Pros and Cons of as compared to yahoo small business?

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My first question is: Pros and Cons of as compared to yahoo small business?.

My next question is: I want to tip my hat to NameJet, I know I have moaned about them in the past, but this time they did something right by me. I had entered into some auctions where I wasn't the winning bidder. After I lose, I move on. Well, apparently it doesn't work like that. When the winning bidder defaulted, the domains went back to auction weeks later, with me as the winning bidder without even realizing it.

I got dinged for 13 HostGator purchases that I did not want or need (as money had been allocated elsewhere). I didnt realize at the time what was going on and submitted a ticket with my complaint.

I was surprised to hear this morning that they would refund the HostGator names that were "won" in this manner as a one time curtesy.

Again, I thank Elisha. It was a slow process via ticket, but it appears she got the job done...

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Your question was: Pros and Cons of as compared to yahoo small business?.

Glad to hear you worked it out, but I'm sure you agree that they really shouldn't be doing that in the first place. Making a one-time exception on a horrible policy doesn't make it much better in my book..

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Did your bid start over again at the $69 bids?..

Comment #2

I think it drops down to the bid before the defaulting one..

I like snapnames policy though. If a winner defaults, they reduce the price and offer it to the second highest bidder. If he / she wants it, it's okay, else the name is sent back to the auctions...

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I don't think under any circumstances that the second-highest bidder should ever be responsible for his bid after the auction has ended. I'm glad NameJet did the right thing in this case, though...

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Well, when this happens, they are willing to remove you from the auction - While the auction is being re-run. The only problem is that I have nearly 100 auctions at any given time - making it difficult to monitor.

So - if the winner defaults and you dont want to be in the auction on the rerun - submit a ticket.

I agree, it's not a great system, However - they are willing to work with you.


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So you're saying if this happens again to you specifially they'll remove you? From your original post it seemed like you were saying that it was a one time thing, and now that you know you'll be held liable if the winner backs out...

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Lemme Clarify.

When the winning bidder defaults. The auction restarts with 2 or so days left where it left off with the next bidder in line. I had several of these occur where I had won because the winner defaulted.

You can opt out of the Auction if you email them, when it's re-run. In this case, the auctions had closed again for the second time without me realizing what was happening.


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If this was addressed in TOS I would have to accept it but if not then I would be quite upset to see funds deducted when I was not expecting them to be. Spade noted it was a bit of a surprise. I don't like surprises with my money I thnk an "opt in" email would be more amiable. (IMhumbleO) I agree w/ Krossat on this 100%. Lowering the price is an added touch of class and good policy...

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So if they made an exception this one time. What's going to happen, the next time this happens?..

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Not this. I will make sure to be monitoring my account closely in the event domains do come back around another time. I dont want this to occur again.


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The answer is for a lot of people to send tickets every day for each auction they do not win, opting out. After a short time NJ will get the idea...

Comment #11

Don't tip your hat too far. as far as i'm concerned are the biggest bunch of c*nts in this industry, and thats saying something. support is nonexistent..

Between them and the standard netsol they truly are awful.

2 months later I still dont have a HostGator I paid for. I cannot speak low enough of these arsewipes and have tried everything. trust me I'm pretty resourceful but if you get a problem with you are screwed, be warned..

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