Problems with Hosting, FTP, Frontpage...the works. Help!

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My first question is: Problems with Hosting, FTP, Frontpage...the works. Help!

My next question is: I was checking out some dot ca names and was available..

So I went to for a free apraisal.I think it said 20bucks,so there is a link "buy this domain" so I click it and it goes to a sedo page and says this name is already registered,so I went to netfirms and registered it.They would have snagged it why would they say it is already taken when it wasnt......

At estibot again I arpaise worthless...I click buy this HostGator link and back to sedo they say it is already registered,so I switch tabs and bought it after they say it was already egestered....

Same thing with sedo said it was already registered and it wasnt but if I hadnt done it it would be gone for sure they find out someone is interested and steal it.I got a good name I am gonna appraise at estibot and do the same thing click buy it and go to sedo and they will say it is already registered when it wont be and I will see how long before it gets registered.Trust nobody in this business.

Same thing they say it is already registered and it isnt I will see how long before it gets registered,.

Sedo are thieves,.

Go ahead go to and appraise and it says 20 spot underneath it says "aquire this domain" and click it it goes to sedo and says taken..

The go to and search in the box it is still available..

Someone registered but not

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Your question was: Problems with Hosting, FTP, Frontpage...the works. Help!

I tries as well as that is where I live and it says registered,so I dont know,fishy though..

Comment #1

And I think sedo would be more than happy if you registered that with them$$$$.

And that name ,well I tried it with .ca instead of .com and it said it was registered.........

Comment #2

So that means it's a WHOIS Lookup issue. Sedo is not trying to do it on purpose.

Some glitch maybe. Now it is a glitch or done manually to earn $$$'s that only sedo knows...

Comment #3

Search directly from

And coolCats? Must be a Newfoundlander.....

Comment #4

True, only Sedo knows why they do it. But, I'm starting to think it is so they can make the money from the regs of names that get zilth whois data returned (instead of as they should -note sometimes it does show this way on their site- saying the status of the whois is unavailable). A glitch done on purpose, I believe, because the same glitch has been there for I don't know how long without them even trying to fix it. But a glitch it is.

Take looking up "eu" :

This results in:. already registered. already registered [Registry Reserved]. already registered [Registry Reserved]. available <<<<< Even the official registry for .info (Afilias) says it is available to register via their website, yet ALL 1-2 character .infos are reserved by the registery (not sure if used internally as intended). available <<<<< .mobi registry (dotMobi) says it can't be registered (mentions being reserved on website when try whois)...but returns no whois data as being registered to the registry. already registered. already registered.

Some TLD's (ccTDL's and Generic) are just glitchy, and Sedo just doesn't care to fix their systems to read what the whois returns (or the lack of actual returned data) correctly. If it can't be found, say so, and if it comes back with the registry's data-text for reserved or taken, say so...either way...Sedo seems to be saying "We are not sure, but take this link and go try registering it, just in case, so that if you're successful we make money off you."..

Comment #5

Humm... true. They should just say We are not sure. But well if they are not sure then telling it is available is wrong..

Comment #6

I think two things are happening here:.

1. Estibot is showing the "acquire this domain" link when it really shouldn't.

2. SEDO is treating all .ca domains as registered even when they are not.

I don't think you are at any risk for having the names grabbed from in front of your nose, there is nothing sinister here; just imperfect software.

The "acquire this domain" link on Estibot is intended to be shown for already registered domains, to point the users to SEDO's broker service in case they wish to acquire the HostGator from the current owner.

Estibot doesn't do a whois check for .ca domains so it offers the "acquire this domain" link just in case. For the top .tld's it will not show this link if the HostGator name is available; rather it will show that the HostGator is available and also a "register this domain" link.

-> this is mea culpa so I'm going to have to improve here. I'll put a more complete whois check on my to-do list.

I'll talk to SEDO about this and I'll let you know what they have to say.

Thanks for reporting this bug..


Comment #7

Why would sedo bother to steal your HostGator name? Doesn't make sense economically wise. I dont believe in conspiracy theorieis..

Comment #8

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