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Question I have... Questions about Cabbage Soup Dukan Diet(GM Motors Dukan Diet)? Hoping for any answer. Second question of mine... I started on October 1 of this year. We are wondering what everyone does for Thanksgiving, much less Christmas! I ordered the basic "Favorites" the first time around, not knowing anything about the products. I plan on selecting my own this next time around..

What suggestions do ya'll have for my November box? Thanks..

(Go Dallas Cowboys!)..

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an decent answer. You should email the people at Dukan Diet as they probably could assist you..

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Somewhere on this board I read a post that Dukan Diet sends out an email with suggestions on how to survive the holiday. So, look forward to that...

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There are some good responses to your question under the Food Talk & Tips section. Here's what I wrote but be sure to check out the others, there's good info there..

I haven't been on Dukan Diet through Thanksgiving/Christmas yet but plan on doing what has worked for me in the past which is make healthier versions for myself. I'll make the crustless pumpkin pie recipe I saw here on NS, sugar free cranberry sauce, ff dressing with wheat bread & turkey sausage with wheat bread, veggies without butter or sauce and I'll buy ff turkey gravy. I usually double the amount I make so I can have left overs the next day too...

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I think the key is to make healthier choices, watch your portions, and remember, that what ever you decide to do, it is one day. I think the trap we fall into is dragging Thanksgiving into Christmas and before you know it, you've gained back the weight you worked so hard to loose..

I like the suggestions I've read thus far...

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If you are doing the cooking, check this Dukan Diet members site for good holiday recipes. ChristinaGray2003.


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I found this the other day. hope it helps.

Here's our guide to recommended portion sizes for dishes served at a customary holiday dinner, and the average number of calories you can count on getting for each. Consider this a holiday meal deal that can help keep your Dukan Diet on track!.

Food Serving Size Approx. Calories.

Turkey (White Meat) 3oz. 133.

Mashed Potatoes cup 75.

Stuffing cup 90.

Gravy cup 25.

Sweet Potatoes cup 100.

Green Beans 1 cup 40.

Cranberry Sauce 2 Tbsp. 40.

Roll (low glycemic, no butter) 1 90.

Pumpkin Pie (no whipped cream) 1/8 of an 8 pie 190.

Wine 4 oz. 90.



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Going off plan completely is a dangerous game, but if you feel like you'll get right back on the horse the next day and be good to go I'd suggest just taking the day off. Take the day off and remember that you are trying to form new, healthy habits so don't eat yourself silly either. Most people go on vacation and just enjoy themselves so I would say just enjoy the holiday on the actual holiday only. Don't gorge yourself and make sure you are back on plan in the morning. One last tip, drink even more water than you usually would on the day you take off and you'll probably be fine with the eating. I'd say drink at least 1.5 times as much water as normal...

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Here's my 2 cents.......If you KNOW you are having Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, then do it! Here's what I suggest tho..

Thanksgiving.....Get up that day and exercise, try to do a good workout whether it's walking an extra mile or jogging an extra mile. Most of us will find our stomachs have shrunk and won't be able to eat as much as we think we can. Eat your "healthy choices first" probably will find yourself too full to eat a bunch of the high calorie items..

Christmas can be much more dangerous....Christmas seems to start Dec 1st and go for an entire month. To keep your sanity, try to splurge only on your Christmas dinner and don't sweat's the See's candy & cookies that are the problem throughout the month that are the problem. Just tell yourself: "I will wait until Christmas" and then have yourself a nice meal and don't worry about it..

If you are the one cooking the dinner, send all the leftovers home with others! Keep a couple of slices of turkey for your protein and be done with the rest of it..

Just be proud you started your New Years Resolution now and aren't waiting until January 1st..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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