GoDaddy reviews : Advise I sign up for GoDaddy?? Problem with Registrar Please Read

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Hello, I recently regged some names and without knowing one of the names was a "premium doamin" .I proceeded with check out not even noticing a ridiculas price for the total..

I went to the bank just to find out it was more than 1K over drawn,.

I thought I was hacked, scammed etc.I backtracked and found out that the name I supposedly regged had a huge price tag attched which I didn't see.This call to the reg was less than 48 hrs after the purchase and I was told I can't get a refund because of the name belonging to someone else.I called again and the same story.This purchase was made mistakenly and I can't believe that I'm getting a story that "sorry you clicked the accept button".

Any advise ?? I called paypal & notified my bank that I'm NOT authorizing this payment but it might be too late.

Please Help"".

Regards, Topahatter..

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By doing that, the other domain names you registered with that "premium" one.

Might be locked up. Domain providers generally regard billing disputes (such as.

Chargebacks) as fraud no matter the circumstances, so they might block your.

Access to them until you resolve that.

Only other option I can think of is to talk to one of the provider's supervisors.

And try to work something out. Good luck...

Comment #1

Yep, tried talking to a supervisor & no satisfaction. It is truly amazing that this would be considered fraud to them (chargeback) being that this was a definate mistake and I contacted them on it to advise them of such...

Comment #2

What's the domain or at least the extension? Hard to believe you didn't notice the price during checkout...

Comment #3

That's how I felt in some similar cases I had back then. But...I was trained to.

Assume they're telling the truth anyway, and refund them in some exceptional.


If anything, it can teach one (whoever it is) to be more responsible for any of.

Their subsequent actions...

Comment #4

This sounds like the method GoDaddy is employing: If you search for a name, sometimes it comes up as a "premium" domain (with a high price) and the checkbox is checked as though you want to buy it (do a GoDaddy search for onlineteaching/net). If you don't uncheck the box, it stays in your checkout if you bought something else.....and if you aren't paying attention, it will slip through checkout.

Overall, putting that checkmark in the box that's for sale as a premium is shady at best. To not issue a refund for an honest mistake is deplorable.

I sympathize with you if your problem was with GoDaddy; they are not helpful at all on stuff like this. A couple of weeks ago, I accidentally confused "" for what I thought was "" and did a buy-it-now on GoDaddy's TDNAM. Even though I caught the mistake in five minutes, GoDaddy would not void the transaction (even though it was meant to be my opinion)...went clear to the president's office last luck...

Comment #5

It sounds as if Godaddy is a bunch of crooks - I haven't had any problems with them myself yet but I guess I've been lucky - I will certainly be very careful in future - sorry to hear about your predicament TH I hope Paypal allow you to cancel the sale..

Comment #6

Tophatter, My response may come across the wrong way but my intentions are only meant to show the other side.

You have said that you didnt realize it was a premium name and that you would have never regged it had you known, Hypothetically had you gottent this premium name for a regular fee would you have been claiming you were scammed? Think about this situation for a minute, this is the business you have chosen to be in and almost all registrars are the same they offer you the ability to lookup names and if a name is available they all usually list the price right beside the name with a little checkmark (your responsibilty to check) you then have to proceed to your checkout and this is where you usually find the total amount you are to pay for everything in your cart again you have to verify and sometimes even enter your password to proceed. And at anytime you can clear/delete any domain from your cart.

Its very hard to believe that a registrar hid these amounts from you if they are at all reputable us veterans would have heard this story a hundred times.

I personally think that you made a mistake and because of the high cost and no quick return you got cold feet and are blaming the registrar, Chalk it up as a learning experience and be more careful when registering domains.

I am probably the biggest GODADDY hater here just goes to show that the cheapest registrar isnt always the best.

Best of luck with your situation, just remember this is why places like Moniker allow tasting and you can do returns on most ext's..

Comment #7

NO there's NO cold feet what so ever, never said it was GoDaddy. I'm just saying that there was Absolutly NO intent to buy A premium name at a premium price.Buying a domain at a registration price is what the thought was. A horrible mistake & just having a discussion & I appriciate your opinion.


Comment #8

This happen to me just yesterday. I was regging a name and when I went to the payment proccess I just noticed on the last page that there was a $800 Premium Domain on my Cart. I was one step away from spending $850 That I didnt haveAnd it was GoDaddy. ( I have never had a problem with godaddy before) I dotn blame GoDaddy as much as I am glad I am aware of what is going on but I can see why this mistake might happen...

Comment #9

I think the issue is more a matter of these places that automatically check and add options to your cart that you aren't aware of, or make it extremely hard to notice. GoDaddy is notorious for this. If you dont navigate the mine field carefully, you'll end up with 2 years of regs, some hosting, some other various extensions, an "I love Bob Parson's" tshirt and a subscription to the Cookie of the Month Club.

How would you feel if you went to the store to buy a few things and everytime you turned to look at an item on the shelf an employee ran buy and threw something in your cart?..

Comment #10

When I am domaing anything at godaddy I double-check, double-check, double-check and double-check again.

The page is full of information and if you dont read it carefully you will buy something you didnt want to.

Because of these double-check "series" I have never had problems there..

Comment #11

For this same reason I always generate a virtual CC number for $100 to $150. Most companies have a real time api in place that checks if you have that amount on the card. If the amount is too big they give a CC related error. If I know that I will renew that name next year, I just go to account options and change the domain to renew with CC card on file..

I use Godaddy for all the above....

Comment #12

This happened to me with GoDaddy. I caught it but I have to say that I did not know they were doing this so I could just as easily of missed it...

Comment #13

Sounds like a .TV domain to me. They charge higher prices to register premium domains, which are often already registered by somebody else. If your registrar offers a 5 day refund policy, point to that and ask for a refund. If they refuse to honor that clause they'll be obliged to point to their ToS which they are sticking to. Chances are not good though...

Comment #14

I deal there often. The premium names are highlighted and marked. I've never had any trouble deciphering what got listed when I searched. I checked the one at Moniker and it was listed as "For Sale" in a different bo, since they weren't the reistrar, I guess.

Always read carefully. Especially any EULA's on downloads to see what you're agreeing to...

Comment #15

Could have been, but GoDaddy and others are now putting already registered domains in line with regular registrations, and offering direct purchase options, similar to an integrated TDNAM... The OP's choice of "premium" as the title does suggest a .tv name, but try what Verbster said above.

Go to and search for "" - it will automatically be selected, and I'll be dammed if it doesn't look just like a regular registration - the "excited" hyperbole above the registration is the same on all GoDaddy pages.

For those too lazy to try it out, the text is below, although it doesn't quite do it justice... is available as a Premium Domain Name!.

This Premium Domain Name can be purchased for $1,690.00..

What is a Premium Domain Name?.

Check the domain names that you would like to register below. Why you need multiple domains.

Tips From An Expert.

.net* .com* .info* .org* .mobi* .tv .us.




Domain price.

$1,690.00 .










Not Available.


Available .



Save $20.00! .




Comment #16

If the funds were deducted via ACH (PayPal "eCheck"; a misnomer since it has nothing to with checks), then what likely will happen (probably did already) is the ACH will be reversed by your bank the following business day.

PayPal can retry the ACH withdraw upto 2 additional times - so keep your bank account balance very low until the attempts have been exhasted; request your bank to block ACH withdrawals from PayPal - not guaranteed, so keep account balance low regardless.

With all that said, it's possible your bank may choose not to reverse the ACH despite you having insufficient funds ... in which case, you'll need to file a complaint with PayPal to try to get the ACH reversed; you could file a complaint with your bank claiming fraud, but be careful if going that route - perhaps others here have some detailed suggestions as to how to proceed with a fraud claim filing.


Comment #17

I experienced with dotster.

I searched for and to my surprise (which available in other site search).

Went to premium domain and a make offer link came for that tld.

But I know available so didnt registered there..

Comment #18

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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