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I remember reading somewhere on here that some people are using PB2 as their peanut butter...would each serving be a "free food" or one "protein" serving? Am thinking of ordering some, but wanted to know how others are using it? Thanks.

Oh, I think I read it is low-fat, so it's probably not used as your "fat" serving for the day??..

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Your question was: PB2 for Nutrisystem.

Same here. And I never would have tried it if not for the posters on this board. Thanks, gang...

Comment #1

Awesome! I am buying some for sure!!!.

Thanks for responding..

Comment #2

There is a box of PB2 & chocolate PB2 on it's way to me right now. I am so excited to try it!..

Comment #3

I just found out about it yesterday from reading the boards, and I have been thinking of getting some too. I understand there is a chocolate version also..


Comment #4

Go to and get the samples. I dont particularly like the chocolate and I have seen others on here say the same. I buy my regular pb2 from now. You can buy it by the jar there instead of by the 4 pack at bellplantation...

Comment #5

I was actually looking on .. although I had also checked out bellplantation, but didn't notice the samples .. I will check it out...

Comment #6

It doesn't appear to cost much in any case. You can get 2 jars of PB2 and 2 jars of chocolate for $15 some and they don't charge shipping it seems...

Comment #7

I am excited for you. If you are a peanut butter lover and have no self control with a jar in the house...(THAT WOULD BE ME)...then this stuff is a dream come true. Yay 4U!..

Comment #8

I bought mine from, because their shipping was $4.95, as opposed to the $8.95 BP wanted. I went ahead and bought 4 jars to dilute the shipping cost some. I figure if I don't like it (which seems unlikely) I can always send it to someone who does. I sure hope the chocolate doesn't disappoint!.

I can't find the samples at Bell Plantation's website - ?

Comment #9

To me, the chocolate is's good, but IMO it does not scream out chocolate, like for instance a Reese's. It's good to use on top of desserts, I hear...haven't actually done it yet. I order mine through netrition, up and make a big order to take advantage of that flat rate...can't beat it...

Comment #10

Not sure what you are looking for...but here are the recipes:.


Comment #11

121HereICome, I was referring to the first sentence of Gottalose's post:..

Comment #12


I love it all...seriously. Just having something akin to peanut butter in my life AGAIN to stay (and is safe to eat without dealing with a jar screaming at me to eat the whole thing) is reason to do a happy dance.

I just had the graham chocolate Nutrisystem bar for lunch...holy laughing cow...that is soooooooooooo good...had one, can't wait til tomorrow. LOL..

And you call this a diet? Oh, yeah, I's a NEW WAY OF LIFE.

I know you will love both your choices...I mean, it's PEANUT BUTTER! YAY!..

Comment #13

Ohhh, that fudge graham bar is the highlight of my month!..

Comment #14

Never even heard of this until NS. I went to the main site, but saw the smallest size was a 4 pack, but I searched another site and saw where it can be purchased solo. I'll have to try this.....because I'm a huge peanut butter fan, but avoided it on Nutrisystem because I fear a lack of self control given we can only have a small amount of the regular. Mixing it with water though? Sounds funny...but guess it wouldn't kill me to try it. You know....they need to make a Nutrisystem safe alternative for Nutella. Now, that's what I miss.

Oh, the memories...

Comment #15

I am on another site and they dedicate a thread to Giada De Laurentis ...CIAO BELLA NUTELLA...cuz you know how much she loves the stuff. I am just glad I have never had it ... just one thing to miss... but, now wait...let's just focus on what we can have...we even get PIZZZZZZZZZA!.


Comment #16

Just checked and they are currently out of stock on the samples...

Comment #17

The shipping is around $9 I think for the 4 pack. I buy my PB2 when I place my big order from netrition about every 5-6 weeks. It is $3.99 a jar there and since I am placing an order anyway it is cheaper for me to buy it from there...

Comment #18

I totally agree with the pp in my LOVE of PB2!!! I make 4 tablespoons of it nearly every night (protein) and have it on top of my chocolate cake, pound cake, fudge brownie etc... it's sooooooooo good!!! I cut my cakes in half horizontally so I get 2 slabs of cake and pile on the PB2- it's like PB frosting to me. YUMMO!!!!..

Comment #19

I am definately feeling confident in my decision to purchase the PB2 now!!.

Can't wait to give it a try!!! I like the idea of slathering it all over my desserts...

Comment #20

I buy it at a grocery store here in IowaHyVee. It is in their health food section. It it awesome. I sometimes save 1/2 of a carb if I have something that allows me to add a carb, like sloppy joe, burger or chicken. I spread 1 or 2 tablespoons of PB2 on a slice of wheat low calorie bread and put some sugar free strawberry preserves on topjust a thin layer. Yumm, peanut butter and jelly sandwich!!!!..

Comment #21

Ah .. I have heard of the fit and free pizza .. that it is much better than the Nutrisystem ones. Sounds like you have had and enjoy them?.

I have also heard that the salad dressings on the site are good as well..


Comment #22

If you haven't already found this onego to for the pb2...

Comment #23

Hi Joyce...well, is it better? I guess it is...but it is all a matter of taste, of course. You get to add stuff to it to make it complete...and it's bigger...and I am all about I am going to have one next week. Sticking to all Nutrisystem the rest of this week, as I had a real burger bun or anything gooey...just a bit too much burger..

If you go to the pic on the pizza site, you will see a few members who lost weight eating their pizzas and are featured. See if you can spot them..

Galeos dressing...I like the Miso Sesame...I just have to use it as a free food (one tbsp) or as my low fat dressing (fat serving). It is my favorite dressing of all time, bar none..

But...but but but...I wrote down another one for me to try that is ff...Maple Grove Lime Basil. Going to look for that tomorrow. I have the Walden Farms... I use em but don't love em.

Keep a list going for netrition so you take advantage of that flat rate...

Comment #24

The chocolate one isn't anything to rave about IMO.......... you are better off with the plain version...

Comment #25

I might be wrong but I thought 4 TBS is one protein and a least that is what I have read from previous the posts....if not, I have not had a fat in forever, I eat PB2 every night!!! And I agree, I just like the regular, the chocolate is just okay, but I love the regular!..

Comment #26

Old PB2 formula 1 protein and 1 fat New PB2 formula 1 protein. You might be doing the correct thing if you haven't bought it in forever. But they reformulated it about a year or so ago so 4 tbs is now 1 protein. Go to bellplantation or netrition to check the new stats...

Comment #27

LOL-Yeah, it's a great word...especially in terms of anything chocolate or peanut butter LOVE the PB2, I usually use 1 T as a free food, but the idea of 4 T as a protein serving makes me smile.

Joyce, it is a matter of taste, but my hubby and I LOVE the fit'n'free pizzas. IMO they taste much more like "pizza" than the Nutrisystem ones do. I usually bake mine in a toaster oven that I've already preheated to 400, and then bake them about 10 minutes. The key to a crispy crust, which we like, is to put it directly on the grating, not use a pan or a stone. There's so much more room to add toppings too..

Comment #28

Just thinking out loud here...(and perhaps someone has already tried this)...but how about:.

Mixing SF DaVinci caramel or chocolate...or the PB2 instead of water? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...just a thought...

Comment #29

Yes, that works great. Some SF jelly also works well...

Comment #30

LOL - I've been known to mix the PB2 with Peanut Butter flavored Torani syrup Talk about a pb fix!!..

Comment #31

I did it....yesterday I ordered some PB2! (3 jars!) and some sugar free roasted marshmallow syrup. can't wait to give the PB2 a try!..

Comment #32

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this doesn't taste too bad. It's definately not peanut butter, but it's good anyhow..

Comment #33

Woohoo! Mine was delivered today and is waiting at home for me... Can't wait to try it...

Comment #34

Found out they carried it at my local market and ran out to get some...DELICIOUS!! Dipped my apple in it for snack. Looking forward to trying the chocolate one!..

Comment #35

Or even the kahlua syrup! Last night I had a pound cake with FF whipped topping and the kahlua syrup...lemme tell YOU that will be my favorite dessert from now on...I was so tempted to add peanut butter to it!..

Comment #36

You know what? You're is not peanut butter. But I agree with you, it IS good...and it works...and it doesn't call my name in the middle of the night to grab a spoon open the jar and dive in. For that I am thankful. Cuz I get this pretty close peanut butter taste without blowing the day. Gosh, I love that this makes me happy. I am so easy to please...

Comment #37

Upon arriving home, I immediately ripped open the box and mixed up (separately) 1 Tbsp each of the regular and the chocolate. First, the regular: well, it's definitely not peanut butter, but I could see it being a fairly convincing substitute in or on other foods, and it tastes good enough that I could just eat it alone as well. But the chocolate! I wouldn't say it actually has any identifiably chocolate flavor to it, but it seems sweeter than the regular and I definitely prefer it. So overall, happy with my purchase...

Comment #38

I add a little extra water-it makes it creamier. I love it on celery. Reminds me of "ants on a log" from my childhood. I just leave off the raisins. Great late night snack...

Comment #39

I usually add a little splenda to the regular. To me it's needs it to taste more like regular peanut butter...

Comment #40

Oooh, peanut butter is my weakness. I never heard of this product until I joined this forum. You guys rock!!! Think I'll try it...

Comment #41

I received my PB2 order yesterday and it was well worth the purchase! I had 2 tbs (protein) and 15 frozen grapes for a snack. Dipped the grapes with a toothpick into the PB2 and savored every mouthful. Delightful!..

Comment #42

Just got my order and can't wait to try it..

Comment #43

Mine should be arriving on Tuesday...and I can't wait!..

Comment #44

WOW! Just got my PB2 mean I can eat this stuff everyday? hehe.

This is great! I have to admit, I tried it two ways, once with water (like it says on the jar) and then I decided to try it with Da Vinci's sugar free syrup....toasted marshmallow flavor!!! OH MY!!!! Delicious!!.

Thanks to all of you that recommended it. Next time I will be ordering more than 3 jars!!..

Comment #45

So glad you like too...celery and peanut, is that living!..

Comment #46

Banana & PB2 has become the highlight of my day. I find myself feeling vaguely guilty about it afterwards, and have to remind myself that it's actually allowed!..

Comment #47

I actually ordered more hotdogs for next month so I could use the carb for a PB2 sandwich!! I really like it!!!!..

Comment #48

And tomorrow I am having PB2 and apple...just like the good ol days! Where there's a will, there's a way...(as long as everyone keeps finding all these great options )...

Comment #49

That's what it is all about...taking our favorite foods and making them Nutrisystem friendly. Sometimes we have to think outside the box, but there is no reason to miss out...

Comment #50

Oh PB2 and Apple sounds great! I think I will have that for my mid afternoon snack today..

Comment #51

I always put Kahlua syrup on my pound cake, ever since I tried it the first time! Slice in half and pour on each side and microwave, then whip cream! SO GOOD!!..

Comment #52

Lol nite, you are my soulmate *drool over the syrup*.

Tried the same thing on the brownie...MMMMMMM....makes me think of a high class restaurant...

Comment #53

Just bought my first jar tonight! Can't wait to try it since I am also a peanut butter addict. But, being a newbie, I'm confused! The label says 2 TBSP has 45 calories, 1.5 grams of fat & 5 grams of carbs! So, is it a protein, or a protein and fat????? Help!!.


Comment #54

Just think about it, a fat needs to have about 5 grams fat and about 45 cals.. And a protein needs to be 100 cals or less, 3 grams fat or less and at least 7 grams protein. So 4 tablespoons are a protein. No way can it be a fat since neither 2 nor 4 tbs have enough fat. And 4 tsp is also too many calories for a fat...

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