. (any free hosting?).

Although Godaddy offers free hosting as well, which.

I found to be a blessing, until I got familiar enough for.

My own outside hosting...

Comment #1

I honestly think godaddy is pretty easy to use... I've never had a problem with them..

Comment #2

I think so too, but my first post mentioned why I don't want to use them for this purpose.

By the way: these domains will be for a brother and sister, and I'd rather not set up two separate accounts. Is there a registrar that allows you to associate a password with a specific domain, so that multiple people can log into the basic account but each one can only manage his or her own domain?..

Comment #3

For this purpose, I like Very easy to set up a Google email address and Google webpage with them. Initial year is cheap as well.

Alternatively, you could set up a reseller with one of the many providers and then they know that they have good customer support by contacting you...

Comment #4

For me is easy to use, godaddy are for advanced users...

Comment #5

Godaddy is and always has been my personal favorite...

Comment #6

GoDaddy == SlowDaddy ... if they weren't so cheap and widely used by other domainers, I'd be done with them before you could say "Buh-Bye" - and sure wouldn't miss wrangling with their bloated cheesy-ad-serving interface. Almost every time I try to do a push or make a change to some HostGator settings, it hangs and I have to cancel and re-enter all the info. And my browser starts burning CPU whenever I leave one of their pages open ... I think you can do this fairly easily via (a NetSol subsidiary I use for some of my "not for sale" regs) - but it would involve setting up a reseller account ($250 initial funding, can reload thereafter with smaller amounts, $8.45 reg fee for dot com / net / org) ... Though thinking about it, seems like it would probably would be much easier and cheaper to just setup 2 separate accounts at DynaDot ... (Wondering, what reason do you have for wanting a "parent" account for these? Guessing either hoping for simpler setup or want an easy failsafe in case kid loses a password? Or ...?)..

Comment #7

Dynadot is easy to use as well as namecheap...

Comment #8

I forgot about namecheap. They are defintley easy to use. But I still think godaddy is thebest...

Comment #9

Namecheap! The control panel there is so so easy to use. Plus I bought my first name there...

Comment #10

Gotta love the registrars where you bought your first name from...

Comment #11

I owned my first HostGator at Registerfly. Don't have much to show for them...

Comment #12

DomainHollywood is cool, classy and inexpensive.

$7.15 for a .com registrations and $1.99 .info registrations.

Check them out...

Comment #13

Namecheap has easy-to-use control panel. I registered my first HostGator with GoDaddy and my 90% domains are with them. Domains are cheap at GoDaddy with lots of coupons available. You have to be ad-blind and careful while registering at GoDaddy. Now, I am habituated to the process and move fast to the checkout process...

Comment #14

Dynadot is easy to use.

I love namecheap, but I it's more for us domainers who needs to push domains around...

Comment #15

Moniker and Dynadot.

Another plus: they allow tasting. So you can delete all those crappy, middle of the night regs (I've used this feature a LOT)..

Comment #16

I vote for, easy to use & it's cheap as well, $5.99 for domains..

Comment #17

Thanks to everyone for sharing your thoughts.

Since some people recommended Dynadot, I just looked at it. (I do have an account and one HostGator there, but haven't really used the features.).

From the point of view of a newbie, I was trying to figure out how easy it would be to set up URL forwarding, for example. Well, I just spent several minutes exploring Dynadot's site, and I still have no idea how to forward. So I don't plan to use them for this purchase.

Other people mentioned - I know nothing about them. Easy to use and good customer service? (Other things like tasting and even pricing are not important for the job I need to do.).



Comment #18

Dynadot has something called Stealth forwarding, at least that is what it used to be called. I did use it last year, it did take me awhile (quite awhile) being a noob, to figure out how it worked, but when I figured it out, it worked great...

Comment #19

I find namecheap and moniker very easy to use. I also have domains with 1and1 and godaddy (clean, with less ads/offers system would help!!!) but do not find them easy to use...

Comment #20

I do not like moniker or 1and1. Both of those sites seem difficult to use in my mind...

Comment #21

Now that I am starting to use some of the advanced features, I also do not find moniker easy to use... rather confusing and often seems like not working...

Comment #22

"Easiest to use" should really be secondary. A HostGator registrars services, reputation and pricing should be primary IMO. It really only takes 10 - 15 min to learn the functions and interface of a registrar. Go with a registrar which have good pricing, free "push" and bulk edit function.


Comment #23

Thanks, but I think you overlooked the start of this thread. I don't want a registrar to use for my domaining; I want one that is easy for two non-domainers to use, as each of them is going to receive a personal HostGator as a gift. Free push and bulk edit don't matter!.

One more thing occurred to me: I'd like the registrar to offer free basic webhosting when you buy a domain. I know GoDaddy offers a simple template-based website, but I'd like more than that - and anway, I can't use them for this purpose, as the pictures on their site are inappropriate. A GoDaddy reseller would be better in that respect ... but I would want actual hosting.

Thanks in advance for any more ideas!.


Comment #24

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