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Is it legal to send yourself an envelope, have it signs sealed and delievered to yourself (keeping it unopened) to insure a copywrite?..

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It could probably help but I doubt would be a deciding factor if for any reason you needed to prove the date of copywrite...

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That is how you copyright items such as written media in the UK not sure about the USA or any other country...

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Yea, such as song lyrics and ect correct?.

I know people that have had it done and say lawyers agree that is sufficient..

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My teacher wrote a play and thats how she copyrighted it...

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Hint: Intellectual Property is automatically copyrighted. As soon as you create something, you own the copyright. You do not have to register something to copyright it, or to enforce said copyright. That being said, when you do not register a copyright, it is much harder to enforce, therefore sending yourself a copy and not opening the envelope is useful to bring to court when trying to enforce the copyright...

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Hey do this instead:.

Mail yourself an unsealed envelope. Mail yourself a lot of unsealed envelopes.

Then, you will have a handy-dandy supply of postmarked envelopes into which you can seal anything you want to at a later date.

Then, when you get to court, you can have the judge pick a card, but not tell you what it is. Have him rip up the card into little pieces and you eat the pieces.

After you swallow the pieces, you pull out a sealed envelope with a postmark from last year and hand it to the judge.

The judge opens the envelope and....


There's a place where you can send $20 and they'll give you full instructions for the trick. It's a great one. Brings down the house at any copyright trial...

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Ya, pretty much have to agree with jberryhill's point.

Trying to copyright something with a closed envelope just doesn't work. There are about a billion ways to get something into a letter/package with an old postmark. Heck, my grandpa has an old envelope from the 1950's... perhaps I should make some crude drawings of a microchip and try to get royalties from every computer company in the world. :-).

Anyway, I used to be in a band that produced CDs for a label. And those copyrights just don't hold weight...

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That's why you do not mail with normal envelopes. You have to do a special one and it will hold up in cour sometimesDo the shipping companies even send envelopes that aren't sealed?.

Anyways check out the high-tech poor mans copywrite:

Great Idea!..

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Good resource site.

I was wondering about websites, in example, if you are the author or WHATEVER_MY_COPYRIGHT and suddenly decide to register a website, let's say and in such site you upload the whatever_my_copyright.html file with that copyrighted content, which at the same time is retrieved by and search engines that keep the content in their cache... is not all that a proof of your copyright?.

You can upload a file today and trick the date but you cannot trick the server's date when your site was created or the date of archives cached somewhere else, or do you?..

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How poor does this "poor man" have to be?.

Why not put it in that envelope, fill out the appropriate form from, enclose a check for $40 and be done with it?.

As was pointed out earlier in the thread, copyright is inherent in an original work of authorship from the moment the work is fixed in tangible form. Registration confers certain advantages, but you don't have to engage in magic mailing systems and tricky envelopes to obtain a copyright.

Look, I've seen performers get live tigers into closed bank vaults. Dang if I know how they do it, but courtroom proceedings really don't consist of pulling rabbits out of hats...

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For $40 you can get a copyright and be done with it?..

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Great! Now what am I going to do with all these unopend envelopes!.


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No, I mis-wrote.

It's $30.

General info:

Ive heard about a poor mans copyright. What is it?.

The practice of sending a copy of your own work to yourself is sometimes called a poor mans copyright. There is no provision in the copyright law regarding any such type of protection, and it is not a substitute for registration...

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All of you have been so helpful, I greatly appriciate it!..

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However when talking about a large number of works even $30 each can get very expensive...

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I have to back up and ask WHY you want to register all these copyrights. If you are interested in suing someone fro infringement, it is going to cost you a fat lot more than $30, right? Now, you own your copyright whether you register your work or not. If you feel like it, you can simply register when someone copies, and file suit on that...

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How risky would this be (waiting until someone copies)? What if that copycat registered the copyright before you did? I understand the original author still is the rightful owner of the copyright, but how much would this complicate matters?..

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Oh, then they are going to go to jail. Off the top of my head, there would be at least three federal criminal violations there...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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