Poly's hand hurts

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Anyone know anything about hands? Out of nowhere, my hand start hurting right at the base of the wrist/thumb/pam area. Hurts when I press on the area (like towards my forearm). Couldn't lift ubber body weights yesterday. Seems really trvial, but it precluded me. Went biking and tried to take it easy on handlebars, but that hurt. about to lift legs (and swim if possible)..

It just sort of came out of nowhere. No injury and also not a gradual buildup of aggravation..

Too much posting?.

It's my left hand so.....

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Your question was: Poly's hand hurts.

It could come from your handlebars not being positioned correctly for you.

It could also be a bunch of other things, including spending too much time posting on the boards strain from lifting forkfulls of poly salads?.

Give it a day or two and see if it gets better. Maybe you strained or pulled something...

Comment #1

It sounds like a DeQuervain Tendon syndrome. similar to carpal tunnel but runs down from the base of the thumb down the wrist a couple inches. A wrist support/ brace will help it. worse case senario- surgery works wonders. an ortho dr would be the one to diagnose this!..

Comment #2

I was going to say carpal tunnel or overuse syndrome..


Comment #3

That's where I was heading as well, I have had both Carpal and Ulnar/Guyon tunnel syndrome. The Guyon was caused by stressing my elbow to much (ie leaning on it too much while sitting at my desk and pinching the nerve). Both things I healed from naturally because I caught them at early enough stages and took corrective meaures.

Neck stress can also cause similar pains since the medain nerve runs all the way from the wrist up to the shoulders. (Can you tell I helped my ex study his anatomy and physiology too much when he went to massage therapy school?)..

Comment #4

Not pulsing or constant. Feel it a little more now in general after messing with it more, but it is mostly just under pressure that I feel it. Pressing a barbell. Even curling or pulling. Not tingly or numb. With pressure it sort of feels like the bone hurts..

The thumb seems to want to lie a little more flexed into the hand. Like in comparison, my right hand relaxed is more open. Starting to feel a bit down the middle of my wrist and into the forearm...

Comment #5

Maybe. Looked at it on wikipedia. I think my issues are on the palm side though. That looks like it is on the other side...

Comment #6

I have recurring carpal tunnel and have found great relief doing some simple exercises. If you decide that it is that, you could search for it on youtube to see exercise instructions..

Mine hurts more on the thumb and the hand/palm itself, not so much on the arm...

Comment #7

Yup! I had surgery for this and never any trouble after that! But the 3 years trying the splints, etc was murder! I had to have surgery because the thumb froze in place and would not I had the DeQuervain Release surgery! Make an appt. with an Ortho!..

Comment #8

Poly my scar is about an inch and right on the side of my wrist....right in line with my thumb...

Comment #9

Take a look at this page.

If you have ever used a massage therapist or know someone that has a good one, a visit to them couldn't hurt. It could just be a pinched nerve or tight muscle. Focus on the shoulders neck and arms. A professional massage therapist will be able to feel any abnormal tension or knots when working on you...

Comment #10

So it is on the Ulna side(pinkie finger side?)there is something there similar to the DeQuervain's, but I don't recall what the medical name is! only reason I know about this stuff is because I have had my right hand/wrist totally reconstructed 6 times. I don't remember all the procedures! sorry. If I think of it I will let you know. my ortho dr is my neighbor- if I run into him I will ask him!..

Comment #11

I have had this much waiting table! it was awful. I couldnt even make a fist for months! it went away after I eased up on using that hand to carry stuff. now I dont even feel it. I would say it is some form of tendinitis because what you described sounds like how mine felt..

Comment #12

You guys have given me a lot of good scoop. I am reading up on the anatomy and the different conditions you've mentioned. At first glance, have a hard time thinking it is ulnar nerve as that goes to pinky side. Maybe radial or medial seems more likely? I do lay on my elbow a lot when posting. And I am reading up on cycling and lifting issues wrt grip. I actually try to lift with an open grip and take the weight right into the base of the hand, not the pocket (to avoid golfer's elbow)..

Lot of info to process...will be back...

Comment #13

There's always good old rest, heat/ice, and anti-inflamatory meds to try for general relief - You may find a splint helps at night when you're really not doing a bloody thing for 7-8 hrs..

(I'm a 2x carpal tunnel survivor both times on the same hand exactly 1 yr apart).

Good luck Poly. Hang in there!..

Comment #14

I recommend switching hands now and again Poly..

You do know that will make you go blind, right?..

Comment #15

Errr ... I'd suggest seeing a doctor for a real diagnosis, rather than just asking people on the Internet. No offense to the folks who responded, of course...

Comment #16

Yeah...I'm going to try to get into a hand specialist or family doc tomorrow. Maybe go to the drug store and see about a splint. Pissing me off. This is the second day I have to skip lifting arms. Will do indoor cycling (like a rat). Will see if I tolerate swimming. Concerned I won't...

Comment #17

So have you seen a doc? How's the hand? (Or are you not allowed to type?)..

Comment #18

I got a splint from the drug store. And wore it at night. That, plus not lifting has seemed to help it. I rode the bike yesterday and that was fine (day before, the vibration was killing). I think if I wiggled at it, I could make it hurt again, but I'm trying not to do that.

I'm going to take one more day off of lifting arms and then try getting back to it next week. If I can ease back into activity, then this will be fine. If it comes back again, I'll need to get a doc. I might need to change my lifting also. I do hammer curls on the machine, with the bar actually resting on the side of my hand. Do that to avoid another problem (golfer's thumb) from overgripping.

Or at least dumbell hammer curls (not the handles on hands). On the pressing motions, it was hurting a lot as well, but I don't know any good way to alter the grip..

More amateur diagnosis: I think it is either a little De Quervain's or maybe something more in the flexor muscle. It is on the palmar side, not dorsal. I wonder if it was just a little muscle spasm or something in the carpal/metacarpal joint of the thumb. Kind of felt an inflamed tendon or something but on the wrong side from DQ.

I talked to my knee PT and he told me to buy a better splint to isolate the thumb. So I did that. Not really using it though...

Comment #19

I think the hurt muscle is the flexor pollicis brevis. Of course, it's kind of hard for me to rule out the other thenar muscles nearby. And hard for me to really differentiate amongst De Qeurvain, carpal tunnel, trigger finger, gamekeeper syndromes. As well, I just wonder if there can be other types of sprains and aggravations. Of interest, the FPB can be supplied by either medial or ulnar nerves. And "normal anatomy variations exist"!.

Here is wikipedia:

Since, I've now wiki-studied the area, please give me $300,000...

Comment #20

I just looked at the metacarpal, carpal joint. It's not there. It sort of almost felt like a pain in the midsection/base of the metacarpal bone. But the more I think about it, was muscular-tendon pain from compression/inflammation...

Comment #21

Since it's feeling better with the user of a brace, you probably just strained a muscle or pinched a nerve. I bet you'll feel just fine in a week...

Comment #22

I had tingling and soar wrists. Started wearing bowling gloves at night on both wrists. They are more comfortable, fit better and stiffer than the supports you can buy at the store. It helped alot. I don't really have the problem much anymore. Mostly hurts in the summer after biking, lawnmowing and the such...

Comment #23

Hi Polly.

There was an article in the newpaper this morn that made me think of this thread. It was about bikes and biking. In it it discussed some of the issues that could come from biking and their remedies..

Your hand hurting was one of them. Possible issues with the bike:.

Short reach handlebars.

Poorly located brake levers.

Downward tilted seat..

The article listed these as potential reasons why a biker's hand may begin hurting...

Comment #24

I wonder how to get that analyzed and corrected? This is a relatively new bike, so that could be part of the issue. Was just thinking about getting some kind of more gel-filled gloves. I defintely have some grip effects going on. Should also probably set up a better workstation at home (docking station, keyboard, etc...

Comment #25

Poly I swear the gloves at night will help alot. If you google bike riding and carpal tunnel you will get many hits to explore...

Comment #26

Most bike shops should be able to assist with that. What kind of bike did you get? My ex was a mountain biker, had his custom made to his specs (yes, the same one that was also a licensed massage therapist) so I also learned a lot about bikes. He originally started out wanting to specialize in sports medicine/therapy...

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