Question about Website tonight from

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My first question is: Question about Website tonight from

My next question is: Ok.. Without giving specifics, lets say one sells a name that has gotten consistently high traffic but little to no clicks. Lets say for example you have parked the name with several providers, each with mild fluctuations and all showing consistantly high traffic and stats (country of origin etc.) The name may have potential for development and is generic enough, but you don't have time to develop so you decide to sell it.

You provide stats for 6 months to all who inquire, answering questions. Lets say you decide to sell the name, and then the person who buys it pays, then turns around less then 24 hrs later and says "there's no traffic, I switched providers several times in a matter of 2-3 days, I want a refund.....".

My question is three-fold; doesnt traffic and especially parking companies with their various filters in place differ widely? One company may be more stringent in one area or region and less in another? Also, there is often a 24 hour period before the name propagates in the system, this can also differ. I have found a wide range from my own personal experience. Often it is a case of buyer beware, I have bought names, either names that have dropped or names on TDNAM, there are never any guarantees, so it always behooves you to do your due diligence and research a name if there's time to do so.

I have never encountered as a seller, a buyer who seems to be more a "taster," someone who tries the name and changes there mind. I kind of feel a bit bamboozled, especially since any monies received for the name had been spent on a necessary bill. This has never happened to me before as a seller, though as a buyer I have made mistakes and chalk it up to experience.

What are others thoughts on this..?..

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Your question was: Question about Website tonight from

Thanks for the thoughts, I quite agree. Type-ins are always optimum, and have the most long range potential. I've snagged a few of these by chance or anticipated future trends. The name I sold is generic eough, the traffic was likely from links with some typeins. One must always be careful of the photoshop technique, which sadly some unscrupulous domainers have done..

In my case the stats are all Sedo 6 months of stats, with countries of origin...

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I have few domains that generate 400-1000 visits a month.. for 1 year now.. and few clicks... the traffic ads no value to the names....

Comment #2

There must be reason why people come to your site..

Try putting simple questionnaire asking what they are looking for.

Or what they want to see on the site?.

You won't find answer unless you ask..

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Lets say you decide to sell one of those names, maybe you needs funds for a particular expense, you provide stats, and more indepth stats to anyone who requests it. You sell the name, and the person pays for it and changes there mind saying they moved the name around to different servers (all in a matter of three days) If they asked for a refund, what would you do? Especially if you no longer have the funds and feel a bit taken in.


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Well Sales are Final... anyone who requests a refund.... can only get one, if you volunteer!.

I would not issue a refund.....

Comment #5

Check the backlinks on your site, then you can determine what kind of traffic or where they are coming from...

Comment #6

Thanks for the affirmation MIR. It's appreciated, Id never encountered this sort of problem before, logic told me no, but I wanted others feeback as well.

Thanks again..

And yes the type-ins, even a name that might have the potential in the future is always worth investing in...

Comment #7

No Problem, there always will be people who will push there weight on you to get what they want... I'm having that issue now.....

Comment #8

The comparison must be for the same parking company. For example, a name got high traffic at sedo may not get high traffic at namedrive etc...

Comment #9

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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