Problem with ASP.NET server setup to connect to my godaddy SQL database?

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My first question is: Problem with ASP.NET server setup to connect to my godaddy SQL database?.

My next question is: Hoping for some better results than tdnam and moniker , has it worked for you ?

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Your question was: Problem with ASP.NET server setup to connect to my godaddy SQL database?.

Not one bite from Afternic at all. That's just my experience...

Comment #1

Me neither - I've been there almost a year - cost $20 I think - not a bite either, don't think I'll be renewing - not a bite from Sedo either but at least it's free..

Comment #2

I've had a few offers on Afternic. I get more offers on Sedo, but the offers on Sedo are usually worthless ($350 for a trip premium

Comment #3

I do better with Afternic then Sedo. I get offers from time to time, and some have resulted in sales. Just sold one on Afternic, waiting for payment to clear.


Comment #4

Afternic, and their premium service, has been worthless to me...

Comment #5

Yeah, lol, 'premium service'...i love that one...has anyone actually been contacted by an account manager??..

Comment #6

The crazy thing is at DNJournal you see tons of Afternic domains sold at decent prices but it seems all I read on this forum about Afternic is how useless their site is and how expensive.

If thats the case who is selling all of those domains? Surely some NP posters must be or not? I dont get it. I have some decent domains on afternic (cost me $49 by the way to join) and NOT 1 offer since January.

Sedo has done better for me but Afternic is imho not worth the fees as many others will concur. How can that site be such a dog to so many on here but they do seem to sell alot? I guess if they have millions of domains listed then many get lost in the mix? Sedo has 11.5 million domains and they sem to have better results.

I dont know but Afternic MUST make a pile of $$$$ just from sucking in people to join upI think they should refund a % of your fee back if you get 0 offers after a period of time. It looks like alot of us would get a refund if that were the case!.

Can you imagine how loaded that company is?? They are the ones getting rich! NOT domainers per say. How many domains do you have listed with them?..

Comment #7

I've actually only recieved an offer at afternic and not sedo/moniker the past 6 months...the offer was pretty weak though!!!..

Comment #8

Well interesting , I did like to see how many have viewed my names (overnight stats) , I thought perhaps for $20 worth a chance ? ..... sedo closed my account halfway through a sale and never told me why , so they can go and !!!! so just trying other options , hard to get a big sale on a forum ?????..

Comment #9

Yeah, that's what I thought - wow, Afternic sells a lot!! Then you pay the $49 and find out the truth lol. Ouch...

Comment #10

I will not renew either and speaking of aternic what's taking them so long to accept my login details?..

Comment #11

I avoid Afternic and this is what I suggest to others when they ask me.

Afternic the years I was there had less HostGator offer page views and less offers (or no offers at all for many of them).

The only good about afternic is that I met a good domainer and sold directly 30-40 names.

Now I even removed their bookmark..

Comment #12

Same here.

I haven't received any offer from Afternic since I joined so I'm not planning to renew my membership.

Sedo isn't that great but not bad either. They are a little slow responding but I received and sold more names this year with them...

Comment #13

Glad to see that most people have the same opinion of Afternic - I thought it was just me - I never hear from my 'account manager' either, even when I send him/her/it an e-mail - all in all a very strange service but people on the forum over there seem to like it..

Comment #14

People on the forum, (discuss names) are not happy.

Many complain sales for domains on the Afternic platform are taking a back seat to the names owned by Afternics parent company Buy domains,

A large amount of Afternics members left when Afternic pulled "sin names.

Now in the forum the members are mad that Afternic is selling those same sin names, yet will they not acknowledge that publicly they are doing so.

When the old owner Michael Collins yanked every name that had sex or gambling in it out of the Afternic system when it was sold to the new owner, he was seen a short while later at a Traffic confrence raking in a pile of cash he just won by gambling in a poker game with fellow Traffic attendees. They will never live that one down in my book...

Comment #15

It only takes one sale there to have it pay off...

Comment #16

Afternic bazaar useful to me and considering how the renewal fee comes with bazaar bucks the $19.95 annual fee easily pays for itself. I don't know where the quoted $49 fee comes from as it is not correct...

Comment #17

I have also much more sales in sedo than afternic, also I have a lot of spanish domains that work much better with sedo...

Comment #18

Maybe I have opened a can of worms ??? I did send an email to the help/support section, and I got a prompt reply> I was suprised to be told that my adult names are to be reviewed ....... when I did see other adult names listed ??? I felt for $20 nothing ventured ... nothing gained ? as mentioned one sale pays the cost..

Comment #19

$49 fee was early 2008. They changed their pricing a few days afyer I joined.I complained and they said they would offer me a couple of free appraisals.

There is an Afternic rep on NP's. I suggest they read these posts. What can you do for us Afternic?? Throw us a bone! It looks like alot of domainers are fed up with your site and service...

Comment #20

Hmm..the bazaar kinda lost the appeal for me when I got hit by a scammer. He 'won' several auctions in the bazaar then didn't pay up. The bazaar sucked for me, I'm afraid, meaning Afternic has zero appeal whatsoever for me. Will NOT be renewing...

Comment #21

I have spent much time a while back making a study of the sales price average in Afternics Bazaar. The average sales price for domains in the Bazaar is under $10.00.

If that is where your HostGator strengths are go for it...

Comment #22

I was suprised to have certain names questioned ? below are the one's accepted.

These are the ones not accepted.

Waiting for their verdict on ..... LOL !!.

I wonder who decides what gets in considering some of the names i've seen there ?????????..

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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