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Reading my Medifast friend's NSV are so motivating to me, so post yours along with mine!.

I popped into Anthropologie this morning-BAD IDEA!!!!! I fit into size medium or large in their shirts, depending on the cut. I found so many things on sale that fit!!!!! They were still $70 or so, so I had to walk away because I've determined I can't pay more than $20 for any item while I am shrinking because I'm going through sizes too fast. Costco, Old Navy sales rack, TJ Maxx, and Ross are my BFFs.

I pulled my size 14 jeans out of the back of my closet (I'm in a size 16) and put them on and was bummed that I got them up but couldn't zip or button them. The I looked at the tag-they were the size 12s that I bought on Black Friday! Hello 14s, goodbye 16s! My 16s are NOWHERE near being worn out. This is a first!!!!.

A friend remarked this morning how good I look. I haven't told her that I'm dieting, so this compliment was a surprise..

I bought knee high boots that actually fit around my calves. And flattering skinny jeans in size 14 to wear under them. And a sweater dress that shows off my hourglass shape whose lumps and bumps are gone to wear over the skinny jeans that are under my new boots. I couldn't wear any of these 35 pounds ago I have to wear this outfit soon because the size 14 skinny jeans are already a little baggy..

Sassyhope < one happy Medifaster..

Comments (45)

NSV?????? I have seen this posted but don't know what it is ...I am a new MF'er..

Comment #1

Kinsale- It stands for Non Scale Victory, although I always think of New Standard Version when I see it! Anything you've had a victory that's not a number, like breaking a behavior pattern, or fitting into a new size, or exercising for can be a wide variety of things..

My 2 are.

1) I decided randomly last night to try on the next size down in jeans. (I had just gotten a hand me down pair of my exact same jeans except a size smaller about a week ago.) SO I thought I'd just see how tight they were, telling myself all the meanwhile they probably wouldn't button yet, and that my current pants were loose, but they'd tighten up when I washed them. BEHOLD! They zipped....they buttoned....and I decided to wear them to work today!.

2) A coworker was with me in the locker room the other day and said 'You're just SHRINKING aren't you?' Great moment......

Comment #2

After losing about 21lbs, my commode doesn't make cracking, destressed sound when I sit down..

Comment #3

My socks don't fit as tightly around my ankles/lower part of my calf so when I take my socks off, I don't have as much of an indent and I don't get that tingly feeling of circulation being cut off..

Not a very good NSV I think I won't be happy until I'm out of plus sizes...

Comment #4

I've gone from a size 52 to a 44. It was such a thrill to be able to go to K-Mart and buy a pair of pants...

Comment #5

Great post Sassy..

Today I am sporting cute leggings (size 14) a wonderful purple sweater dress (also size 14) and cute black boots. I have received so many compliments today. I wonder if I can get away with wearing this every day?.

On my lunch break I decided to walk a few blocks away to a shop to get my new Pandora bead (for reaching 40 lbs). I walked at a brisk pace. I didn't get out of breath. Amazing that my thighs don't feel like I've got whole walruses strapped to them now...

Comment #6

I survived the 30 minute drive home with the smell of McDonald's fries emanating throughout my entire vehicle. I did not eat ONE SINGLE FRY!!!!..

Comment #7

I've had two people - one yesterday and one today - FINALLY notice! They both said, "Have you lost weight?".

That felt good. I was beginning to wonder if anyone would ever say anything...great motivator!..

Comment #8

Mine was on black Friday... I got to go shopping in the regular size department. No more plus size for me. I actually got a pair of size 14 pants for work and a large top..


Comment #9

Mine was getting into a pair of black dress pants that have been sitting in my closet for years! LOL! Its prob. been about 3 1/2 years since I was able to wear them, and they are a size down from where I have been! Woohoo! But, Im hoping they get too big really soon!..

Comment #10

I wore a pair of pants to work today that I couldn't get over my hips this time last year!.

Hooray for NSVs!..

Comment #11

1) I am not cold today - because, I am wearing jeans I could not get up when I started this in Oct, and they do not feel too tight, I have had them on all day, and have been working like a maniac in my house. Up and down stairs, up and down ladders, moving furniture, my only problem is they are riding on my hips and so are longer then they used to be on me, so they drag on the floor, and I have to pull them up a little every once in a while. I can live with it.

2) Also wearing a long john's shirt I have not been able to get past my boobs for a long time. It looks good, so do my boobs!.

3) I did not get tired today, or sore, but I did have to stop and eat some soup and crackers because I was afraid I was feeling a little woozy from running around like a maniac. That is cool, eating because I NEED to eat. )..

Comment #12

I'll join in here! My most recent NSV I went to Lanebryant for the black friday sales and I decided to get some jeans. Well the last pair I bought was a size 16 down from a 20. I tried a 14 the last time and they wouldnt button. This was about a month ago. Well I left the store buying size 14's and they fit perfect. No sucking in to button nothing.

I havent hit my three month mark yet and Im down 3pants sizes and a few pounds short of 50!!..

Comment #13

I am down 5 sizes and I have a new definition of what fits. Used to be if I could zip my slacks and still breathe I would wear them to work with an untucked shirt or a long jacket. Now I can tuck my shirts in and breathe, sit, bend at the waist and wear a belt to hold my pants at my waist rather than hide the missing button that popped off or won't button...

Comment #14

While shopping at Target my husband couldn't find me. He later told me that when he was looking for me he didn't recognize me because I look so different from the back. Mentally he was still looking for a woman 20lbs heavier!..

Comment #15

I was in the shower and was washing my neck. Freaked out because there was these 2 lumps that were really hard at the base of my throat and my heart started really pounding and I leaned my head back and it seemed to smooth out some. My thinking was I am working so hard to get healthy how can this be? When I finally realized it was bones where the collar bones meet I laughed till I cried. I haven't felt them in over 30 years and had forgotten they were supposed to be there!!!..

Comment #16

On Thursday I was told I was skinny by someone I hadn't seen in a few weeks. Then yesterday I was asked if I was losing weight and told that I looked great by someone I hadn't seen in 2 weeks. It felt great to have people notice, especially the second one who didn't know I was trying to lose weight...

Comment #17

I love reading these. They make me smile. LOL @ the collarbones thing and the husband not recognizing his wife from the back!.

Yesterday I had another NSV. A man in my work-out group told me I looked great and asked if I had lost weight...

Comment #18

Last night I went to my DD's band concert. The auditorium has movie theatre style chairs, except sized for middle schoolers, and when I sat down I didn't touch either side with my hips!! Big deal for someone who had to cram their fat into seats like that before, and pray it didn't break!..

Comment #19

When I look down, I can see my feet (with out my boobs and stomach getting in the way)!!..

Comment #20

I see a physical therapist twice a week for my back injury. He always pokes at my hip bones to see if they are aligned. He's used to having to press pretty hard to find the bones through the fat, but yesterday there was not much fat on the bones! I had to tell him to cool it, it hurt!!..

Comment #21

I had two wonderful compliments!!.

Thanksgiving day, my boyfriend's sister's boyfriend (haha!) was like, "Kelsey, you look great! Are you working out or something?" ^_^ Keep in mind, I actually met him for the first time two days before I started Medifast at 198lbs, so he's seen me at my biggest too!.

A few days ago, my boss's friend came in and was like, "KELSEY YOU LOOK SO THIN!" ^_^ Then asked how much I've lost and I told him about 66lbs- and his mouth DROPPED OPEN. Yeah, smile was on my face ALL DAY, haha!..

Comment #22

I realized the other day I have had no cravings! This is definitely big news in Glenn Land!.


Comment #23

Another one for me - a teacher with whom I work felt I went above and beyond in helping her and thanked me by sending me homemade tea cakes with a note to try them warm and buttered and with coffee. I immediately handed them over to the library secretary!..

Comment #24

Oh, I love this so much!!! Good for you!..

Comment #25

I'll be glad when I can post NSVs that make me excited rather than kinda curmudgeonly grudgingly accepted (like something as mundane as better fitting socksI wanna bikini, demmit), but here's a few more....

1. I actually intentionally on purpose bought salad mix with arugula in it. Before Medifast I wasn't fond of salads that had too many... leafy things in it. By that I mean, the greens looked like what falls in my yard in autumn.

2. I actually intentionally on purpose make a salad more often than not. Before Medifast I sneered at salads..

3. I actually intentionally on purpose use less dressing. Before Medifast it was the dressing I liked primarily, followed by everything else that wasn't the lettuce/green part. Egg, cheese, croutons, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives..

I'll be relieved when I can quit craving/dreaming about baked goods...

Comment #26

Aww, Leesa. Your "actually intentionally on purposes" gave me a needed smile!..

Comment #27

I went shopping with a friend yesterday for my first fitted clothing since I started MF. I walked out in a relatively loose Size 16W pant, and a XL blouse. (I didn't wear much in the way of fitted clothing when I started, but think I was in about a 24W and I know I wore a 3XL top)..

Then I wore that outfit to class today for our presentation (group project, blah blah dress professionally) and got a TON of compliments from my classmates. Because I've been wearing the same clothing all along it has been hiding some of my weight loss and they sure did notice today! I felt great! (and the presentation went well too)..

I'm planning to wear the same outfit to my husband's company holiday party :-)..

Comment #28

Geeeeez all these posts of you women moving down dress sizes had to give a guys perspective. When I started I was wearing 38 waist relaxed fit (read more room in butt area) jeans. AND they were tight on me (as the pics in my profile show). Now my 32 waist strait fit jeans are getting a little baggy looking. Im a guy NOT wedded to fashion, so I have never gotten anything other than the cheapest $10 Walmart jeans anyway, but as Ive gone from 38 slowly down thru 6 sizes, and now looking at 30 waist Ive given lots of barely used clothes away. Virtually ALL of my shirts had to be given to charity, as well as most of my T-shirts.

As I am not complaining about the cost of Medifast meals because it boils down to the question how much is your health worth? Priceless of course. Id spend whatever it took...

Comment #29

Had a party to go to last night....a jeans kinda thing. My 20's that were tight just 6 weeks ago had been traded for new 18's. (New and poorly made) The new jeans came out of the dryer with a broken zipper! UGH! So I pulled out the smaller sizes I had bought (for motivation and to be prepared.) The 14's fit! OMG! They were a little tight and a definite muffin-top, but it was for an outside party so outerwear covered it! 14! Now granted, they were the stretchy denim....I have 'denim'-denim 16's that are nowhere near close to fitting yet, but I WORE A 14 LAST NIGHT! Just had to share!..

Comment #30

My thighs don't rub together and I (finally) weigh less than my husband!..

Comment #31

Just tried on my mom's size 8 trouser jeans (from Ann taylor loft, so they're really cute) and they fit! Zipped and buttoned and everything! Still a little tight in the stomach, but in a couple weeks they should be perfect! I'm so stealing them from her! Does anyone else feel like some mistake must have been made whenever a smaller size fits? I find myself thinking, this can't be right, these must be cut big. I have never been a single digit size before!..

Comment #32

When I started this diet, at almost 300 pounds, I set two impossible goals for myself: learn to surf and climb Mt. Fuji. Last week, on my recent trip to Hawaii, I met one of those goals - I surfed. "Stand-up-and-ride-the-wave" honest to goodness surfed. I am amazed and thrilled and so grateful for that moment - I have made the impossible possible. No number on a scale even compares to this.

Proof! Action shot XD..

Comment #33

I bought medium underwear and a small/medium bath robe the other day. I am also solidly in my size 10 pants (started at 18). when I sit in an airplane seat now I have a good 2 or 3 inches on either side of my butt :-)..

Comment #34

Wow...what a bunch of Rock starts on here!!! Awesome NSV's!.

I crossed my legs comfortably the other day and now weigh less than my boyfriend. Yay!!..

Comment #35

This is a gorgeous shot what a victory! You should be so proud. Can't wait to see you at the top of Mt. Fugi. Now that is really being on top of the world shouting out how wonderful you have been to yourself...

Comment #36

My week 9 NSV is that with my husband, mother, and aunt all being hospitalized with extremely worrisome and urgent problems that took us all by surprise, I stayed TOTALLY on program. My usual under stress would have been to freeze, feel helpless, and not eat or drink, just shut down my metabolism and everything else. Not good when you are an insulin diabetic. I rallied supports to come over to help with the twins and allow me to be able to not freeze, have back up and stay focused, although still no answers and very scared, but got in all my 5 and 1 plus all my 132 ounces of water per day. Don't know how I am doing it, but it is my determination and committment. I won't be helpless ever again due to my weight or diabetes, I am beyond grateful I chose MediFast and the support here is like none other!!!! I passed this test so far..

Comment #37

Let's see....

I went ice skating for the first time in 20 years yesterday. I have always enjoyed ice skating but my anxiety kept me from doing it. Also in my part of MD there are very few skating rinks available. We went up to a festival a bit north of us and I skated. I only fell 3 times. The first two were because I was carrying my purse.

The last time was because my hubby finally got the courage to come off the rail, and he fell. I was watching him and lost my balance. Fell right in front of him.

I saw someone that I haven't seen in a few months today. She cant' believe how good I look. I had on a baggy fleece and sweats. I had just run into Best Buy for a moment.....

Comment #38

After I read everyone's it brought such a smile to my face. Congratulations to all of you!!!! What a great thing NSV's are. They are the best of all. I left out that on Friday with all my adrenalin going on at work with the stress, I forgot to take my cane and walked the entire place without it until realizing it later. Just floored me. At first I thought it was my stress adrenaline and then said, no I AM CHANGING!!!!!!..

Comment #39

Crossed my legs easily this morning without having to rest my foot against the chair in front of me!..

Comment #40

Going to Mexico for Christmas and can FINALLY fit into the board shorts I bought this summer! Guess I'll finally be wearing them!..

Comment #41

Went to fill up my propane tank this morning (I BBQ all year round), when I got back home, I was carrying it across the parking lot and my jeans fell down to my knees before I could grab them. I think the tank was kinda pulling them down as I walked and I didn't notice. Sheesh!..

Comment #42

This past w/e I fit into a booth at a local restaurant, normally I just ask for a table because there's so many times I can't fit in a booth...

Comment #43

Slw600 I love your NSV!!! Did you go back and get new pants?.

My mom told me on Saturday that my great aunt Esther didn't know who I was on Thanksgiving!!! She had to ask my mom who I was! We usually have large extended get togethers on Easter and Thanksgiving, so she had seen me last on Easter. She thought one of my younger cousins had brought his new girlfriend...

Comment #44

I am wearing a skirt today. I haven't worn a skirt or dress in years. And it is size 14 and above the knee. Paired with black tights and black boots. Holy cow, I am fashionable!..

Comment #45

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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