Please help me withmy Nutrisystem dilema!?

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First question I have is Please help me withmy Nutrisystem dilema!? Thanks for any comment. Another question on my mind: There comes a time when we all need a little extra support that doesnt involve Nutrisystem. Something in our lives keeps us away whether it is family, work or illness. And it's times like this when we really need to reach out for each other..

Remember, through thick and thin,.

Good times.

And bad.

Through failures and successes.

In sickness and health.

We are here for you!.

You decide how much you want to give or take. Everyone's different and so are their needs. So if you like to stop by once a week and check in... Come on by!.

But if you want to be a Norm or Cliff.

You are welcome to come in every day..

Except for The Zone's Co-Founder, I'm pretty sure we all were given the Golden Ticket and decided to stop on in and then just ended up sticking around..

I know that I am glad that I stumbled in The Zone and found such great people like you all to help me through my journey...

Comments (41)

Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an useful answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

Time for me to run. Not literally. I'll catch you all later! have a great morning!..

Comment #2

Doing well here... gonna be a beautiful day here; sunny and clear almost 70 degrees! The weekend's gonna be perfect! May do a little fishing from the boat this Saturday, a little boys getaway!.

Have a wonderful day my friends... Fiesta Friday! Ariva! Andele!!!..

Comment #3

Morning Gang! Put me down for workout #2.... 4.5 miles on the treadmill last night!!.

Im feeling good today...still have more storage stuff to do so I have to get started on my real work early...headed to the kitchen to get some tea...ill bb later..

Hey! Have a great morning!..

Comment #4

Morning Mikey! Weekend sounds great! More snow and cold here....I swear I dont know why I still stay up North!!!???.

Have a great day my friend (mi amigo!)..

Comment #5

Happy fiesta Friday zonies!.

I just drank 2 dreadful barium shakes and am waiting for them to settle in for a radiologic photoshoot...

Comment #6

Meh is right they have no idea what they are missing ... keep reaching for the stars .... we'll hold da ladder!.

WOW ... I am just so speechless ... that was simply beautiful and very well spoken ... nice job my dear as always!.

I'll catch you this afternoon! Maybe even give ya a call tonite.

Gotz sum fings to discuss.

Such a sexy lil accent ... how did the mri go? yanno I can help you work that back out anytime you want ... "You can do it put your back into it".

Ooo girl ... Im gonna get me a workout in tonite sat and sun it's looking like hoping I feel ok when I get home after work!.

Mmmm yummy breakfast ....hang in sweety I hope they fix ya soon so you can get home to us..

Comment #7

Annie - I don't think barium shakes areNutrisystemfriendly! Try ice cream (low fat of course) Seriously, I hope this nightmare you are stuck in ends VERY soon! (((HUGS))).

Happy Friday Zone! I assume the fiesta will start shortly after lunch!.

Great opening Alie. And Aeri - I'm in the same boat as you - haven't been able to breath all week. (Sinus pressure, stuffy, headache, bodyache, etc) but hopefully feel good enough to get in a bit of exercise between homework assignments..

I must say I am sorry Robby isn't here anymore. I hope us new folks hangin' round didn't contribute to his departure..


Comment #8

HEY dont you ever think that !!!! people come n go from boards and maybe he'll stop in from time to time with a hello and not just forget about us totally ... but you are definately family! so there.

SINUS pressure sucks and I would of been fine had someone just chopped my head off this week lol ... but suedefed has been my lifesaver..

Comment #9

Well I have managed to keep myself pretty busy this morning ... I get to work from home this weekend ... I know JOY!.

But least I have the option to do that to make up some hours which I need I hate being sick!.

Anyways how is YOUR day going so far?..

Comment #10

Sounds like a plan!.

I'm going to do my workouts this weekend too! I miss it. But I'm liking April's idea of throwing some show on that will keep me distracted..

Thanks! I only start the fridays with you all as my inspiration..

HI Mikey! Your weather sounds like perfection right now..

Dana, I agree with Aeri! Don't ever think that! New folks are always welcome as much as old folks..

Besides... it was probably me..

I have a tendency to scare people away. lol.

Tonya, can you work on my files while you are at it please?.

Good luck getting it done! It's tough..

Gotta get back to work...

Comment #11

Lol I thought I quoted more than just that one post. Oops. Least I remembered what my responses were...

Comment #12

Hums ... your my inspiration... you bring meaning to my life your my inspirationnnnnnn <everyone sing>.

Omfg todays lunch was gagmegross and yes that is a word.

Lol thats a way to uhm effectively control what you eat LMAO.

Hey LONDA! happy friday.

Sup rickydoodledo ... got hot plans this weekend?..

Comment #13

Headed to the mountains of PA. Not so hot there. I wish I was headed to the Islands!!!!!!!!..

Comment #14

Back from lunch at the local canita.... good news, they now have a Fiesta Friday lunch-time happy hour!!!.

2-4-1 Margaritas and Dos Equis (stay thirsty my friends). Needless to say, this was a big hit with me and my Friday gang that are regular's on Friday. We like to call it "Miguel's Fiesta Friday Hour"!!!.

So, now the good news... we have our semi-annual inventory this afternoon, got to go outside and count all the pipe, vales and fittings we sell. Should be interesting, especially in the state I'm in....

I did bring some shorts and a t-shirt, so at least I can get a jump start on my tan!.

Buenos dias mi amigos!.

Miguel out...

Comment #15

Awww hands you a lil drink with one them fancy umbreller thingys in it.

Does that help any?.

LMAO Miguel ... slowwwwwwwwwww down and *SMACKS* you for the jumpstart your tan in the middle of january.

I think it's bout 60 today and come MONDAY (aint there a song like that) more snow on the way .....

Comment #16

Happy Friday Londa! lol.

Happy Friday Rick!.

*sings with ya*.

Gagmegross... Hmm, doesn't seem to be in my dictionary..

Can you give me a definition please. lol.

OMG Me too!!!! At least you'll have a relaxing weekend..

I'm sure they made it just for you and the gang..

Have fun in the sun! *said with jealousy*.

K gang... I'm technically done here. One store left to call me back (after my 3rd call there.

). Already typed everything up. So now I'm going to take break and head to JCP outlet. seems they are closing.

So I'm going to go and check out the deals..

Then I will come back and make some binders for the stores. Yup. Loads of fun..

But I'm gettin paid so it's all good..

Hope you all are enjoying your Friday!..

Comment #17

Good evening,.

Class over, in motel, going to get something to eat, then take a nap. Motel has a nice workout room, so I plan on hitting it this evening..

Annie, how did the photo shoot go? Man, I hope they get to the bottom of this for you..


Comment #18

Good evening zoners!! Just finished work out number 5. Did 3.50 miles on treadmill, abs, arms & push ups. Guess I started Fiesta Friday also...Hubby took me to lunch and I had a margarita (but don't tell anyone).

Have a wonderful Friday night all!.


Comment #19

HI Tim & April!.

Tim, looks like you have internet too! That's a plus.

April, it's not a fiesta without a celebratory drink.

Finally home. Pretty excited. My BFF from 6th grade is coming to town tomorrow so we are going to meet up..

I'm excited!.

Think I am going to just relax tonight. So I'll see you all in the morning for coffee! Buenas Noches mi amigos!..

Comment #20

I passed the photoshoot. Then Had a radioactive BM. Now they're stuffing me with laxatives before my next test..

Good news is my small bowel was normal...

Comment #21

Oh Annie, I'm so sorry you have to go through all of this..

Are you able to eat yet? How's your strength?..

Comment #22

I got 2 meals today and now they're shutting me off food yet again. Strength has definitely improved but I fizzle out quick. I think I've been too beat up. My hands are bruised up good from all the blood draws..

I'm just happy that I am able to walk again...

Comment #23


Glad you passed, now the question isare they any closer to finding what is ailing you? I too always liked, we need to get you stronger, but for the test in them orning we need you to fast for 16 hours..

Yep Alie, I have internet, it is very slow, but allows me to kind of keep up..


Comment #24

You need us to bring you some good food?.

I heard if you put some Heinz vinegar on a cotton ball and out it on your bruises it will heal faster...

Comment #25

Very interesting. Thanks for the tip. Whenever I break loose, I'll try some vinegar...

Comment #26

Well I hope it's soon. I'm sure you are going crazy. I bet the staff is going to miss you when you are gone...

Comment #27

Wha?!? you couldnt find gagmegross in the dictionary? lol well truss me ... it's summin you dont wanna TASTE ffs ... *hurls*.

I will get you UPdated I promise lol and congrats on getting your challenge DONE ! you ROCK ... I least got my hair colored lol ... but no workout Im going to fail miserably this week.

But next week Zumba's back on 3x's a week so Im good as gold then! I havent missed 1 class since starting.

Have fun w/BFF ... sorry I missed you tonite was going to do some work tonite from home since it's quiet n stuff but summin is wrong w/the remote connection Grrrr.

So looks like bed for me too and maybe a workout tomorrow and hopefully the connection is better in the morning and I can try n get some work done then.

Lol at your BM ... bless your heart annie .... I hope they get you all healed up toot sweet my dear! we are here for you!.

YEAH that is some progress! hugs you up!..

Comment #28

Good morning..

The sun is trying to shine. It's doing a great job too..

I'm planning on my workout later on. Meeting up with a friend this morning, then I am probably going to stop by my sister's. After that I am.


Going to get to Wally World to pick up that stuff for my dad and some cleaning supplies for me. Then to drop them off at my dad's..

Full day planned as usual. How about you? What do you all have planned?..

Comment #29

Hello all,.

10 min on bike.

25 min tread mill.

10min on weights.

That was last night work out, I plan on doing pretty much the same tonight..


Comment #30

Great job Tim!.

I met up with my friend, we walked around the mall for almost 2 hours. Stopped by my sisters, stayed waaaaaaaaaaaay longer than planned. Grabbed my nephew and took off to Wally World to get that food for my dad. Picked up some cleaning supplies too..

Headed over to my dads, had a cup of tea and came home. Boys are hanging out. I'm here..

Did not get my workout in like I planned..

Will get it in tomorrow. Along with more cleaning, washing my new tops and perhaps a movie..

Is everyone having a great weekend so far?.

April, did you finish season one of TB yet?..

Comment #31

Well Good morning!.

I know, I'm up waaaaaaaaaaaaaay past my bedtime. I was playing around on here, reading blogs, checking out boards. Just hanging out. Trying to relax a little..

More work tomorrow. From home, thank goodness..

But I'm excited to hear what this coming weeks challenge will be..

Off to bed for now..

Annie, please tell me you found something other than Hannah Montana to watch..


Comment #32

April, did you finish season one of TB yet?.

No...haven't finished it yet.

Hopefully today I will get a couple episodes in while working out.

I've lost 7lbs since re-starting two weeks ago. So, the True Blood is really helping with weight loss.

Have a great Sunday!.


Comment #33

That's great!.

Let me ask you, how did you decide what you wanted your mile goal to be? Did you decide what time frame too? I'm just curious. I think it's a great idea. I should try something like that but with steps since I have the elliptical...

Comment #34

Good morning gang.

Few it was all I could do to get thru work last nite ..not very many singers early and now my throat is all croaky.

Even worse then it was before lol..

I couldnt wait for the night to get over. bout midnite a ton of ppl came in for an after party from a wedding reception they were at and uhm they were already drunk ... lucky me.

Those people usually think they are freeking rock stars!.

So today I'm just home and chilling kicking back and relaxing I have cleaned the house but totally petered out on doing any workouts SHAME ON ME.

I need spanked lol. since starting the classes of zumba I find making myself workout at home like I used to is lots harder now thank god it starts back up tomorrow ....

My babyboy turns 16 tomorrow.

And gets his license UNrestricted.

I'll never see either of them any more lol..

Anyways I'll check back w/you all later! be good..

Comment #35

Finally got some exercise in!.

Did 10 minutes on Elliptical (.

That thing still kicks my butt).

50 crunches.

A total of 20 minutes on Wii Fit.

18 spent on step and 2 on hula hoop.

I did a total of 3,628 steps today..

That makes it sound great! lol Well, to me at least..

So 1/2 hour plus the extra up and down the stairs with laundry...

Comment #36

Happy Birthday DS! So whatcha doing for him? Dinner? Cake? How's it going with his gf?.

Cleaning is a workout! lol You've been Zumba-ing for like 3 months now, right? Can you see/feel a difference?.

Lol, most intoxicated people think they're rock stars! Here, have some tea for your throat..

I hope it feels better......

Comment #37

Ooo ya'll did SO good with your workouts ... nice job everyone!.

Ty for the tea I should be drinking it I know! maybe tonight after dinner before bed. psst I plan on getting a wee bit of exercise in when I go to bed tonite .... jus sayin.


Uhm we are prolly going to do something for son next weekend when payday is here.

Im so broke and then I dont know wtf to get that kid so I'm thinking cash in a card he really needs money for gas n stuff now that the little saturn he was driving has broke AGAIN.

Gas here is $3.09 and he drives a gas pig and cant afford it shrugs... very unoriginal but I will also pay for his NEW unrestricted license too now that hes 16 hes free to drive drive anywhere soooooooo.... and i'll make a cake for him as well..

Zumba has been 8weeks then a 3 week interim ... now starting another 8weeks .. I'm hoping to see LOTS of differences now that I'm going 3times a week. I didnt see much with only 2 times a week so we'll see maybe I'll measure tomorrow at the beginning of the class then see where I am 8weeks later. she did say that shes got all new dances again AND an ab section so I'm hopeful regardless I love the class and i'll shake my jiggly booty out there for another 8 weeks..

Comment #38

Good Morning Zonies!.

Gosh it was very cold a balmy 7 degrees this morning. I'm not looking forward to the weather we may get Tues and Wed snow and ice..

DH and DS have the puppy bug, they want a pair of akitas. We sent in a deposit and want a brother and sister from the same litter. This may not happen until mid summer. Meanwhile DH has to figure out what kind of fencing he will use in the yard. With our previous akita, we had a underground electric fence, which keeps the dog in, but not critters and others out. I really want a tiny teacup terrier, I don't think that will happen now..

Aeri - I challenged myself to 2 workouts, not 3. I did another one yesterday so I'm good. Put me down for 2 for this week too please?.

Thanks sweetie..

Have a good day, and stay warm!..

Comment #39

Aerie - your zumba sounds like so much fun, gosh I wish the Zone girls lived closer, we could all shake our booties together!.

I don't enjoy the gym,but when I finish I feel good that I did it. Does that make sense?..

Comment #40

I think that's a gift he will like. Remember what one of their friends said around Christmas bout getting cash & gift cards?.

We do that for one of DH's brothers. Cept we get his a gas gift card..

Either way, you enjoy it, right? And you're moving so that's a plus..

I'm not looking forward to that weather either..

At least I'm closer to home..

We need one of them underground fences. Bad!.

Well, why don't you get your lil' pup too?? Not like it's take up a lot of space..


I'm running super ;ate this morning. Apparently I didn't hear my alarm..

So now I'm running late..

I'll catch you all this afternoon...

Comment #41

Shhhh I'm up but barely .... gonna start the new thread!..

Comment #42

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