GoDaddy service : Should I buy GoDaddy?? Problem with Google??

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Wait for the answer, you should receive with in 72 hrs. I think there is no problem with the name itself, However you should not make anything "look like" google (color of Quogle, for example).

You will not get any problem if you always keep your site small (lol)..

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Well IMHO you name is quite diffrent and should not have any problems but do let us know what their response was...

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You will have problems if they look at your site. As I mentioned in another thread, you can be in trouble. You copied the look and feel of google, spelled in lower case, they can be confusingly similar. What is your point of your development so far?.

(costum search engine - new project of google).

Did they ask you to do it?? I am guessing no. So it appears you are looking to somehow profit from this.....

Comment #2

Your site is a complete rip off of google and nothing more...

Comment #3

What are you kidding? neobodhi nailed it. You simply cloned Google. Rose Hagen is going to smack you around and take your name - deservedly so.

You should immediately take down your site. Check your logs to see if they have already seen it. If not, just COMPLETELY change your content and theme.

That was a waste of your time. Try doing something original (on an original name). That way no one can take it away from you.

Good luck and welcome to NamePros...

Comment #4

Well since you already registered the domain.

So probably the solution is to use it for something else not related to search engines.

Like, selling clothes online.......

Comment #5

Boy someone just blew it didn't they...


It's funny how often people email the company they are trying to infringe on. Such a bad move for the most part. That's like stealing candy from a baby then asking the mom if they kid would like a bite...

Comment #6

Website copyright infringement.

If it looks like poo and smells like`s poo....forgive the pun.

I had to edit this - advice: get it offline quick....they`ll eat you for breakfast and blacklist the domain from search listings...oh did I mention they will probably freeze your adsesnse account too....double ouch.....

Comment #7

Yes I agree you deserve to get smacked down live on video ... than have it uploaded to youtube...

Comment #8

Looks ok now, cant see google having a problem..

Comment #9

Listen I am not an expert from from laymans view it looks like your trying to copy the google logo, and the powered by google bit under logo is deceptive too......maybe somebody with more legal experience can that I mean maybe somebody who has been sued for copyright infringement....looks good though lol....but thats because it looks like google...

Your domain name is 4/6`s of googles brand/ tm and your logo is similar and you have google in your logo so it's still VERY possible they wont be happy....immitation plus your using googles search tech. which adds to the evidence ....but hey wait and see let us know....

I wouldnt do it, and I certainly wouldnt have emailed them to ask there opinion.....oh missing an "e" in power-e-d.

PS. Get your hands on any adsense earnings your owed quickly.....just in case..

Comment #10

Be careful how much information you disclose in postings......

Comment #11

Looks like the site is still up. did you ever get a email back from google?..

Comment #12

Be prepared just in case to hand over your domain name. Prob wasn't the brightest move to make your page look identical besides the spelling. Good luck please tell us how this turns out...

Comment #13

Honestly, what are you hoing to accomplish? It is very obvious you are trying to ride off of Google brand name. Yeah, you changed the site a bit, but if your purpose is commercial gain in some sort of fashion, then you registered the domain in bad faith. Sorry to be blunt, but first you copied google exactly, then you changed it a bit, but by looking at the new changes, I would think it was part of Google. I don't believe you are doing it maliciously, just a little niave...

Comment #14


Maybe remove the powered by google and the google search bar would help?..

Comment #15

Aside from the legal aspects, I have to ask why you would even waste time with this? Why is anyone going to use your search, when they could just use Google? Your site, aside from being completely unknown, has only web search, where Google has like 20 different search categories...

Plus it seems to me that you're using the Google Search for Adsense and also displaying Adsense ads, yet you're site has absolutely no content. Even if Google was ok with you using that domain name, they're still going to ban your Adsense account...

Comment #16

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