People here on Nutrisystem: How do you use your extra 35 points a week?

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My 1st question is: People here on Nutrisystem: How do you use your extra 35 points a week? Thanks for any answer. Another question... And...I'm back. After waaay too long gone, and far too much food eaten. I have definitely paid the price..

Up to 396lbs, 10 lbs above where I was, I feel pathetic and ashamed..

But, as much as I'd like to hang in the background and not post in here and have all of you disappointed in me and doubt my ability to do this, I'm doing it. I'm back. Hit me, or whatever, I can take it..

No excuses, I went off plan, knowingly, and willingly to a certain extent..

But, really, I need the forums to do this, so...that's why I came back...

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I would like to know the answer too. Anyone here know what is the answer to that question. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I bump into an answer. You should email the people at Nutrisystem as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1

Welcome back, Scooby! You know the drill. Man up and do it..


Comment #2

Sounds like you're on the road to recovery..

Do not deviate from this course with cheating twist and turns..

For straight is the path to the righteous eater's success..

But crooked is the road to fat man's hell..

(Trust me on this one.)..

Comment #3

I was/am a come-backer as well...I feel ya. At least you're back...that's a start. And you stopped the bleeding before you broke the 4-bills milestone...take heart in that. Now get busy again...and that means getting off to a great start the next few weeks before the year-end holiday food orgies. They say it takes 3 weeks to develop a habit...your 3 weeks starts NOW...

Comment #4

Fair enough..

Honestly not crying about it. It already is different. Ive seen so many people do it, and this time it's going to be me too..

Losing weight is my #1 priority, where before it was #3 after work and school. I appreciate you looking for me, and wish I had been around for it. I will do better this time. Weigh in is happening today, I started on dinner yesterday but wasnt able to weigh myself right away. I will weigh myself tonight and input the number..

Went to the gym this morning even though I felt too tired to do it. Joined a volleyball league and play twice a week. Whats different? I just come to the point where I dont want to be this guy. I will be a success in the weight loss department. Its not a question of how hard it will be, it will just be..

Thanks everyone for your encouragement and thoughts. I will not fail this time. The pounds will be shed, and my life will come into order..

Ill be a loser no matter what!..

Comment #5

You can do it scoob, one step at a time - 10 lb increments. short terms goals=long term success. you have a long way to go so don't get discouraged. post on the 100% thread - wake every morning saying i'm going to do Nutrisystem 100% today. go to bed saying to yourself "u did it" then do it again. good luck!..

Comment #6

The proverbial nail has a headache..

Ditto, I say...

Comment #7

Heya, welcome back..

Good for you for trying again! Seriously..

No shots in the chops from me, though. Always glad to see effortpresuming the effort is actually present..

So one perspective that continues to help me? Just sharing here as everyone is different....

I don't and didn't focus on futuristic goals. I focused pretty short term..

I know this isn't for everyone but I'll throw it out there as an option if you might be searching for one..

Things like "being less than 252 #" don't really mean anything to me. Likewise "wanting to be 190 #" seems kind of vague..

So I focused on getting Nutrisystem breakfast right and having the perfect items in my lunch sack when I left for workthen I focused on 10:30 a.m.then I focused on 12 noonand so on..

Likewise, I didn't set some impossible goal to "run a marathan in 3 months" (although, it would probably take me 3 months to finish one! lol)..

Instead, I put on my shoes and coat and walked out onto the driveway after dinner and started walking up that damned hill in front of my house. I made it about 8 blocks and turned around..

The next night, I focused on putting on my shoes and coat and going out to the freakin' driveway!! From there I pointed my feet up the hill..

For me that was an important secret. No grand plans. No vague visions of some superhuman performance..

I kept is.


Simply and short termand just repeated everything day after day at a time, one meal at a time. Hell, I didn't even take the stuff out of the box it came injust reached in for the right color items and threw them in the lunch sack! Couple boiled eggs, some fresh veggies in a baggie, a piece of fruit and a lf cheese sticksame damned lunch every day..

Incidentally, I've been off of Nutrisystem since June of this year and today I brought to guessed it!! (lmao)....cherrie tomatoes, celery, 2 boiled eggs, 2 slices of LF boiled ham (no bread), an apple, a LF cheese stick...simple..

Just my opinion, but if you string enough 100% days togetherpretty soon it's a week. Put a few of those together and you got yourself a month!.

If it helps, good. If not, no sweat there either. Work however you need to but keep tryingthat is where success.




Comment #8

Welcome back Kevin! I would say to all that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change! If you think you can whip this eating thing, you are already doomed. This is a lifelong journey and not a temporary road! No grief from me Kevin, but I expect you to make it this time!..

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