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Any legal experts here,.

Just a question.

If you use for example would you have to file a DBA or LLC to use as a fictitious name when doing business?.



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Well, if your "business" is, say, practicing medicine, then you'll have to go to med school and then get a license...

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Try looking here for your answer:

If you do not understand the above site, then try calling them. In the alternative, you might want to speak with a lawyer. Try here:

Remember that in SF, you are dealing with government people who routinely shield hardcore illegal alien gang members from ICE at great expense to the law-abiding citizen taxpayers. See:

You could also not file a fictitious business name statement and, if caught, argue that any energy or paper used to file it would contribute to global warming, and you don't want to be part of any right-winged, Bush-backed conspiracty to destroy the world; or better yet, if they ever audit you for not filing, you could call them up and say:.

"Is this the person who wants to penalize me for not filing? Yeah, well, I was just reading the Heller Second Amendment case as I was cleaning my gun and I thought that I would call you to disccuss the issue before my city subsidized meds wore off." A little under the breath laughter might help, too.

As for the LLC, that's a lot more complicated, so do not attempt to figure that one out on your own...

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No, you don't have to file anything to do business under a certain name. However, if you want to do something like open a business account companies will generally require at least a DBA/Fictitious Name Form.

My advice is if you want to operate as a business though, form a LLC. It is the easiest to form, and provides protection for your personal assets...

Comment #3

Absolutely wrong about the fictitious name filing, and I would recommend seeking competent professional advice about forming an LLC beforehand.

AzN, please refer to my post; but skip the global warming defense and gun-cleaning phone call...

Comment #4

I have no clue what you are even talking about. Sorry man, but your above post just seems like some rant on San Francisco or something. No idea what you are talking about.

Forming a LLC is simple. It takes a couple pages of paperwork that you can file yourself. If you are not comfortable doing it yourself there are numerous companies and attorneys that will do it for under $500...

Comment #5

With all due respect, your cluelessness is all the more reason not to take your advice. As for "ranting" about San Francisco, anyone who has ever lived here (AzN) should know exactly what I'm talking about. My thoughts about SF are justified...

Comment #6

I am clueless because I think forming a LLC is not hard, and I don't agree with your rant on San Francisco? OK, got it.

First of all a LLC is simple to form. I have done it before myself and the paperwork is very easy. There is generally 1-2 pages to fill out and a filing fee.

LLC offers protections that a "Fictitious Name Form" does not. There are various benefits of forming a LLC.

1.) Personal assets are protected..

2.) You can pretty much write off any business related expenses..

3.) It establishes credibility...

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Why don't you move somewhere more to your liking?.

You'd love Tennessee:

What anyone may or may not need to do to conduct various types of business in their locality is not a question about which participants on a global internet forum are likely to be knowledgeable...

Comment #8

I've been to Tennessee, as well as Pennsylvania, and their governments are nothing like what you'd find in San Francisco.

As for moving to somewhere more to my liking, this reminds me of the America, love it or leave it crowd. I'd rather stay and work towards changing things. You stated the obvious. I pointed AzN in the right direction...

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Alright, so if I wanted to open a bank account or sign a contract agreement, I would need to file a DBA correct?.

Thanks again,.


Comment #10

It depends what bank you have, but 99% of the time any reputable bank will make you provide some type of paperwork, at least a fictitious name form, to open a business account...

Comment #11

The best thing to do is find your official state website and look at their business section. Usually they'll have tons of information and online forms, etc... Forming a business isn't the same in every state, but filing for a DBA is usually simple and inexpensive. In PA you just have to fill out a form that takes about 1 minute and pay $52 I believe. Also there may be additional requirements, such as, listing your newly formed business in your local newspaper or trade publications. As I said, it varies by state...

Comment #12

AzN has the link. It is in my post...

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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