Plastic surgery after Medifast?

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For plastic surgery once at your goal weight? I know I am....maybe I can get a two for one deal LOL. But Im definitely going to be looking into getting a tummy tuck thats for sure, after losing 200 some pounds I'm definitely going to need it, but I really dont know how badly my belly will look as I have 107 more pounds to go!!.

So, until then, it's SPANX for me haha!!!..

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I'm certainly not against it! I think I'll spend a year at goal, then get done whatever I can afford to have done!..

Comment #1

I have considered it but I'm not sure if I would actually do it. I can be a bit of a chicken. I've said for years that I would have a boob job and a tummy tuck one day...

Comment #2

I'm considering a boob and thigh lift! I have as I call them "Thunder thighs" and sagging triple D's. I want to wait about a year after I make my goal weight before I really do anything. I was told it takes that long before our bodies adjust to the weight loss...

Comment #3

Yes, I am going to wait quite some time, at least a year, after I reach goal to see how much more my body adjusts. I am 41, and so gravity sucks. I think I will probably get a tummy tuck, and I am sure my boobs will need some help too, they are already getting smaller. I think they may look like deflated balloons by the time I am done. Also, the only part of my body I hate, have ever hated, is my freaking bat wing arms, so I will get those "taken in" too, if need be. I already have some $ earmarked for this, and will continue to sock away whenever I can.


Comment #4

Maybe. After I maintain for two - three years at goal, have exercised consistently/ maxed out building up muscle/lowering BF to fill up that empty skin...

Comment #5

I would do it in a heartbeat if I weren't such a baby. If you have a great plastics doc go for it. I really would love a turkey neck lift, not even sure what they call that one but I can't justify the expense with three kids in college...

Comment #6

I'm going to wait at least a year after reaching goal but, I have started saving all my change in a big 5 gallon water bottle. It's barely covering the bottom and already almost $20. I figure a year to goal....a year at goal, see where I am, then of course.

I'm also trying to prevent it by adding some things to my routine. Don't know if it helps, but it sure can't hurt. I'm exercising, dry-brushing, and using a firming body wash, and firming body lotion. Like I said, don't know if it helps, but it sure can't hurt!..

Comment #7

Part of me would love it, but I have learned that it is very painful, and I have already had 10 surgeries from various health problems. There is no way I would go through that pain for vanity's sake (not that I would knock anyone who does it). I just know after my hysterectomy I was in agony, and I have a very high pain tolerance..

I'd rather spend the money traveling through Europe! I have to say though, I miss my perky "girls", but oh well, pregnancy already ruined my body!..

Comment #8

No way. No unnecessary surgery for me. I've had enough mandatory surgery...

Comment #9

The idea of "magically" looking better is appealing... but my fear of the knife is greater. Who knows, maybe I'll get brave after maintaining for a year. :P.

I barely made it through getting my tubes tied. Who am I kidding? I almost passed out in the doctor's office when she described the procedure. LOL!..

Comment #10

I will probably have something done (if I can afford it). I have my good days and bad days right now as far as what to do, though. I have seen less sagging than I expected in some places (esp my middle), considering the weight I've lost so far, but other places are just not what I'm happy with (maybe I'll be able to fly soon). I don't want model looks, but I do have a little vanity.


Comment #11

I am definitely considering it also. Right now I have a 5 and 8 year old. I want to maintain for a year... and then when I feel they are self sufficient enough that they won't need me for everything I think I am going to go for it. I want a breast lift and reduction... probably a tummy tuck....

I have no idea what is happening there or what they can do to make it look better.... but I hope something. As for other things... we'll see.

I want my body to reflect how excited and passionate I am about losing this weight and committing myself to staying at goal weight. My husband is on board with this and said he would support whatever I decide in the end.

I have no idea what is involved in these surgeries and recovery or if I can do them at the same time... how much pain is involved. Mainly, once I find a Dr I really love and trust I will know if it is for me or not.

A small part of me would like to think that maybe my body will normalize and I will not just be 'needing' these surgeries... but as far as my breasts go... I would do it now... the rest has yet to be determined...

Comment #12

I don't want a 2 for 1.....I want a 4 for 1. Tummy tuck, boob job, face lift, thigh lift. Do you think they will work me a deal?..

Comment #13

I'm thinking this sounds like the plan for me!..

Comment #14


Once you get to goal, you might be pleasantly surprised at how little sag or flab you have. I do think moderate exercise and/or strength training is the key (combined with a little dry brushing) during the weight loss phase. When your muscles are toned, lots of stuff pulls up and in. I was prepared for a little 'work' but now I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing, and I've become accustomed to my smaller 'girls'. Makes it easier to move..

Comment #15

After losing 160 lbs with WLS(1993), I had a tummy tuck and breast reduction(1995). I wish I could have had the bat wings fixed and thigh lift too. Then I noticed that things began to shift downward. it was like one day perky girls, then they were lying down on the job!.

The surgery did not bother me, although I did have to have fluid drained from the site. I would do it again, after maintaining for a while, if I could afford it. I want to wear a bathing suit again and not hide under a big t-shirt!.


Comment #16

I would totally do it! Lift and tuck : )..

Comment #17

I agree....I want to wear a normal bathing, one without a skirt! I'll do what I can now, but will do the surgery if needed!..

Comment #18

That's called a face lift. (Seriously!).

A face lift addresses the lower face and neck, for uppers, like the forehead, you have a browlift. I had one as genetically I had a very loose neck at a relatively young age (platysmal band that supports the neck was loose, pretty common - but that's my version of what the doc told me, so don't quote me - lol).

Here's the official version via healthmd:.

"While other procedures can smooth surface wrinkles, only a face lift can tighten sagging facial skin, jowls, double chins, and loose skin. A facelift reshapes the lower one-third of the face, while eyelid surgery and a brow lift address the eyes and forehead.".

Hope this helps!..

Comment #19

I will lift anything I can if it is in the way of optimum living..

Comment #20

I'm not opposed, but for now I'm focusing on changing what I can through diet and exercise. If it motivates you and would make you feel confident and better, I say go for it!..

Comment #21

I am totally doing it!! My insurance covers a panniculectomy-so I am planning on that one being on the "house", and I will pay for my arms 1st, and then thighs. If there is any money left over the boobies would be next, but hey in the mean time, it's nothin' a good bra can't handle!..

Comment #22

This is probably smart because it will give your skin some time to bounce back. It can happen, easier of course for the younger members. It's not going to happen immediately so waiting is a good idea. You may find you don't need as much surgery as you think you might..

For me, having has multiple surgeries since I was a child, voluntary surgery never going to happen! I'll take my chances with exercise. The worst part has been my bat wings, but even those have reduced over the last few years...

Comment #23

My reward for maintaining for 2 years would be a tummy tuck and vericose vein removal. Sometimes Genes Stink!!!..

Comment #24

I have so much loose skin I figure they can just pull it up all tight and stick it under by boobs to lift them up..

I have definitely considered doing something....My inner thighs (!), my "wings" and my tummy "apron"....not to mention boobs that breastfed 8 kids...they went south a long time ago!! Thank heavens for clothes!!..

Comment #25

Mine also, and I believe i'll need to get it... as I have a TON of lower belly, skin, fat, sag etc...

My dr has said that i'll need it medically, ie to prevent recurring yeast infection of the skin etc, also my inner thighs need something lol I have one that has this area that looks like a boob hanging there...

My dr said that a good plastic surgeon should be able to get insurance to cover that as well.

I could care less about my breasts being perky etc, i'm 52... lol.

But I want the parts that affect me functionally to be functionally tucked up.....

I've also been told that keeping extra flabby skin is like keeping clothing that's to tight just incase you might gain the weight back into it......

Comment #26

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