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I sold a website to a buyer for $800 he filed a chargeback and received the money when I then disputed this via paypal and won and received my refund Nearly 4 months later a credit card charge back was initiated and this man still has control of the website and all funds generated by this site. This was on March 15th it was then disputed again. Paypal says it can take up to 175 days to get the refund back to me. Today it shows up saying that the case is now closed and the dispute won. But I called PayPal and they said it was still be disputed. So I've been out of my money for nearly 5 months and they say it may be near the end of the year before I ever see a single penny of it again...

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Thats why I take my money out after I make a big sale...

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This is an example of the type of transactions I don't like to do with Paypal. There are times when a personal check or an escrow service is best...

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Paypal will just charge your account on a dispute killa...

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I had a similar issue like this with an $800 transaction. It was hell. Anyways, just make a withdrawal after every big transaction. It's the best way to stay safe. Hell, just always withdrawal any money in your account and pay for everything with eChecks...

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Drats, but pay with echeck [if you must use Paypal] and take the money away, negates chargebacks real easy. At least you get a little bonus at the end of the year...

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Very similar transaction for me. What happened was even though Paypal said that I was in the right and the dispute won by me, the person still can dispute it with their credit card company and there is nothing that they can do about it. is the best way to go for transactions such as these...

Comment #6

Having $0 in your account will ABSOLUTELY NOT PREVENT PAYPAL FROM DEBITTING $800 from said account.


1. Simplest is to put your paypal account into NEGATIVE, as in 'you owe paypal'. If it were 'owing the disputer' I'd have no issues but paypal will debit your actual paypal balance, all future income will then go to pay back that debit. If you choose to leave it owing for a while I'd imagine they'd come after you with Credit Agencies or other annoyances.

2. They can go to your alternate sources, your bank card (if there is $0 there, they will try it 2-3 more times, your bank will charge you an NSF (Non Sufficient Funds) fee which for a normal account is ~ $20, for a business account can be ~ $70. They will then try your credit cards. If all fails they will then put your account into negative balance (see #1).

I don't want to turn this into a flamewar over Paypal policy & activities (why I have to end so many posts with that phrase is beyond me but it seems so much forum space is filled with flamey yippyap from folks who are offended over people commenting on sites they neither work for, invest in or are otherwise affiliated with!) BUT... they'll rarely go into their pockets nor forgive any occurrence which forces them to do so (rightfully...most of the time)..

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You could always speak to the registrar of the domain name. I have heard of instances where they will put it back into your account but this is most likely if it was just an account transfer rather than a registrar transfer when the domain was sold...

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Didnt know that, thanks!.

So what would be the best way to recieve money for selling online but still be able to have it put into my bank or paypal account? (no credit card). Im checking escrow out right now...

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Yeah, if it's more than a few hundred dollars you should use escrew...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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