Pure Protein Bars allowed on Nutrisystem?

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I was looking at food options for lunch and have the Pure Protein bars which I purchased at WalMart. I also have in hand the Nutrisystem Cream of Broccoli Soup. Here are the comparative stats:.

Pure Protein: Calories, 180; Total Fat, 4.5g; Cholesterol, 15mg; Sodium, 75mg; Potassium, 115mg; Total carbs, 17g; Dietary Fiber, 2g; Sugar, 2g; Sugar Alcohol, 4g; Protein 20g..

NS Cream of Broccoli Soup: Calories, 160; Total Fat, 4g; Cholesterol, 10mg; Sodium, 590mg; Total Carbs, 22g; Dietary Fiber, 3g; Sugar, 6g; Protein, 9g..

A post I read provided the following info which I had copied into my files:.

Lunches: 176 calories, 3.2 g fat, 27 g carb, 8.2 g protein, 493 mg sodium.

Dinners: 231 calories, 5.9 g fat, 27 g carb, 17 g protein, 620 mg sodium.

I'm thinking this would be an acceptable lunch bar substitute. There are some trade-offs but the low sodium, lower sugar, and higher protein might be worth the trade off at times...

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Your question was: Pure Protein Bars allowed on Nutrisystem?.

I really like the taste; they come in different flavors. I've used Kashi Go lean meal bars often last year to take to work and then saw these one day and tried then. They are much bigger than the Nutrisystem bar. I don't consider it odd tasting compared to most of those bars. Trust me, when you eat this thing; you are full!..

Comment #1

I really like these. We buy the Chocolate Deluxe and the Strawberry, but my kids think that the S'mores tastes like plastic!.

They are chewy like a refrigerated candy bar...

Comment #2

I like broccoli, but that soup seems unappealing to me. I'd definitely go with the protein bar. Subbing that out for a Nutrisystem lunch entree, you wouldn't need to add a lunch protein would you? The caloric intake is similar, but will Nutrisystem have a problem if the protein is super high? I usually get my protein from Greek yogurt....15 grams per 80 cal. cup. Well now that I think about it, my lunch protein content can sometimes run up to 25 grams for lunch, so I guess it would still be ok to add more protein. I can see those bars being beneficial for on-the go at work.

I'll look into those. I just hope the sugar alcohol doesn't mess with my stomach. If I pair these bars up with my Greek yogurt, then that'll be 35 grams of protein for lunch. Is there a cutoff?..

Comment #3

These do fit the stats for an Nutrisystem lunch......

Comment #4

Hey Jean,.

I use the Pure Protein bars a lot. My favorite is the Chocolate Peanut Butter which when I first started buying them were 180 calories, but now are 200. When I'm doing a lot of high impact exercise, I eat one before my workout - it gives me the energy I need to push on. I've even used them as a breakfast or lunch entree when I'm waiting on food to arrive...

Comment #5

Michelle, thanks! With your input, I definitely feel more comfortable using them. The chocolate deluxe is a definite winner. The peanut butter and chocolate is also good, better than the s'mores...

Comment #6

IMO these are the best.

(several months ago I submitted feedback that Nutrisystem should make a bar that tastes something like this)..

Comment #7

So you all are buying these at walmart huh? do they come in single bars or a box? i'm going to a super walmart tomorrow and am hoping they have them. pure protein - and who makes them? i'm going to get online and do some research anyway, but I really like getting real people's opinions too..

I'm hoping I like them because it seems like they have several varieties and in flavors I typically like. whenever I return a free food i've received I tend to get the bars - they're quick and easy and good to eat on the go, and they're pretty low in sodium, which I try to watch.

Have a great day all! DC..

Comment #8

The bars talked about in this thread have rock bottom low sodium levels! And that is always a good thing!..

Comment #9

WalMart carries them - a box of 6 runs about $6.50. Target had them on sale last week for $5 something....I picked up 3 boxes..

Michelle....thanks for that chart - that's great to have...

Comment #10

I see Amazon and carries these but at a much higher price than that of WalMart. At Amazon, the price for a carton of two packages of six is over $17 so that makes it much higher than Walmart...

Comment #11

I avoid these kind of bars at all cost. They contain maltitol and it really doesn't agree with me. The protein content is great, but I'd rather have a luna bar, they don't contain the toxic maltitol...

Comment #12

I get mine at Target when they go on sale...

Comment #13

We only have two Targets near me and they are 80+ miles away in opposite directions. It has been ages since I've been in a Target as I only did it when I had another reason to be in that location..

However, we get them, these bars are real winners!..

Comment #14

Great!!!!!!! I have a Target a couples miles away AND a $50.00 gift card that has been burning a hole in my pocket..

Kurban I appreciate your comments. I haven't had a problem with Malitol that I know of. But I definitely don't want to have bars for lunch every day for sure. It's just nice to have when I'm in a pinch. I'm heading for some major overtime soon and I need a good back up when I don't have time to fix up what I'd really like to have..

I will read up more on Malitol, I know after I read so much about Splenda I cut way back on that and switched to Truvia or Stevia but then I hear things about that too. And it snowballs from there........ It can get a bit overwhelming analyzing it all. I remember reading a book by Susan Powder, can't quite remember her last name. It was called Food, and every chapter was more horrifying than the last. By the time I was done my mind was spinning.

It's a hard balance these days trying to be informed and make the right choices and then finally giving up and rolling my eyes at all the various studies and announcements and backtracking from prior annoucements.......... Hurts my head! Jillian..

Comment #15

I can eat splenda until it's coming out of my ears. Maltitol or sorbitol give me horrible gas and the runs. Maybe a diet technique?..

Comment #16

LOL Kurban, the question is SHOULD you eat splenda until it's coming out your ears??!?!.

I have a friend who just loves all the sugar free stuff with splenda. I really try to limit myself........ But then again like I said... It's just TOO MUCH!!!!!!!!.

So I try the moderation approach to everything. A couple bars a week, a couple coffees with the splenda sugarfree syrups a week, as many fruits and veges as I can handle which I'm loving more and more each week!.

I'm excited about this Pure Protein Bar because I just tried another one that I heard was great. It was wonderslims peanut butter crisp. Seriously no where NEAR the flavor or texture of the Fudge Graham Bar. I'd love to find a good bar so I pick more lunches that are not bar related.

I'm heading for Target tomorrow. Maybe I'll buy some luna bars which I've never tried just to compare!!!!!!!!!!! Jillian..

Comment #17

I've had the Luna Bar which comes in various sizes. There was one which I liked to use as a dessert as it was just slightly larger than a brownie. I've also had the mini-Luna bars but didn't care for them..

Here are the stats for the regular Luna bar from the Luna Bar site as I don't have any handy right now:.

The core nutritional profile of LUNA bar has not changed. Each 1.69 oz (48g) LUNA Bar has around 170-190 calories with 8-9g protein and 3-5g fiber. It is also low glycemic, high in calcium and folic acid, and rich in antioxidants (Vitamins A, C and E). Each bar has 3.5-7g fat and 11-13g sugar depending on the flavor...

Comment #18

Thanks Jean, you are really setting me up well here. Perfect timing to have the Target gift card and about 4 more days before I can switch my next auto delivery! I'm sensing this will be my most well thought out order yet! I'm trying to order every other month at this point, this really helps!.


Comment #19

I found Pure Protein bars at Albertson's tonight, bought a couple, but every one I saw had 200mg Sodium, not 75mg. I got the Chocolate Deluxe and the Peanut Butter Chocolate. The rest of the stats matched those listed above. I wonder why the ones I found had almost 3 times the Sodium content? I'm not sensitive to Sodium and the NutriSystem bars do have more (and I've eaten those practically every day for over 4 years), but I just thought it was interesting that the Sodium was so much higher than I expected based on the posted stats. Think they've changed the formulation and I have newer (or older) versions? And, warning, I found Pure Protein bars from 200 calories to 310 calories. Read the labels carefully...

Comment #20

Thats good to know Pam. Ill watch out for the counts! And Ill let you all know what I find and what the sodium is. I think watching the sodium count is important.

Many of the lunches with Nutrisystem that I like are over 500 mg of sodium but the Fudge Graham bar is only 200 mg. I guess that takes me back to moderation of all things&&....

Comment #21

I take Pam's suggestion for Zone Perfect bars. She always recommends them. I find them in boxes of 5 and stock up. Love them. sandy..

Comment #22

The stats I got came from the box of the Pure Protein Chcolate Deluxe of six 1.76 oz bars. I just double checked the box and then checked the stats on the bar. What I posted agrees with what is on the box and on the individual bars. I still like these as they are very satisfying and taste great. I have tried Zone Perfect some time ago but don't remember how well I liked them. I just remember I went from them to the Kashi Go Lean meal bars which also are very good...

Comment #23

Some of the bars you buy individually have higher stats and are bigger than the ones you get the boxes. That might be the case here. I have noticed it on other brands..

Comment #24

Just got back from Target ! Wow, I forgot how great their prices are on various things. I'm glad you all mentioned them, I'm now totally stocked up indefinitely on various items that cost much more at a regular grocery store!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Ok so here is what I picked based on your input..........

Luna ProteinCookie Dough180 cal, 6 fat, 21 carb, 3fiber,15 sug, 12 Protein, 230 sodium, Cost $5.99 for 6, serving size 1.60 oz.

Pure ProteinChocolate Deluxe-180 cal, 4.5 fat, 17 carb, 2 fiber, 2 sugar, 4 sugar alcohol, 20 protein, 75 mg sodium, Cost 5.99 for 6, serving size 1.76 oz.

Pure ProteinChocolate Peanut Butter-200 cal, 6 fat, 16 carb, 1 fiber, 2 sugar, 6 sugar alcohol, 20 protein, 200 mg sodium, Cost 5.99 for 6, serving size 1.76 oz.

Dark Zone PerfectDark Chocolate Carmel Pecan190 cal, 7 fat, 20 carb, 1 fiber, 13 sugar, 12 Protein, 220 sodium, Cost 4.34 for 5, 1.58 oz.

I never even knew this aisle existed. I'm now totally invested in trying these and eating them whether I like them or not. And I know based on your comments, I'm pretty sure I'll like them just fine..

NOW, to adjust my lunch order ONE last time!!!!!!! Thrilled to add more of the 3 cheese chicken and Fett Alfredo so I can eat my new addiction tuna casserole hot or cold indefinitely!.

Thanks for starting this Jean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And everyone's comments!.


Comment #25

I am headed to WalMart this afternoon and will look for the protein bars. However, I also suggest the vanilla protein powder - either whey or soy. Packs a punch, since protein helps you feel full. I put it in coffee, or in crystal light drinks..

But I confess, I am not driven by taste or eatting. As long as I can put cinnamon on it or feel full, I am happy..... and if it doesn't have a lot of chocolate...

Comment #26

Jillian, thanks for the great comparative statistics. You have to admit that these are great options when not using Nutrisystem food. I'm flexing so my Costco delivery will last two months with no problem. In fact, I've flexed so many meals this past week, that I'm off to delay my order again...

Comment #27

Yes Jean, I really do feel better and better all the time that I can do this no matter what. I do think Nutrisystem foods are affordable and great but the more I can balance them out with food I can get down the street the better and more confident I feel!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #28

I've used both the Luna bars and those divine dark chocolate almond Zone Perfect bars I'll look for these other protein bars on my next Target trip (the plus for me being that DH is too sensitive to the sugar alcohols to sneak 'em all away from me LOL)...

Comment #29

I had the Pure Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter bar for lunch today and really enjoyed it! Here are the stats for the one I had (still not sure what the difference is in the one I had and the one with less sodium):.

Net Weight: 1.76 oz (50g).

Calories: 200.

Calories from fat: 60.

Total Fat: 6g.

Sodium: 200mg.

Carbs: 16g.

Protein: 20g..

Comment #30

Ok, it's official - I have to try these now I love my Nutrisystem fudge graham bar almost as much as Pam does, so if she likes these I probably will too LOL..

Comment #31

I also had the Chocolate Peanut Butter one today. I did go back on the stats I posted awhile ago to up the sodium on that one to 200. It has more sodium than the Chocolate Deluxe one..

It was seriously good. And I always thought the Fudge Graham Bar was the best ever. If the Fudge Graham bar had 20 grams of protein also, I'd probably still get a number of them. Since they don't I'll get a few because I really really love them. But the Chocolate Peanut butter was so good that I know even if I liked nothing else. I could live on these easily!!!!!!! LOL.

I think my biggest problem might be wanting to have an extra one when I'm not supposed to!!!!..

Comment #32

Thanks for changing that, Jillian. I thought I was going CRAZY. I kept reading that label and looking at your posting and my head was spinning...LOL..

Comment #33

Oh NO Pam!!!!! Sorry for the head spinning, right after I ate it, I looked at the wrapper and realized it had higher sodium! I'm guessing each one may have some differences with the main similarity that it's 20 grams of protein...............

On an off note: I posted on your page awhile ago about your blueberries in salad!..

Comment #34

I saw it, Jillian...and almost licked the screen...LOL.

Went to a local farmstand yesterday and got some fresh picked blueberries (smaller size than the ones I normally get at Costco). Made them in a Paul's Bundt Cake this morning...HEAVEN!.

Poured Walden Farms Blueberry Syrup on top, a dollop of Cool this lifestyle.....

Comment #35

LOL, me too Pam, I'm buying lots of blue berries all the time and freezing up what I don't eat right away!!!.

I actually think chopping up one of these protein bars into hunks and then throwing some blue berries on them with rheddi whip on top would be a nice little chocolate/blueberry meal...............

Comment #36

I went to the movies this afternoon and one of the Chocolate Deluxe bars went in my purse with me. The movie was 148 minutes! So I enjoyed my bar when others in the theater were rustling their candy bar wrappers. Mmmm..

Comment #37

Jegaf, thanks for reminding me! I need to open these boxes and throw a few in my purse before I forget again!!!!!!!!!! You never know when a long day goes longer or you are suddenly at the movies surrounded by bad food temptations!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #38

This sounds wicked! I mean absolutely delicious. These bars go everywhere, so they are great for emergency use. I didn't pack these but when I went to Australia, I packed the Kashi Go Lean bars...

Comment #39

I prefer the taste of the Cliff's Builder bars. Particularly chocolate. however they are high 200s in calories. goes well for travel or something to avoid getting too hungry and bingeing (good to keep in briefcase). Like the Nutrisystem bars, they are very tasty and relatively low bulk, versus a soup or a hot entree, so just something to watch out for...

Comment #40

Which ones? LOL I know my grocery store carries the Kashi and Clif bars, and Target and Walgreens carry the Zone Perfect and the Pure Protein ones (as do GNC stores). I think the earlier posters mentioned Walmart, I don't know because I don't shop there. You can also look for deals online. So many choices, so many bars Yum!!..

Comment #41

See post 28, I had just got back from Target and broke down 4 different bars and their cost. I didn't Cliff or Kashi, so I'm not sure if they had those choices too or not. Good luck!..

Comment #42

Dark Zone Dark Chocolate Carmel Pecan, Had this one today. WOW!!!!!!! Seriously better than ANY candybar I've ever had. NOT even kidding a little bit. And the texture is different almost like a cookie but with this layer of amazing chocolate/carmel/pecans on it. WOW, oh sorry I already said that............

Comment #43

O.k., you've sold me on trying these but Walmart didn't gave a good variety of Zone bars when I was last there. Off to see if carries them. If so, the price will not be right compared to the other stores..

ETA: has them at 12 bars for $16.99...

Comment #44

They are worth searching out!!!!!!!! Especially on days I don't plan to exercise much or at all, I'm not so worried about 20 grams of protein in one bar........ So today this was a good choice and I'm so glad someone chimed in and brought up these bars!!!!! I'm so set as far as bars go now..

Major relief and lots of good food coming my way from Nutrisystem that aren't bars!!!!!!..

Comment #45

I just found Pure Protein bars last friday at Walmart. 6 for $5.00. Really like the choco chip and the choco peanut butter. I like the zone bars too. My fav is still the fudge graham bar though. I haven't tried the Zone dark choco caramel pecan one though but it's now on my list. Thanks everyone, Nancy..

Comment #46

I bought one of the chocolate deluxe Pure Protein bars today at the store. Trying to eat it now but it has a weird taste to me. Not sure I can eat this..

Comment #47

I hope you end up liking it. I put mine in the fridge, or sometimes in the freezer like a charleston chew...

Comment #48

The chocolate deluxe is one of my favorites; however, we all don't like the same things...

Comment #49

That's true. I guess I always hope that we can find a way for everyone to like everything. lol..

Comment #50

I could not eat it. Gave it go my hubby and got me a Healthsmart Chocolite turtle bar.

It was bitter to me and had an after taste...

Comment #51

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