Peanut Butter on Medifast?

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I put myself into a "live and learn" situation last night. Had a great weigh-in day, op all the way and then found myself starving late at night. I'm also waiting for my next order so my Medifast is slim. I had no protein available (unless I wanted to bake salmon - not) and ate two tablespoons of peanut butter. Today my weight was up 2 lbs and I've had headaches again. Do you feel the PB is the culprit? I'm 5/1 - not trans.

Thank you...

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2 tablespoons of peanut butter don't weigh 2 pounds. Weight fluctuates daily, it isn't a linear progression. Don't weigh daily if you are going to stress about these fluctuations. The only weight that matters is the one you're at on your weekly weigh in day...

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Well, your weight will fluctuate throughout the week a lot, and so to not be discouraged it's suggested we only weigh ourselves once weekly. Your body is going through a huge change and a lot of people lose a lot in the first week and slow down in weeks 2-4 so I don't think it's something you need to worry about too much. Also, you can have 1 snack a day and that includes 1 TBSP of PB..

Hope that helps...

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I agree with Lees. I weigh once a week and I don't let myself jump on that scale on unscheduled days. It takes 3500 calories to make a lb...

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Depending on the type of PB, it may have had enough salt in it to cause water retention. In and of itself, while high in calories and fat, it shouldn't have had a 2 lb impact...

Comment #4

I've searched online but am having trouble figuring out where PB stands on 5/1. Is it not op? op?..

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I think you can have 1 TB of peanut butter as a snack, but I'm not sure where the other tablespoon would fit in. Last week, I "gained" 2 lbs and almost had a heart attack, but several people helped to point out that it could have been sodium intake or any other number of things. Sure enough, it went away...thank goodness, LOL. I drank extra, extra water to flush anything out...that helped...

Comment #6

Could have been my famous EDAMAME! Moving on. Thanks to all....

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I don't know why online plan lists haven't been updated, but I started Aug 30 and 1TBSP peanut butter was listed as a snack on my introductory materials. I have chosen to give up my beloved PB however, because I can't measure 1 TBSP of it honestly.

Month 1: -7, -3, -2, -2 (-14).

Month 2: -2, -3..

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Yeah, pb is such a trigger food for me that even on a good day it's hard for me to ignore it. Nor more pb in my house..

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I haven't even TOLD my DH that peanut butter is now a snack option because what they mean is one LEVEL measuring tablespoon and who could stop at that???? Well, at least, not me. But if you it works for you, that's how it fits on the plan...

Comment #10

If it was a sweetened PB it may have had enough carbs in it to throw you out of ketosis, which could have led to the headaches..

I keep things simple by pretending the crackers/crisps/nuts options for snacks don't exist. That way I'm never over on carbs..

It took time, but eventually I got used to going to bed hungry. I do it every night, actually. My tummy rumbles as I'm going to sleep. But I've learned that hunger isn't an emergency and I'm used to it..

Now, the first week, I took sleeping pills 5/7 nights because I was so freaked out by being hungry that I couldn't sleep. But it got better!!!..

Comment #11

I don't see PB mentioned much at all in the posts so I was confused whether it was op or not. Did I miss something on the Quick Start Guide? I thought I've read that 1 Tbsp of PB was allowed somewhere but can someone please direct me where I can actually read it? I've searched numerous ways at Eat Smart and Library...

Comment #12

Rawhide, it's not added to any of the official plan materials yet. Nutrisystem has "announced" it in the Nutrisystem discussion board. 1T = optional snack. Many of us still consider it off plan...

Comment #13

I don't think edamame is an on plan vegetable though. Really try to stick to the vegetables on the green list under the Success Tools, Eating Right. Don't over complicate it by trying to slip other vegetables in that aren't on the list. Just assume they aren't approved. Simple.

PB, while Nutrisystem has recently allowed it, I still don't think is a good snack option for me. I had it once in a shake and felt like it wasn't worth the extra calories I saw on my food log. If I'm craving peanut butter, I have a peanut butter crunch bar as my meal instead...

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If I were to have PB in the house, I would use the no sugar added stuff, because it's harder to eat by itself for me. Though I find that the PB soft serve really hits the spot. It definitely is a cure for PB cravings for me!..

Comment #15

You're right leesa. I need to spend some time studying so I know this like the back of my hand. I've admittedly been winging it and erratic. Some days not enough op green. I feel good that I finally made it to the store today to get op foods...

Comment #16

FYI for those who are worried about measuring a level Tablespoon of PB.. I measure mine by weight, just like I would my greens. Take a look on the label and it should tell you how many grams are in a serving size, then just divide as appropriate to get to the number of grams in a Tablespoon.

As an example: In my jar of Jif (picked for the lowest carb version of PB I could find on the shelf at the time) the serving size is listed as 32 grams for 2 tablespoons - so I get up to 16 grams as a snack option..

I also wear gloves when doing my weight so if I get any PB on my fingers they are NOT going to be licked off. I toss the disposable food service type gloves when I've got my food set up..

Rawhide - if you are back into headache-land it is possible you kicked yourself out of Ketosis (probably with the oops veggie carbs more than from the PB), but even if you have the only way to go is back on plan anyway. I hope the headache goes away quickly..

Cheers to all,..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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