GoDaddy customer service : Good idea to go GoDaddy?? Paypal resolution process? I am angry!

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This is the first time I have ever had anyone request their money back from a purchase made through paypal. I sold this guys some domains on ebay and without contacting me put in a dispute (immediately after I pushed them of course!) with paypal.

So paypal emails me and asks me to respond to this "claim" with no reason as to why the guy has made the claim. So I simply responded saying that the domain names were transfered to his account and I have the registar emails to prove it which I will forward you at your request.

So I wait, about a week later (today) paypal email me saying that the money has been refunded to the buyer and the case is closed!!!!.

Ok so I am like "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE???".

How do I contact paypal about this? What should I do? The amount was not very big but that is beside the point! I have been robbed, where do I go from here?..

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Have you got the domains back?.

What does the whois for the domains show? Would it be worth emailing paypal links to the whois for the domains, if it shows that the details now match the buyers details?.

Is it possible to raise a dispute yourself?..

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The truth hurts doesn't it for fans who put their trust in paypal dude you cant do anything many have been scammed just like you or more than you the only alternative that I can see now is moneybookers paypal doesnt even increases it's security..

Comment #2

I was under the impression that PayPal did not do chargebacks on non-physical items such as domains. Is it because the buyer did a charge-back on their credit card?..

Comment #3

The nameservers say that the domains are still in my name. The registar is registerfly (yep you guessed it) but the domains are not in my account and I have the email from registerfly confirming that the domains were pushed to the buyer.

Any ideas where to go from here? I tryed the paypal "contact us" link, what a joke...

Comment #4

I honestly cant see anything you can do, something similar to this happened to me (but was related to hosting) I rang paypal the rep told me there was obviously a mistake and that the money would be back in my account in 3 days...

Anyhow I never got the money and whenever I tried contacting them via email or phone all they would say is case closed.....

Comment #5

You can try to appeal by emailing , but I doubt it will do anything...

Comment #6

Did you reply Paypal with in the dispute or you sent single email to paypal? As I know, in case of dispute, all conversation must be seen in dispute page, like a log. Also, if we do not reply "in dispute log" with in sometime (maybe 2 weeks), paypal will automatically make refund to buyer...

Comment #7

Non-Tangible Items ...... It's nothing new , and it is always a risk to use paypal on Domains. I still use it - But check out people as Best I can before using it (If I dont already know them).

Ebay is just a Bad place to sell anything like Domains and Services IMO -.

I have a list of Preferred sellers I'll pay more than 100$ to on ebay for domains (Most are members of this forum or others I'm on) - otherwise I wont bid more than 20$ -.

Truly Sorry to hear it Feel free to contact me with any contact/paypal info you have and I'll do some digging for you.

PS - The whole "Registerfly" thing may be why they did this - Though it is their responsibility to research the registrar before bidding. I have passed over plenty of Nice domains because of Regfly in the past few months...

Comment #8

Well please list all the details (ebay account id, paypal, name etc) of the scammer on the "warnings" section so that it gets indexed on google and others can benefit from that.

I once recieved an email which I curiously checked on google and it gave me the link to namepros warnings thread..

Comment #9

If you can't get your money back try getting your domains back...

Comment #10

PayPal has used the "intangible goods" argument on me both as a seller and as a buyer - a case of them having their cake and eating it too (Or some other more appropriate euphemism)..

Typically, you hear about this from the buyer's side of things ("I bought something that was an internet based item (Script/domain/advertising/etc.) and PayPal won't do anything because the item is 'intangible'"), but they also use it against sellers, saying that since we can't prove delivery, that the buyer "wins"..

The lunacy of this position should be readily apparent on a number of angles. 1) That PayPal is an ONLINE payment system; do you think that they might have reason to believe that people will be buying things ONLINE that don't go through UPS/USPS? 2) The applying of the same silly standard to two groups, using the same logic to reach two different conclusions..

Just my .02.


Comment #11

Why blame Paypal when it's obvious the buyer was the one not to be trusted. If I give a stranger $10 at a gas station saying they will be back in 5 minutes with change...and never I blame the gas station? NO.

This is obviously a person willing to scam you. Always be wary of buyers (and sellers) with no reputation...

Comment #12

Good advice, obviously, but easier to write than do at times. Was this buyer new?.

Beyond checking a buyers transactions and ratings, if they look normal, what else is there? If they do look normal, and the transactions conclude, I expect the transaction to be legally binding, as ebay claims, for both buyer and seller. What happened to change that in this case? Is there some sort of 10-day trial period now?..

Comment #13

I bet this buyer had low feedback and a rather new account. Personally I think Ebay should allow restrictions of bidders based on feedback or account activation date...

Comment #14

And eBay is PayPal...

I used to be able to limit to +2 feedback or greater, I think. Now it's just set for "<0" to block.

<cue the "boo's and hisses">.


Comment #15

When there is a dispute you don't email paypal. Even if you email them they will not read it.

You should loging to your paypal and there you should see the dispute and you should see at whatever stage it is.

I know this from personal experience. What happens is that, in your paypal you will see a page where it asks an online tracking number and the website where the parcel can be tracked such as dhl or ups.

You might say, "I have no tracking number because the item was not send trackable. The item was not even send by post." Then you lose.

Even items send by post are not covered unless you can provide a tracking number and url...

Comment #16

I've dealt with over a thousand domains over a period of more than 10 years, and I've never thought for a second of buying one via PayPal, or selling it on eBay.

Check and credit card sales are solid and accountable, whereas PayPal/eBay is liquid and just about anything can happen out of your control.

I would no more buy or sell a domain on eBay than I would put a baby in a tub over Niagra Falls and say "have a nice swim, kid!".

Thank goodness you apparently didn't lose any of your super-valuable domains!..

Comment #17

Same thing is happening to me by one of the members here, they paid with paypal, I send the authorization code. Then they files a chargeback with paypal which is in the process now. So they will get the money back and finish the transfer, nice little scam. Beware of user KWOK! Do not buy or sell from this user...

Comment #18

Even with the auth codes, you still usually receive an email wherein you either have to authorize the transfer, or you have a certain amount of time to have them cancel the request. I could be wrong, but I'm fairly certain this is how it works...

Comment #19

Paypal has screwed me twice also. I have 100% feedback. Only twice I've have buyers file claims. Both times Paypal gave them full refunds and let them keep the merchandise! Talk about letting someone have their cake and eat it too. They didn't bother to read my side of the story.

One of the items was a remote control 'flying' boat. I gave the buyer his choice of a refund or exchange. He chose exchange. I gave him an exchange and I even covered shipping, which wasn't cheap. Three months later the postman shows up at my door with a package. I knew it was his and so I refused acceptance. Paypal gave him a full refund and he still has the boat!.

The other time involved 3 bracelets which someone purchased through paypal. I gave him a big discount for buying 3. A couple of months later he ships one back (again with no email or anything) requesting I give him an exchange. I refused since a couple of months had passed and the bracelet looked worn. He filed a complaint with Paypal. Even after giving my side of the story and making it clear that he still had 2 bracelets, Paypal refunded his money for all 3 bracelets! So in the end he got 2 free bracelets!.

Paypal does not care about sellers! As soon as a better option is available I'll be using it!..

Comment #20

You are not following paypal policy then. You should be 100% covered as a seller. I have had things like this happen and all I did was send paypal the information they requested such as tracking info. You need to brush up on paypal policy before you sell or buy using it...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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